He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5 Part 4

The next morning Golf tells Prince that he saw it with his own eyes, then he gets Prince to open Thun’s apartment so they can check on Thun. However, Thun isn’t in the apartment. Golf thinks that maybe Thun really has gone crazy, then they both head to the balcony. They find Thun soaked to the skin lying on the bench shivering. They get him sitting up right but can’t get him to wake up, so they carry Thun to the hospital.

Thun wakes up in the hospital, his friends are relieved even when Thun teases them about not knowing who they are for a few minutes. Golf wonders what Thun did because he freaked everyone out, Prince agrees that they were really worried about Thun.

Thun says that it was nothing but Golf says that if what Thun said was true and it was nothing, why would he be in the hospital? Golf scolds Thun for sleeping in the rain all night. The doctor comes in to tell everyone that there is nothing seriously wrong with Thun, so as long as he rests for a few day.. he should be fine.

Prince and Golf tell Thun that whatever his issues are, they are there to help. When Thun still doesn’t tell them anything, Golf tells them an embarrassing story to try and get Thun to open up. While they all laugh, Thun says that he just wants to go back to his apartment.

His friends are reluctant at first to let Thun rest at home but Thun begs them, he says that he’s scared of the hospital ghosts. In the end, his friends take him back to his apartment to rest.

They take Thun back to his apartment. Golf asks Thun if he will truly be okay there by himself, he says that they can stay. Thun insists that he will be fine. Golf asks to have the stuff that the hospital gave Thun. Golf teases that Thun looks displeased so he offer to share by giving Thun a pear. Prince tells Thun not to worry as he will tell their coach that Thun is sick. His friends tell him to get better soon before leaving. Thun then lights the electric incense before going to sleep.

P’Med is still not visible but he checks on Thun. P’Med apologizes because of him, Thun ended up sick. P’Med says that it’s all his fault and that he shouldn’t have let himself develop feelings for Thun in the first place. P’Med says that he should have kept their relationship at the level of Thun helping him instead of letting it develop into more.

P’Med says that even though it’s impossible for them to be together, he still has feelings for Thun. P’Med says that he has feelings for Thun but doesn’t know what to do. A moment after P’Med says this, Thun mumbles asking where P’Med is.. then he wakes up and can see P’Med!!

Thun is happy to be able to see P’Med again but P’Med is more interested in how Thun is feeling. P’Med forgetting that he’s a ghost holds up his hand to check Thun’s temperature.. and TOUCHES Thun!! P’Med is shocked that he could physically touch Thun but can’t figure out why. Thun says that he doesn’t know either but he reaches out and can hold P’Med’s hand.

P’Med asks again how Thun is feeling. Thun says that he’s doing a lot better. Thun says that P’Med was gone all night. Thun asks why P’Med didn’t come to see him. P’Med admits that he was there but couldn’t make himself visible or audible to Thun. Thun says that it was horrible being without him. Now that they can touch.. Thun leans in for a kiss!

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5! Only 3 more episodes left to recap!