He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 3

Our favourite students are strutting in to the campus thinking that they will get excellent grades until another student mentions a section that they didn’t study. Apparently the professor gave the students the scope of the exam but Prince didn’t get it. Now the group is panicking as they realize they studied the wrong information (this is what nightmares are made of). Golf heard the wrong information so it’s technically his fault, he suggests reading the papers right now but Prince points out that they wouldn’t be able to finish as the Professor just called everyone into the room.

Thun takes the paperwork from them, telling the group to go ahead without him as he has to use the bathroom.. (No one believes that). In the toilet stall, Thun uses his cell phone to send a message to Med for help. He texts that they studied the wrong materials last night and he needs help. Med reads the texts with a look of shock back at the apartment. Thun then leaves an electric incense on top of the paper work which he left on the toilet seat in the bathroom before heading off to the exam.

Thun reads the scenario and feels like it is a case but isn’t sure if it can be proven under the law. Luckily for Thun, Med pops up with the answer. Thun manages to finish his exam first much to the surprise of his friends. After he hands in the exam papers, he goes to the stairwell to meet Med. Med wonders what Thun is going to do with his full mark on his exam but Thun says that he’s not stupid and made some mistakes on purpose so that it doesn’t look like he was cheating. Thun thanks Med for his help.

Praifah comes out of the exam room a moment later saying how stressful the exam was. Thun asks if it was really that bad, Praifah says of course it was since she did all that studying last night and none of it was on the exam. She curses Golf for getting the wrong information. Praifah then wonders why Thun didn’t call her back last night after he said he would. Thun is confused since she never called him. Praifah then remembers that she was actually talking to P’Chin whom she had dumped like Thun suggested.

Thun says that it was just a suggestion, then asks how she broke up with P’Chin. Praifah admits that she broke up with him by telling him that she was dating Thun. Med doesn’t like that at all but doesn’t say anything, instead he walks away. Thun wonders why she would say that when it will cause him trouble with P’Chin. Praifah swears that her ex won’t mind since he always has girls around him. Thun says that he hopes it will be okay.

Prince and Golf come out of the exam room next with Prince cursing Golf for giving them the wrong information about the scope of the exam. Golf still blames the other student.. Kay. Golf says that he must make more offerings to the Higher Being to help him out. Thun teases that no Higher Being is going to help Golf anymore. Praifah tells them both to knock it off then calls Thun her boyfriend.

Prince asks if she’s dumped P’Chin which leads Thun to telling the group that Praifah claimed to be dating him. Prince is hurt deeply by that information. Praifah wants to go eat but Prince says that they need to go to basketball practice so she decides to go home instead. It’s only as the group is leaving that Thun notices that Med is missing.

Basketball practice doesn’t go very well for the team because Thun’s head isn’t in the game. Neither Prince nor Thun are really focused on the game which gets the whole team in trouble with their coach. After practice the team complains about how they were punished because of Thun. One of the players has nude photos on his phone that he creates a new chat group to share with the other boys.

Thun however doesn’t accept the group invite which leads the other players to tease him about him having naked male photos on his phone instead. They try to grab his phone to see what’s there. Thun’s phone drops to the floor shattering the screen during the struggle over the phone. An extremely angry Thun closes his locker and leaves. Med comes from around the corner of a locker having seen/heard the whole thing.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 3!