He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 1

The episode starts off with Med in the kitchen cooking, we then get a flashback of Med and Thun at a street vendor. Thun had asked the woman for a steamed egg but there was none as she forgot to save him one. Thun decides to go with a stewed egg instead. Med asks if Thun isn’t tired of steamed eggs since he gets them everyday. Thun replies that he likes it and it’s his go to food when he doesn’t know what he wants.

We then go back to Med in the kitchen cooking however when Thun comes out of his room, Med drops his fork. Thun picks it up then tries to see what Med is up to. Med tries to block Thun but it doesn’t really work so Thun finds out that Med is making steamed eggs. Thun tells Med that his skills have really levelled up since he can cook now. Med says that cooking makes him feel more alive and that if he knew that while he was alive.. he would’ve cooked for himself back then.

Thun comments that Med is even making his favourite dish before mentioning that he doesn’t even know how to turn on his own stove because Thun never used it. This earns him a glare from Med. Thun then goes into the living room to do stuff on his laptop. Med reaches for the fork, put his hand passes through it several times before he is eventually to grab it. Med is worried but Thun missed the whole thing and when Med looks towards him, Thun smiles at him. Med smiles back pretending that everything is fine, though he is worried about it.

Later, outside the building Thun gives alms to the priest. There’s a prayer and then Thun receives a blessing from him. As the priest leaves it appears that he can see Med but it’s unclear if he actually did. After the priest and monk leave, Thun says that when his dad was alive he used to give alms for his Grandma’s sake. Thun admits that after his father had died, he stopped doing so.

Meanwhile Golf is on the patio while brushing his teeth, he notices that Thun is talking to himself. Prince comes out to grab a towel then checks to see what has Golf’s interest. They then both see Thun talking to himself, which confuses and worries them.

Down below Med challenges Thun to a race back to their apartment, the loser has to dry the laundry. Thun scoffs at Med challenging an athlete like him to a race. Thun says to wait a minute but Med disappears. Thun realizes that’s he will lose, so he yells at Med not to cheat. From above both Thun and Med watch the whole thing.

Later on the roof Thun calls Med a cheater but Med repeats what Thun had said earlier at the basketball game about doing anything to win. Med claims that he wasn’t a cheater before but someone is a bad influence. Thun warns Med to watch out for next time as he won’t lose again. Med then changes the subject asking what Thun wants for his birthday as it is approaching. Thun is surprised that Med would know when his birthday is but when he asks about it, Med dodges the question.

Thun wonders what Med would give him so he teases Med about it. It’s Thun’s turn to change the subject though as he mentions that Med’s favourite spot is looking at the view from the roof. Med says that’s because at the tomb he was always looking at the sky. Med says that he did it so often that he began to be able to predict the weather. Thun is amazed by this but Med says that he’s been watching the skies for decades so it’s experience. Thun asks if Med misses the tomb, Med admits to be homesick and wondering what his friends Jeng and A-ngoon have been up to.

Thun wonders who those people are so Med explains that they are his ghost friends at the tomb. Med briefly wonders if his friends might have been reborn while he’s been away. Thun tells Med not to worry, as he will find a way to help Med move on and get reborn. Med look up at Thun hopeful while Thun just smiles.

The next day Thun offers Golf a coupon as he’s noticed that Golf has been looking to buy new shoes. When Golf reaches for the coupon however, Thun pulls it away. Golf sighs saying that he should know that Thun would never give him anything for free so he assumes that Thun wants him to cover with the coach again. Thun says it’s not that though, he wants a favour instead. Thun wants a list of heart patients from the hospital that were treated in 1997 from the hospital where Golf’s sister works.

At first Golf refuses, demanding to know why Thun wants this information. Thun promises to tell him after he has the information. Golf then points out that his sister might not help them but Thun is confident that Golf will find a way to get the records he needs. The discount coupon wasn’t enough though, Thun had to add a bit of money before Golf was willing to agree to help. Thun then asks where Prince is.

It turns out that Prince is with Praifah at the mall. Praifah was looking for him but was surprised to find that Prince wasn’t in his school uniform. Prince claims that he ran out of clean clothes and didn’t iron his uniform. Praifah seems to accept this before saying she likes his clothes. Prince asks why she wanted to meet him at the mall and why he wasn’t allowed to tell their friends about it. Praifah says that Thun’s birthday is coming up but she hasn’t found a present for him yet. (Poor Prince!)

Prince smiles half heartedly realizing that Praifah is still all about Thun. He tells her that whatever she buys Thun will be fine. Praifah then asks about the hat that she bought Prince for his birthday, did he like that? Praifah doesn’t seem too confident so Prince suggests that she make something for Thun since it will be unique. Praifah then wonders what she could make, so Prince suggests chocolate cake since Thun seems to like chocolate these days (Med likes it, not Thun!) Praifah then gets Prince to agree to help her with that too. (Poor guy).

At Thun’s apartment, Med is listening to his Walkman while he figures out what to get Thun for his birthday. It turns out that Thun wrote his birthday into the calendar, so it’s no wonder that Med knew about it. Eventually Med wanders over to the desk, grabs a ruler and an exacto knife, smiling to himself.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 1!