He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 2

P’Med says that once he remembered that he studied at the campus, everything seems so familiar to him. P’Med says that the one building wasn’t so big back then and the tree wasn’t so tall. Thun points out that it’s been many years since P’Med was on campus. P’Med says that he also didn’t walk around the campus much when he was alive, he mostly went to class, then to the library. Thun calls him a huge nerd. P’Med denies this, saying that the library had air conditioning.

Praifah comes running up to the two telling Thun that she was about to stop by his dorm. Thun says that she should’ve called first but Praifah quickly replies that she did and that he doesn’t answer his phone. Praifah needs a quiet space to work before the basketball match this evening and she wants to hide from P’Chin. Apparently he’s been asking her to go to the movies again but she doesn’t want to. Praifah asks if she can go back to the dorm with Thun but P’Chin comes up from behind her.

The poor guy says that he texted her, so Praifah quickly claims that her phone died. P’Chin then introduces himself to Thun and is about to say that he’s Praifah’s boyfriend but before he can get the words out, Praifah interrupts him so that they can leave. P’Chin excitedly tells her that he reserved the honeymoon seats for them so it will just be the two of them alone. Praifah looks like she would rather be anywhere else but instead of just telling him she’s not interested.. she goes along with him.

P’Med wonders why Thun didn’t help out Praifah and instead he made it worse. Thun says that if Praifah had joined them, then they would have had to go back to the dorm. P’Med wonders if Praifah goes to the dorm with Thun often so Thun teases him by saying that sometimes Praifah stays the night.

When they get to the library, Thun comments that his friends would never believe that he was there. P’Med asks Thun to take him to the dissertation section. Thun wonders why P’Med would want to go there so P’Med says that if he truly studied there then he must have done a dissertation. Thun takes P’Med to the section but tells him to wait a moment as he has to light the incense so P’Med can touch the books.

As P’Med scans through the books, a memory surfaces of a girl coming up behind him and reading aloud “The likelihood of Economic Bubble Burst in Leapfrog Economy”. The female in the memory asks if P’Med could have picked anything harder. P’Med tells her that if he wants a good grade then it has to be a hard subject. When P’Med comes out of the memory, he quickly tells Thun that he remembers the title of his dissertation. Thun realizes that the dissertation would be there then, and with that they will finally be able to know P’Med’s full name.

They go to the front counter but the lady at the desk says that there is no record of the dissertation. Thun doesn’t understand how that’s possible but the lady says that it’s very possible and asks what year the dissertation was published. P’Med tells Thun it’s 1997 and Thun relays that to the lady at desk. She says that for records that old (OUCH, I felt that!) The hard copy would still be in the archive room. Some of the original records were damaged by floods but there should be copies stored there.

Thun asks if he can get into the room but is promptly denied access. The lady says that in order to get access, Thun will need a permission slip as some of the documents in the room are confidential. Thun thanks her then goes to the room to find the door locked. P’Med says that Thun was already told that he can’t go in there. Thun points out that just because he can’t go, doesn’t mean that P’Med can’t go. Thun says that when P’Med goes through walls it’s like magic. P’Med having died long before that doesn’t get the reference though (like Captain America not understanding pop culture) so Thun tells him it doesn’t matter.

However when P’Med tries to enter the room a blue light barricade prevents him from entering (forcefield!) They look up to see a talisman that prevents spirits from entering. Thun then gets a call on his cell from Prince. After he hangs up, Thun tells P’Med that they have to go as he has to prepare for the basketball match.

The basketball game isn’t going well as the Comm Students have 5 starting players. The team is concerned about winning, Golf says that if they lose to Comm students then he won’t know how to wash the shame off. A little while later Thun’s team wins the game. Thun goes over to P’Med after the hug with the team. P’Med apologizes for not interfering with the game earlier, but Thun wonders why he would apologize for meddling. Thun tells P’Med that if he had meddled earlier in the game then they would’ve won earlier.

P’Med is confused because he thought that Thun wanted to win honourably. Thun tells P’Med that he’s seen way too many cartoons and that honour isn’t very useful, winning on the other hand makes your look really cool. (Honour is very useful and don’t listen to Thun on this).

A little while later when the crowd has dispersed, a female student comes up with her phone to do a livestream with Thun. Praifah comes up with a bottle of water only to see the two together, Prince however notices Praifah and goes over to her. Praifah gives the water to Prince instead much to his disbelief. Praifah reminds him that he always says she doesn’t give him anything. Praifah leaves with poor Prince looking at her longingly. (Poor Prince!)

A bit later in the evening the boys go out to have food and drinks to celebrate the fact that the law class broke the curse by winning basketball two times in a row. Golf asks Thun if that last shot of his was a fluke but Thun claims it was all him.. P’Med points to himself. The other two claim that Thun is hiding stuff from them since he first aced the exam and now he’s even better at basketball. P’Med points to himself irritated because it’s all actually him and not Thun at all.

Thun says that he will finally confess his secret, then claims that he knows the professor likes to reuse old exams. Thun claims to have memorized the old exams in order to give himself the edge in exams. Thun says this is why he got such a good grade on the exam. Golf exclaims that it’s just like Bad Genius (Thai Series, about stealing exam answers).

Prince wonders how Thun could even do that because there are always guards around. Golf says that there are no guards on Sundays though. Prince says that he’s up for whatever they decide to do. Prince says that it’s like they are Ocean’s 12. Thun then gives them jobs, Golf is to check the CCTV footage while Prince is to get the keys. Prince complains that as soon as he joins them in this criminal activity, he’s given the hardest job. Thun says that it’s because only Prince can do it. Thun reminds Prince that they need the keys by Sunday. Prince grudgingly agrees. P’Med and Thun both smile.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 2!