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  • A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 7 Part 1
    This episode starts off with a flashback of Tian reading Torfun’s last page in her notebook about going home. The date on the page raises other flashbacks to when he was in the hospital (same date) and how her Aunt told him about Torfun’s ill fate of being a hit by a car. Once Tian
  • Autism Care And Share and Their Comparison of Parent Stress to that of a Combat Soldier – is BS
    So I’m the Autistic Daughter of two Canadian Military Veterans. They will be the first to tell you that this is utter Bullshit. My Dad has served in multiple war zone in his life. He’s even worked with the UN to hunt down human traffickers. My Mom was a bit more safe when she served
  • Facebook Only Bans the Truth
    So I have to say that Facebook is pretty damn prejudiced against Autistic people fighting back against bullies, and Autistic people in general. I shared this post by Autistic Hitman’s Facebook page which called out Connie Manning and Fiona O’Leary on their harassment and somehow I’m the one in Facebook jail?? I t’s like Facebook