He’s Coming To Me: Episode 1 Part 3

Med asks Thun where he’s been since he had promised to come back the next year.. and didn’t, Thun says he’s sorry. Med then asks where Thun has been, Thun tells Med that after his dad died, he moved in with his mom. Thun says that afterwards he got so busy trying to get into university that he didn’t have time to visit. Thun had realized how lonely Med must have felt, so he hopped in a car to come visit. Med pretends that he wasn’t lonely though. Med says to Thun that it’s a sin to keep people waiting. Thun teases him back saying that Med is a ghost, isn’t that a sin?

Thun says that it’s not. Thun seeing that Med is smiling now asks if that means that he’s not mad anymore. Med pretends that he wasn’t angry though so Thun accuses him of sulking now. Thun tells Med that he promises to come visit every year. Med asks Thun what he’s been eating since he’s giant sizes now. Thun says that he’s been eating chocolate then asks if Med wants some. Thun says that it’s a nice day out today and that in a few short years the tree has grown a lot. A group of people walk by and give Thun a weird look before moving on. Med says that people must think that Thun is mad, since it appears like he’s talking to himself.

Thun tells Med that he’s used to it since in the two years he’s been away from Med, he met other ghosts. Med can’t believe that Thun can see either ghosts and is eager for details. Thun says that he’ll only tell Med if Med tells him about himself. Thun says that he wants to know more about Med. Thun complains that he’s known Med for awhile but all he knows is Med’s name. Thun then asks if Med knows that there are only 3 reasons for a ghost to be earthbound. Med then goes through the list of reasons. Thun then asks if Med knows that if he concentrates, he can see the colour auras of ghosts. Med is surprised then asks Thun to explain.

Thun points to a nearby ghost that appears to him as blue. He says that ghost died before it’s time. A ghost that appears yellow is one that wasn’t sent off properly. Thun says that those that don’t know how they died, appear as red. Med is really curious to know what colour his aura is but Thun says that it’s his turn to ask questions. Med complains as he only remembers a few things about himself, like his name. Thun asks him to try though.

Med says that he must have been a good student because he almost got an honours degree but both his parents died. Med says that he was in and out of hospitals after that until one day he suffered heart failure and died. Med says that’s all that he can remember about himself. Thun gives Med a weird look then says that he feels sorry for him. Med says that it happened so long ago that there is no reason to be sorry about it now.

Thun looks at his watch and tells Med that he has to leave. Med hopefully asks if Thun will be back next year. Thun smiles and says that he will see Med later.

In 2015, Thun hurries over to Med’s tomb and calls out to him. Thun then holds out a bag of chocolate. Med complains that Thun didn’t bring enough chocolate, but they’re both smiling.

In 2016, Thun is visiting with Med again. This time they are both visiting the birds in the cage. Med tells Thun the names of all the birds.

In 2017, Thun introduces Med to the glory that is French fries. They both walk past Jeng and A-ngoon who are extremely jealous of Med.

In 2018, the 11th year since Med and Thun first met. Thun brings a bag full of stuff. Med comments on Thun bringing so much this time, so Thun says that’s because other years he just brought chocolate, so he wanted to bring more this time. Med asks if Thun really wants him to wear that stuff but Thun says that he should at least try them on. Thun burns the items to send them to Med so that he can try them.

Thun is surprised to see that it actually works though. It’s nice to see Med in different clothes. Med doesn’t like the leather jacket or the other outfit though. He ends up settling on the blue jacket outfit.

Med says the new outfit feels weird but Thun says it looks really good on him and that he could walk Siam Square wearing it. Med asks if people still walk there. Thun is confused so he asks if Med hasn’t been out lately. Med points out that he hasn’t had any visitors, so how could he leave the cemetery? Med explains that he can’t leave the cemetery unless someone burns an incense stick and takes him with them. Thun asks Med if he wants to see what’s out there. Thun takes Med out of the cemetery for a car ride.

There was a slight hiccup when a gate blocked the roadway, but Thun just got out of the car and moved it. They stop on the road next to the water and Med scolds Thun for burning incense while the Air conditioning is on since it was hard on Thun. Thun says that it was totally worth it though. As they sit down on top of the car to watch the water, Med asks Thun what inspired him to take Med out of the cemetery. Thun says that it’s not a free ride and suggests a game. The game involves answering questions and Thun gets to ask Med the first question.

Med asks Thun why he likes to play these kinds of games. Thun says that he was told the best way to get to know someone is to take turns asking questions. Med asks who told Thun that, his girlfriend? Thun quickly points out that Med has already asked his question but Med is confused and asks when, just to have Thun reply that he asked just now. Thun says it’s his turn now and asks how Med as a ghost can have an MP3 player. Med points out that it’s not an MP3 player, it’s Walkman. Med says that he probably died while holding it, so it came into the afterlife with him. Med asks if Thun has a girlfriend, Thun says that he does then asks Med if he had someone. Med doesn’t know but says that he couldn’t have been single with looks like his.

Thun says that Med is pretty full of himself. It’s Thun’s turn again so he asks Med how it felt when he died. Med flashes back to that moment and says that it was like falling asleep, he didn’t feel anything until he woke up at the tomb. Med asks Thun if he’s curious to try it, but Thun says that he’s not in a rush as there are still lots of things that he wants to do. It’s Thun’s turn again so he asks Med if there’s anything that he wants to do. Med says that of course there are things that he wants to do since his life was so short, there wasn’t much he could do because he was sickly when he was alive.

Thun is about to ask Med another question, but Med disappears! Thun stands up on the little wall calling out for him but can’t find him. That’s when Thun notices that the incense has burned out.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 1 Part 3!