Kamen Rider: Episode 6

In the Sunada Gallery a man is reading the paper while a mysterious shadow approaches his door. A dog barks making the man leave his chair to go look out the window, wondering if someone is there. When he doesn’t seen anyone, he turns around to see a disgusting hate symbol painted in black on the wall. The man wonders who would play such a disgusting prank.

A sharp whistle blows and then a voice address the man as Lieutenant Commander Tatsuo Sanada of the former Imperial Japanese Navy. Tatsuo Sanada calls out demanding to know who’s there. The voice then addresses him as former Submarine Captain Sunada and demands to know where Tatsuo buried a Nazi secret 26 years ago.

Tatsuo claims that he doesn’t know what voice is talking about. The voice booms that it is death itself and that if he values his life, Tatsuo should talk. Tatsuo throws a chair at where the voice seems to be coming from.. but it doesn’t hit anything but the wall. The voice laughs saying that’s not going to work. Tatsuo demands that the owner of the voice show themself. A green Chameleon looking creature appears from the wall.

The creature gets a stranglehold on Tatsuo and demands again to know where he buried the Nazi secret 26 years ago. Tatsuo continues to claim ignorance. The creature squeezes harder on his neck saying that they know he’s lying because Shocker did an investigation and they know that’s he the last person alive who knows the location of the secret.

A photo of a child holding a stuffed toy gets knocked down on the desk. The creature tells Tatsuo that he had better quit playing dumb unless he wants something bad to happen to his daughter in the hospital. Tatsuo tells the creature that it can threaten him all it wants. The creature is confused by this but ends up making a cracking sound near the man’s neck. Then using it’s camouflage ability.. disappears.

Tatsuo appears drunk as he staggers around. Eerily enough Tatsuo staggers where Hiromi, Ruriko and Shiro are. Ruriko is worried about the man getting hit by a car as he appears to be drunk. Hiromi suggests that Shiro give the man a ride home instead of them. Shiro says that they must be joking. Tatsuo lurches forward and the girls go to grab him only to be knocked back.

They then look down and see two shadows. The creature disguised is using his unconscious body. Shiro yells g-g-g-ghost (reminds me of when people meet Casper) and all three run to the cafe.

They barge into the cafe out of breath prompting Mr. Tachibana to ask what is wrong with them. Hongo says it looks they have seen a ghost. Ruriko blurts out that they have though, Hiromi says that they saw a person with two shadows. Mr. Tachibana doesn’t believe them saying that it’s impossible. Hongo goes to check it out though.

Hondo runs alone into the street where Tatsuo was spotted. Hongo stop in the middle of the street for a moment to listen. He can hear a person being dragged along. We get a quick voice over saying that Hongo has been altered to have super hearing. Hongo follows the sound.

A young girl in the hospital is doing some embroidery work to make a present for her father.. Tatsuo. Tatsuo shows up at the door but his daughter can tell something is wrong so she calls out to him hesitantly. Then the creature reveals itself and wakes up Tatsuo while letting his minions grab the girl.

Tatsuo calls out to his daughter Yumi. The creature wonders if Tatsuo can keep up with his bravado while Yumi is being tortured in front of him. Her father gives in and eyes the toy submarine. The minion is just about to grab it when Hongo steals it right from under them via the window. He then bursts in to fight off the minions and protect Yumi. Hongo says he was outside listening the whole time and while he has no idea what Shocker’s plan is, he will keep the toy away from them.

Hongo fights more minions until the lights go out.. and they all disappear except for Yumi. Hongo quickly looks around but finding no trace, he goes back to comfort Yumi. Hongo promises to get her father back and tells her that she should focus on getting better. Yumi calls him a nice which makes Hongo smile. She tells him that he can borrow the model if he likes it but it’s very important to her father.

Hongo takes the model submarine back home so he and Mr. Tachibana can examine it. Okay Hongo gives it a little shake while listening to it and hears something inside. Hongo pops open the toy to discover a map hiding inside! They examine the map and Mr. Tachibana recognizes the upper banks of the Tama River.. little do they know that the creature was watching them as well.

The map leads Hongo to a dam construction site.. the X is in the middle of it. The workers have been blasting away and managed to find a cave. Like any curious soul that sees a mysterious cave.. they choose to investigate it, in case there is treasure inside. The workers soon get scared off by the invisible creature holding a torch. The workers think that it’s ghost and run back out of the cave.

A box is clearly visible after they leave. The workers run into Hongo at the entrance of the cave. Hongo runs into the cave and comes out with the box. The creature watches from a distance.

Hongo rides away on his motorcycle as he ponders what the connection is between Third Reich of Nazi Germany and Shocker. Hongo noticed the ugly symbol on the box and wonders what secret it could hold. Shocker tries to box him in with two big trucks but Hongo transforms into Kamen Rider to fight the minions.

A fight scene takes place and while he’s fighting Hongo tries to interrogate the minions to get information about whatever is in the box. However the minions die without telling him anything. Hongo rides off, thinking about how if he can just open the box it might give him so clues about why Shocker wants it. The creature meanwhile is very angry about Hongo making off with the box and vows to kill him. The creature is sure that Hongo must have a weakness.

Back at Shocker HQ the big boss voice is telling its scientists to research Kamen Rider to find a weakness. After some deliberation the scientists conclude that Kamen Rider’s only weakness is to stop the windmill dynamo on his belt. Then they have to confine the Kamen Rider in a locked small room which will render Kamen Rider helpless. The Shocker minions are ordered to set up the trap for when Kamen Rider next appears.

Hongo pulls up his bike at the university next to Mr. Tachibana and Ruriko who were worried about him because he was late. Hongo tells them that they got attacked. Hongo then leaves them so that he can go open the box.

Hongo takes the box to Abe who says that the box is made out of a special alloy. The box also doesn’t have a line so he’s not sure if he can even open it. Abe tells Hongo to leave the box with him for a bit as he might be able to figure something out. Hongo agrees but tells Abe not to push himself. Hongo and Ruriko leave Abe to it

Outside the university Hongo hails a cab telling them that he wants to go to Shinohara hospital. Ruriko says that Yumi will be very happy to Hongo. Yumi is up and doing a little bit of walking as she recovers from her surgery. After visiting with Yumi the two leave the hospital. Ruriko tells Hongo that she doesn’t want Yumi to end up like her, losing her father because of Shocker.

Hongo soon notices that the taxi driver is going the wrong way (TRAP!) It turns out the driver is actually the Chameleon creature! A partition goes up and sleeping gas is released knocking the two out. The minions then chain up Hongo and merely use ropes for Ruriko and leave them on the train tracks. (How very cartoon villain of them)

Luckily, Hongo Takeshi was altered which gave him a faster recovery time. Hongo wakes up, breaking his chains and saving Ruriko. The Shocker minions report to the Chameleon that Hongo and Ruriko have been taken care of. Now the Chameleon is turning his attention back to the box.

At the university, Abe has been working late so he decides to pack up and leave the rest for tomorrow. Abe is leaving his office when he sees Mr. Tachibana with Shiro. Mr. Tachibana asks Abe is he’s working late. Abe asks if Hongo sent him, Mr. Tachibana says more or less.. (Suspicious! Red Alert!) then asks the location of the box.

Abe says that box is in the testing room but that he thinks Hongo is being paranoid, he truly doesn’t believe anyone is going to break in just to steal a box. After Abe leaves, Mr. Tachibana checks his watch and noting that Hongo is late. Mr. Tachibana orders Shiro to call Hongo.. but Shiro is scared to be himself after seeing the ghost but Mr. Tachibana mocks him for it before leaving him alone. Shiro dials the phone but says it’s really creepy in the university because it’s so empty and quiet (I totally feel that!)

While Shiro is making the call, the Chameleon puts their hand on Shiro’s shoulder. Shiro thinking it’s his boss says that there’s no answer from Hongo’s phone. Then he turns around and screams. Mr. Tachibana hears Shiro’s scream from inside the testing room. He does his best to protect the box.. but Shocker thugs knock him out and run away with it.

Hongo arrives as the Shocker people are leaving. He manages to knock out one of the thugs and disguise himself as one of them. This lets him sneak into the truck and stay with the box while it’s being transported. Hongo sits in the truck wondering how far down the Tomei expressway they will go and if will be able to infiltrate Shocker HQ.

They eventually arrive at a building near Lake Biwa. The Chameleon present the box to the mysterious PA system boss. The boss orders a Dr. Heinrich to come into the room as it’s the box he has been looking for. Dr. Heinrich enters, he tells the evil boss PA voice that with this box, Shocker will be able to control the world’s economy.

The Chameleon asks the Doctor how do they open the box. Dr. Heinrich says that there is a device that emits a certain frequency inside and that by hitting the box with the same frequency, the box will then open itself.

The voice from the PA system says that they shouldn’t open it just yet as he has received an emergency transmission from the Tokyo Branch. He says that the Chameleon has brought another prize along with him. The boos reports that one of the Shocker Thugs didn’t come back so the sixth man isn’t a part of Shocker but is actually Hongo Takeshi the Kamen Rider!

Hongo gets rid of his disguise and tries to go after the boss but he ends falling through a trap door!

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Kamen Rider: Episode 6! This is the first cliffhanger episode of the series. I honestly thought earlier that Mr. Tachibana was the Chameleon when he went into the testing room but it turns out that I was wrong about that. Sorry Mr. Tachibana!