He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 2

Gramps is in a wheelchair now, with Auntie Nom taking care of him. She takes away a tray still full of food because Gramps refuses to eat. Praifah visits him, telling him that if he wants to eat anything then he should just Auntie Nom. Gramps just sadly shakes his head. Praifah urges him to eat something.

Praifah informs her grandfather that she took care of the unclaimed bodies foundation for him. There will be a lawyer dropping by next week with documentation for him to review and sign. She tells him the name of the foundation but Gramp says to change the name to include P’Med’s name.

Praifah tells him that they can’t change the past, though they can change the time they have left for the better. Praifah then leaves her Gramps alone with his thoughts.

Praifah meets Thun outside. Thun says that he’s sorry and that he won’t dare to show his face to her grandpa again. Praifah complains that the boys did all this without talking to her first. P’Med joins them so Thun tells Praifah so she can say hello. Since she can’t hear P’Med, Thun has to relay that P’Med says hello back. Praifah tells them that Gramps set up a charity to assist with unclaimed bodies.

Praifah says that she actually has to ask P’Med’s permission as they want to name it after his family. Praifah says that her family has done harm to P’Med but that Gramps wants to redeem himself by letting the world know that P’Med is a part of their family. (No forgiveness from me. Gramps can go rot).

Praifah says that there’s one more thing that she wants to do. She wants to hold a tomb sweeping ceremony for her Uncle P’Med.

Sometime later Prince brings Praifah a bubble tea but she says that it’s not enough to make up for him lying to her. It’s pretty clear they are just teasing each other and are actually on good terms. Prince goes through all the things he knows about what Praifah likes and dislikes. Praifah wonders if Prince has practiced that speech at home.

Prince swears that he didn’t but says that it’s romantic so he should get points for it. Praifah wonders if it’s possible to really take their friendship status to the next level. Prince says that 90% of all couples started from friendship status.

Prince pulls out his fortune from when they went to the temple and it basically predicts his love from afar that will eventually get noticed. Praifah pulls hers out which dovetails nicely with Prince’s fortune saying that she’ll notice him. Prince tells Praifah that he wants to ask for a chance as he really likes her.

Praifah says that she knows but she wants him to promise that if things don’t work out, that they should then go back to being friends. Prince is excited because they have just become a couple.

Thun smiles down at his phone as he sees Prince’s Facebook update that he is now in a relationship with Praifah. P’Med wonders why Thun is smiling at his phone, so he tells him about Praifah and Prince being in a relationship. Thun says that he feels less guilty now.

P’Med says that only unresolved thing now is why they can touch sometimes but not others. Thun wonders about it as well. They are about to try touching hands when Golf comes up on the roof calling for Thun and completely ruining the mood.

It turns out that Golf is excited because he won a small lottery using P’Med’s age. Golf asks where P’Med is, so Thun lies saying that P’Med is on the bench. Golf excitedly shows the air the ticket and tries to hug nothing while Thun laughs at his friend.

There’s a montage of Thun and P’Med just hanging out and exploring the city.

The two end up feeding some fish. Thun says that he doesn’t know what to do after P’Med is gone. P’Med says that Thun will just go back to how it was before P’Med entered his life. Thun tells P’Med that he likes himself better when they are together. P’Med admits he feels the same and sometimes he regrets dying so young (you didn’t exactly get a choice when you were murdered!)

P’Med says that it worked out for the best though because otherwise he would just be an old uncle and they would have never met. Thun believes they would have met anyway. (I mean he was friends with Praifah, so it’s possible). Thun points out that they met even though P’Med is a ghost and he’s alive.

Thun asks P’Med if he had the choice, would he like to be reborn as man or a woman. P’Med says that it doesn’t matter. P’Med says that it’s strange because for so long he fought so that he could be reborn but now that the time has finally come, he wants to stay on earth longer.

P’Med says that he yearns for the time that they have together and the memories they have. Thun promises to not forget P’Med. P’Med asks Thun how he feels about him. Before Thun can answer he gets a phone call from Praifah. She has found a date for P’Med’s tomb sweeping ceremony.

P’Med hesitantly asks when, so the Thun tells him the date is this week. Thun then tells P’Med that there is somewhere that he wants to take him.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 2!