He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 2

Thun is sitting alone at a table while his friends see him from a distance off. Prince and Golf have asked Praifah for help since nothing they did helped. Praifah wonders why anything she would do would help, but Golf says that if they kept trying on their own.. he would have ended up punching Thun.

Praifah isn’t sure what she can do but she approaches Thun anyway. Thun quickly figures out that his other two friends sent her though. Prai is grateful that he knows she was sent by the others so she gets right down to it by asking what’s up with him. Praifah reminds him that he told her that if they had a problem it was best to talk about it. Thun however refuses to admit that he has a problem.

Praifah tells Thun that he’s not talking to the others but her, or does he think of her as just a friend too. When Thun doesn’t answer right away she asks him about the other night. Thun says that he’s sorry then tells her that he wants to be left alone. Praifah doesn’t leave though, so Thun does.

Praifah can’t believe what just happened so she leaves the table in a different direction than Thun. Prince goes after her, leaving Golf on his own. Praifah sits down in another area so Prince asks if he can sit with her. Once he sits down, Prince apologizes to her. This makes Praifah angry because Thun said he was sorry to her too, there’s a lot of that going around.

Prince tell her that he’s sorry for bringing her into this mess. Praifah tells him that they are friends so he doesn’t have to apologize to her. Praifah says that it’s annoying that Thun didn’t say what was on his mind as it leaves her going crazy on her own. Prince asks Praifah what’s going on between Thun and her. Praifah admits that they kissed on Thun’s birthday but didn’t do anything more.

Prince quickly processes that info, then Praifah says that she shouldn’t have done that because everything has changed between her and Thun now. Prince asks Praifah if she has feelings for Thun. She replies that it’s too late to say she doesn’t now. Praifah says that it feels good to say it out loud though. She then asks Prince for advice on what to do. Prince tells Praifah that if she Thun, she should just tell him.

Praifah turns it around on him asking that if Prince were crushing on a girl, would he tell her? Prince says yes (LIAR!!!!) . Prince says that at least then Thun will know her true feelings then adds that Thun might be waiting for Praifah to make a move. Praifah is still annoyed by her own feelings but Prince tells her that if people could control their feelings there would be no heartbreak.

Thun heads back to the school where he calls out for P’Med only to get no response (CHECK THE GRAVEYARD!!!) Anyway.. Golf finds Thun there but Thun doesn’t want to start the same argument over again so he tells Golf that if that’s what he wants to do, he can buzz off. Golf follows Thun and they both sit down. Golf apologizes for calling Thun’s mom on him the other day.

Thun accepts the apology then admits that he’s lied to Golf. Thun tells him that when they went to archive room, Thun wasn’t really looking to steal exam answers. Golf says that he knew it, then Thun apologizes for lying about being a private investigator.. but says he didn’t think that Golf would be so stupid as to believe that lie.

Golf pretends to be offended saying that first Thun lies to him, now Thun’s calling him stupid. Thun says he’s sorry, then tells Golf that while those were lies, he was actually trying to help someone.. so that part is true. Golf asks what the real story is, so Thun asks Golf what would he think if Thun told him that he saw ghosts? (Golf has a cute shocked face!)

Thun tells Golf that when he was younger, he went with his dad to sweep the tombs. That’s where Thun met a ghost named Med. Thun says that Med is stuck in this world because he doesn’t know how he died. Golf is really curious so he asks what happened after that. Thun tells Golf that he saw Med once a year after their initial meeting.. then Thun invited Med to come stay with him.

Golf is even more shocked hearing this wondering if Thun was scared. Thun tells him no because Med is a lot like them, he even studied at their school when he was alive. Golf says that if what Thun has told him is true, it’s possible that Med could have been reborn. Thun tells Golf that’s one thing that he knows for sure hasn’t happened yet. Golf then offers the services of a few good mediums he knows but Thun turns him down. Thun thanks Golf for believing him though.

golf tells Thun that they should go to Basketball practice so Thun leaves first. Only then do we learn that Golf doesn’t believe Thun at all, as he thinks that Thun is lying to him yet again.

At basketball practice, Prince ignores Thun every time he free for the ball to be passed to him. This provokes a fight between the two which gets them mop duty from the coach after practice.

Prince demands to know what is wrong with Thun, if he doesn’t want to play basketball anymore then he should just quit. Prince says that Thun has been playing terribly and is always distracted during practice. Prince also says that Thun is dragging the whole basketball team down with him.

Thun being a bit of jerk says it doesn’t matter if they win at basketball. Prince says that it matters to him. Prince also tells Thun that he thought Thun was playing terribly because he was sick which was okay but now he doesn’t care what the reason is, Thun should just quit the team.

This leads to Thun challenging Prince to beat him on 1 vs.1 game. Prince agrees saying that if he wins, then Thun has to focus during basketball practice and to quit being a jerk… oh and to clear things up with Praifah. This confuses Thun so he asks what that means and what does it have to do with Prince?

Prince throws his basketball then confesses that he likes Praifah but that Praifah likes Thun. Prince tells Thun that if he has feelings for Praifah then he should tell her, Prince says that he will move on if that’s the case. However, if Thun keeps Praifah in limbo, then he’s not just hurting Praifah but Prince too.

Thun then throws his basketball away saying that he won’t compete with Prince. Prince demands to know why, so Thun tells him that he doesn’t have feelings for Praifah. Prince pushes Thun demanding to know why Thun kissed Praifah then.. which is when Thun blurts out that when he kissed Praifah.. he realized that he didn’t like girls (he’s gay). Golf was bring in basketballs to the gym and drops them when he hears this.

Oh and just to make things even more awkward the two see that Praifah was in the gym as well.. and heard the last bit for sure.. as she is walks out afterwards.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 2!