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Psych Hunter: Episode 36

This episode starts off in November 11, 2043. Jiang Shuo enters a futuristic looking office where a woman greets him asking if he’s the volunteer for today’s experiment. He introduces himself as Jiang Shuo to the woman. Roll those opening credits! The woman turns out to be Mu Qing (well the real version of her anyways.) and she shows Jiang

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Psych Hunter: Episode 33

The episode starts off with Wan Jin Rong and Wan Shu Xuan (Mu Qing’s Aunt and Uncle) sharing a bunch of cute couple moments.. with the sad music. Roll those opening credits! At the police station Mu Qing tells the others that police officers investigated near the boathouse but found no suspicious people. Mu Qing herself checked Ms. Sakurako’s room

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Psych Hunter: Episode 29

This episode starts off with a man walking in what appears to be an abandoned house. There’s writing on the windows in red saying a life for a life. The next window reads that kindness begets no kindness. The man continues walking. A woman appears at the entranceway of another room after the doors swing open. The man asks who

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