Under The Power: Episode 14

Jin Xia answers Lu Yi’s question about Yang Chengwan by saying that she doesn’t know why he stayed so long in Fujian. She then offers Lu Yi some more food but he declines saying that he’ll try some other veggies that are on the table instead. However Lu Yi hesitates for awhile not choosing anything which leads Jin Xia to complain about him being a picky eater. She says that others must not have favoured him because of it.

Lu Yi retorts that she must have been favoured by many people, Jin Xia happily agrees saying that she would eat any food that was put in front of her, so of course she was favoured. Jin Xia then says that when her mother came to the orphanage a group of kids were eating there but Jin Xia is the one that was enjoying her food the most. Jin Xia says that’s when her mother knew that she liked Jin Xia the most. Lu Yi has a memory flashback to when Jin Xia first told him that she was an orphan and how she wanted to save up enough money to find her birth parents.

Jin Xia notices that Lu Yi is lost in his memory so she draws his attention back saying that she knows what the Embroidered Uniform Guards are capable of and she knows that Lu Yi is very good at searching for information. Jin Xia says that with his help, she’s sure that she will be able to find her birth parents and she invited him to the meal to formally ask for Lu Yi’s help. After Jin Xia asks for his help, Lu Yi can’t help but think of his own mother, when he cried over her body when she was murdered. Lu Yi snaps out of the memory then asks Jin Xia if she’s sure that she wants to find her birth family.

Jin Xia says that she is, as she’s never seen them so she doesn’t even know if they are dead or alive. Jin Xia tries to butter him up by saying that if he helps her, then she will cook food for him again. Lu Yi puts down his chopsticks, leans over saying that the dishes ingredients were actually taken from base’s kitchen so she didn’t actually pay for anything. Jin Xia laughs it off wondering how Lu Yi knew about the food while saying to him that it doesn’t matter about the cost of the food, only the intentions behind making it for him.

Lu Yi then points out the wine actually belongs to him and the food was cooked by Yang Yue, so how exactly did Jin Xia show her gratitude towards him? Jin Xia quickly points out that she washed the vegetables and made the soup. Jin Xia says that it was just that Yang Yue came to help her out with the cooking. Jin Xia then offers to roll a pancake for him but Lu Yi says there’s no need, while grabbing her hand in order to stop her from doing it. It gets a bit awkward so Lu Yi pulls his hand away slowly while deciding to let Jin Xia do it. When Jin Xia goes to toast Lu Yi with freshly poured wine, he takes it away from her saying that she shouldn’t drink. Jin Xia swears that she never gets drunk which is when Lu Yi asks her about what happened between her and Xie Xiao last time then (she got drunk, he carried inside).

Jin Xia says that only happened because she was in a bad mood. Lu Yi does get Jin Xia to promise not drink outside again though. Lu Yi puts some of the food on her plate saying that she should eat and that the food cooked by Yang Yue is the best. Jin Xia is moved by the gesture then offers to give Lu Yi a massage, which he declines. Jin Xia is persistent in wanting to help him though, so she offers to wash his feet, pour tea and such. Lu Yi flees the room with persistent Jin Xia right behind him.

Sometime later, Yang Yue and Jin Xia meet with Yang Chengwan. Jin Xia is shocked to find her master no longer needs his crutches. Jin Xia praises the doctor saying that their reputation is well earned, she then wonders why she Yang Chengwan called for her. Yang Chengwan says that he heard about how she had prepared a meal for Lu Yi. Jin Xia readily admits to it. Jin Xia ays that while she didn’t find any clues about her birth family, she’s sure that with Lu Yi’s help she’s bound to find them. Yang Chengwan’s hands clench into fists briefly behind his back where the other two can’t see.

Jin Xia notices that her master is angry though and asks what’s wrong. Yang Chengwan tells them both to kneel down, when they do he tells them that they are both stupid. Yang Chengwan is really angry with them saying that he wasted all those years teaching them. He reminds them both that Lu Yi is an Embroidered Uniformed Guard and that he’s warned them multiple times to be cautious and not get mixed up with them. Yang Chengwan then harshly reminds Jin Xia of her rank compared to Lu Yi’s by saying that in Lu Yi’s eyes, she’s no different than a dog.

Jin Xia is now near tears wonder why Yang Chengwan is so angry with her. Jin Xia tells him that she doesn’t believe herself to be as lowly as her teacher said. Yang Chengwan realizes that he’s gone too far, so he explains that he’s worried Jin Xia will get hurt as the Embroidered Uniformed Guards aren’t normal people. However, Jin Xia is still stuck on what her master said about her being shamelessly climbing the ladder so she asks if that’s what Yang Chengwan truly thinks of her. Yang Chengwan apologizes then allows them both to stand up, Yang Yue has to help Jin Xia get up. Yang Chengwan insists that she’s gotten too close to Lu Yi and that Jin Xia should stay away from him.

Jin Xia still sniffling says that she doesn’t think Lu Yi is a bad person. Yang Chengwan refuses to give up though saying that Lu Yi has many followers that try to curry favour with him. He insists that Jin Xia respect Lu Yi while staying away from him. Yang Chengwan says that he has his own ways to help Jin Xia with finding her birth parents then dismisses them both.

Later, Lu Yi and Cen Fu bow down to the herald reading the Emperor’s word (it’s treated like the Emperor himself) as they get the news that Lu Yi has been promoted. After the herald leaves, Cen Fu thinks that they will have to head back to the capitol but Lu Yi uses Yang Chengwan’s newly healed leg as a reason to stay in Yangzhou for a few days. Cen Fu is greatly surprised by this as he has known Lu Yi for many years, never once has Lu Yi lingered in an area after a job has been completed. Lu Yi then asks why he hasn’t heard Constable Yuan’s voice recently. Cen Fu replies it’s because she went with Yu Yang to Wu An gang’s HQ.

Yang Yue knocks on the Wu An gang’s door, a moment later a person answers the door. Yang Yue questions him as to why the door was closed with no one outside the door. The person at the door asks who Yang Yue is, which leads to a brief introduction. Yang Yue mentions that they are there to see Xie Xiao. The person at the door tells them that Xie Xiao isn’t there because the Dong gang took over the wharf which in Wu An territory (Gangs fighting over turf). Xie Baili and Xie Xiao went down to wharf with their top people. Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that they had better head down to the wharf to check things out.

At the wharf Xie Baili confronts the Dong gang saying that the wharf is Wu An gang’s territory and that last night the Dong gang took over the wharf and prevented Xie Baili’s cargo ships from making berth. Xie Baili demands to know if the Dong gang is breaking ties with the Wu An gang. The other leader disagrees saying that wharf doesn’t just belong to Xie Baili’s gang and now that he thinks it’s profitable, the leader wants to share with Wu An gang. The leader also suggests an alliance of marriage between the two gangs so that they will be able to control all the waterways of Yangzhou. Xie Baili curses the other leader out saying that his grandfather would have been disappointed in him as the two used to be friends. Xie Baili says that Dong leader’s grandfather was kind, and obeyed the rules of the Martial Arts world, he also put the interests of the nation above his own.

The leader of the Dong gang (Dong Qisheng ) laughs, calling Xie Baili old fashioned. He says that in water shipping as long as you don’t have any conflict with the authorities or go against the law, then you can do anything that you want. Xie Xiao looks he doesn’t approve of this attitude but it isn’t until Dong Qisheng mentions Shangguan Xi asking her if he’s right while calling her Sunshine, that Xie Xiao rushes up to him to grab him by his throat. Yang Yue looks like he wanted to do something similar.

Xie Xiao calls the rival gang leader a bastard, then wonders how he could dare to compare the Dong gang with the Wu An gang since no one praises the Dong gang. Dong Qisheng wonders who is the real bastard since he’s not the one that abandoned his bride on their wedding day and ran away. Yang Yue is ready to fight the guy for bringing up a painful memory for Shangguan Xi but Jin Xia holds him back, she tells him to wait. Xie Xiao is almost as angry but Shangguan Xi tells him not to act impulsively. This is when Mayor Wei arrives at the wharf.

The mayor asks if they have all gone blind as they are fighting in his presence. Mayor Wei wonders if the law has lost all meaning. Xie Xiao releases the rival gang leader then asks the Mayor how he is to proceed. Dong Qisheng claims that he is also a law abiding citizen, he asks that the Mayor make a judgement for them then accuses Xie Xiao of starting the fight. Xie Xiao points out that the rival leader provoked him. Mayor Wei says that they should both be ashamed of themselves for fighting in front of so many people.

Mayor Wei then says if the two gangs continue like this, then nothing will be able to go in or out of the wharf. He orders the two gangs to solve their problem today. Dong Qisheng says that since both gangs are part of the Martial Arts world, they should compete for the right to control the wharf of Yangzhou. Xie Baili agrees to the terms of the competition which anger Xie Xiao. Xie Xiao doesn’t believe that they should compete for something that already belongs to them, he believes that they should just defeat the invading gang in a fight instead. Xie Xiao refuses to compete with the likes of the rival gang leader. Xie Xiao leaves in a huff, Shangguan Xi goes after him.

In the crowd, Jin Xia tells Yang Yue that the competition can’t be that simple. She’s sure that Dong Qisheng must have prepared for this earlier. Yang Yue agrees that the rival gang leader is sly, he especially hates how Dong Qisheng looks at Shangguan Xi. Yang Yue admits that he wants to kill Dong Qisheng but Jin Xia warns him against doing anything rash. She tells him to keep an eye on the Dong gang leader to make sure he doesn’t pull any dirty tricks before the competition. Yang Yue wonders what Jin Xia will be up to, Jin Xia says that she will figure something out.

Meanwhile, Shangguan Xi catches up with Xie Xiao. She then scolds him for acting childish, reminding him that his father might have reasons for doing the competition. Yang Yue catches up to them (aren’t you supposed to be watching Dong Qishen?) Yang Yue tells Xie Xiao that no matter how he angry he is with his father, Xie Xiao shouldn’t have disobeyed Xie Baili in front of the gang members. Xie Xiao feels the need to defend his actions so he tells the others how his father is a man of his word and that he’s worried because Dong Qishen is the opposite.

Shangguan Xi reminds Xie Xiao that everyone knows what kind of person Dong Qishen is and that if he gets control of the wharf it would be horrible. She points out that Xie Baili already knows this, so he probably has a plan. Shangguan Xi then reminds Xie Baili that he has been away for 3 years so he must have learnt a lot.. maybe his father wanted to use the competition to see what Xie Xiao has learnt in that time.

Elsewhere, Dong Qishen offers Xie Baili wine. At first Xie Baili refuses but eventually he is taunted into drinking the wine after seeing Dong Qishen drink it. (Doesn’t mean your isn’t poisoned though).

Jin Xia has gone to wait for Lu Yi at his place. She’s practicing what to say to him, when he comes up behind her. He startles her, but she quickly goes into her speech explaining about the competition between gangs as well as her concerns regarding Dong Qishen. Jin Xia says that since Lu Yi is good at martial arts as well as being quite smart.. surely nothing bad will happen while he’s there. Lu Yi is jealous that she cares so much about Xie Xiao’s gang. He hides it by saying that Jin Xia must have a lot of free time on her hands to care so much about others. Jin Xia disagrees saying that it’s not just a gang war over turf.

Jin Xia tells Lu Yi that if Dong Qishen gets control of the wharf he will likely join forces with the Japanese pirates that have been terrorizing the coast. Jin Xia tries to wheedle Lu Yi into helping out by pointing out that it will help the people of Yangzhou as well. Lu Yi doesn’t fall for it though as he still declines to help. Jin Xia unable to convince leaves the room after calling him cruel. After she walks some distance, she looks back at him before leaving the area. When Lu Yi is alone, he smirks.

On the competition grounds, members of the Wu An gang that drank wine are starting to have stomach troubles. Xie Baili says that there must be something wrong with Dong Qishen’s wine. The rival leader quickly points out that he drank from the same jar of wine so that can’t be the issue. Yang Yue and the others arrive at the scene to find the Wu An gang members double over in pain. Yang Yue deduces that they have been drugged with a laxative. (This was why you were supposed to be watching him!!)

Apparently I’m not the only one mad at Yue Yang for not doing as he was told because Jin Xia scolds him for not keeping an eye on Dong Qishen. Yang Yue says that he didn’t expect the leader of the rival gang to drug the wine. Xie Xiao and Shangguan Xi enter the arena since the other members of Wu An gang can’t fight, Jin Xia and Yang Yue join them. Since Dong Qishen is an utter jerk, he teases Xie Baili about the Wu An gang not having enough men to fight so that even women have are forced to fight (these women are better fighters than you, you sneaky coward!)

Shangguan Xi points out that the four of them are more than enough to defeat the other gang. Mayor Wei then begins the competition by reminding the participants of the rules. The competition is basically capture the flag which is a fun game. This being a drama, there will be fighting but they aren’t supposed to kill the other players. The competition begins, our team of heroes is doing pretty well considering they are outnumbered. Lu Yi and Cen Fu show up to watch the match, Cen Fu pushes people out of the way so they can be front.

Cen Fu then reports to Lu Yi that he has looked into the Dong gang as ordered. He’s found out that in recent years they have been very cruel, the one fighting with Jin Xia currently is even a wanted criminal. Jin Xia gets grabbed, but with a little assistance from Yang Yue she manages to stay within the game’s boundary. However Shangguan Xi gets her hand cut. Yang Yue goes to catch her before she falls, technically he does catch her but they both fall out of bounds. Yang Yue notices the wound on her hand but she tells him not to worry about it. Shangguan Xi is more upset that they are out of the competition. Jin Xia herself almost gets forced out but Xie Xiao manages to save her. He tells her to protect their flag.

Xie Xiao manages to get the enemy’s flag, when a sharp shrapnel like weapon flies by barely missing him. Luckily Xie Xiao passes the flag to Jin Xia. Xie Baili yells that weapons were not to be used during the competition. Dong Qishen says that weapons were never explicitly banned from the competition, since his people are good with weapons while Xie Baili’s people are good with martial arts..it’s all fair. Xie Baili accuses Dong Qishen of cheating because his people are losing and demands that competition be stopped.

Mayor Wei doesn’t stop the competition but the participant that was using weapons is taken away by the guards before the competition continues. Jin Xia gets grabbed so she passes the flag back to Xie Xiao. This time it’s Lu Yi that saves her though. Doing Qishen cries foul saying that this is against the rules. Xie Baili points out that each team was supposed to have 5 people so Lu Yi is his fifth person. Mayor Wei sides with Xie Baili saying that it’s okay. (YAAY!!)

While Lu Yi keeps the other baddies off of them, Jin Xia helps a wounded Xie Xiao get up and over to the base where he plants the flag winning the competition. Mayor Wei judges the Wu An team as the winner, thus giving them back the wharf territory. Dong Qishen can’t accept that, saying that the Wu An clan brought in outsiders. Just then Cen Fu brings out tow men saying these are the criminals wanted by the Embroidered Uniformed Guards. Lu Yi asks Dong Qishen when did wanted criminals become part of his gang?

Lu Yi says that since both gangs brought in outsiders, they’re even. Mayor Wei once again declares the Wu An gang as the winners, then leaves. Dong Qishen accuses Xie Baili of being two faced for asking for an Embroidered Uniformed Guard’s help. He then threatens Xie Baili before finally leaving. Xie Baili thanks the outsiders for their help. Xie Xiao even thanks Lu Yi for his help. Yang Yue gets all bashful when Shangguan Xi thanks him though. Jin Xia points out that she didn’t think Lu Yi was going to help, it appears he’s not as cold hearted as she thought after all. Lu Yi claims that he only entered the competition to capture the wanted criminals (No one believes you, we all know you did it for Jin Xia).

Later that night, Jin Xia goes to visit Xie Xiao. Xie Xiao pretends that his injuries hurt a lot more than they actually do when she shows up. He tries to convince her to put the medicine on for him. Jin Xia doesn’t really believe him but knows that he is hurt so grabs what she hopes is the medicine.. and applies it roughly (intentionally). Xie Xiao truly is in pain now. Xie Xiao has to put a towel into his mouth to stop from screaming but refuses to let her call a maid to do the job. After the medicine has been applied Xie Xiao tries to confess his feelings for her but Jin Xia knowing what he’s up to, quickly leaves the room.

Xie Xiao shouts out that he likes her anyway, which Shangguan Xi hears. Jin Xia can’t believe that after she tortured him that he would still like her. Jin Xia leaves before she can hear anything else but Shangguan Xi hears Xie Xiao shout about how he will marry Jin Xia. Shangguan Xi goes back to her room to angrily throw things. Yang Yue goes to check on her and gets hit with a book for his trouble. Shangguan Xi asks him why he didn’t dodge. Yang Yue says that it’s because she’s in a bad mood and if it will make her feel better then she can take it out on him. (NO! You deserve to be treated better than a punching bag!)

Shangguan Xi isn’t the type to take her anger out on others though so she instead asks why Yang Yue has come over. Yang Yue offers her the medicine he brought back from the capital. The medicine will make sure that there is no scar. Shangguan Xi thanks him, then asks if there’s anything else. Yang Yue tells her that he just wanted to see if she’s okay.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 14!