He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 3

At the cemetery P’Med is sitting next to his tomb looking very depressed. A-ngoon asks Jeng what to do as it’s already been a week and Med isn’t getting any better. Jeng sits down next to Med saying that he had told Med that feeling was the most dangerous thing for ghosts like them. Jeng points out that if Med looked around, he wouldn’t find ghosts with feelings. Med points out that he does have feelings.

Jeng reminds Med that he broke the rule. Jeng says that Med was lucky enough to make it back, if he had overused his powers.. Med might not have come back at all. A-ngoon scolds Jeng for tying to scare Med but Jeng says that wasn’t his intention. Jeng tells Med that ghosts like them just have to sit and wait for their time.

Jeng says that Med strayed off the path, Med interrupts him to say that it felt good. Jeng asks him what felt good, Thun? How does Med think that will end? Can he see it? Med sadly shakes his hand no and Jeng says that’s because there is no ending. Jeng tells Med that for things that aren’t supposed to happen, you let them go. Jeng says the more you fight, the more it hurts.

A-ngoon tells Jeng to stop it as she feels bad for Med. Some awkward silence ensues before Med tells the others what he’s learned about his death. Med’s friends are surprised to learn that Med didn’t die of a heart attack.

Back on campus, Thun is still in the gym. He’s sitting alone on a bench when Golf & Prince join him. Golf tells Thun not to worry about them, they just need time to process this new information about their friend. Thun says that he thought they weren’t going to be friends anymore but Golf just dismisses that notion saying that’s crazy talk.

Golf says he wouldn’t have thought it since Thun was dating the most beautiful girl in school.. so what changed and when? Thun says he doesn’t know when it happened. Prince says it must have taken a great toll on Thun. Thun admits that it did especially when they asked him about having a girlfriend. Prince apologizes saying that they didn’t know. Thun says it’s okay because he got through the most difficult part, telling his friends.

The three then make a couple jokes before saying that they are chill with each other now.. but Praifah may not be. Golf says she probably’s crying a lot. Golf then asks if Thun has come out of the closet to his mom yet.

After talking with his friends, Thun takes a moment to gather up his courage before he enters his apartment. His Mom is there preparing food. She tells him that they should go shopping tomorrow since she doesn’t get to visit Bangkok that often. Thun’s Mom then comments that Thun’s closet is very tidy, when did he learn how to fold clothes?

Thun isn’t paying attention to her though as he sits on the couch lost in thought. His mom has to call his name a few times in order to get his attention. She asks him what’s wrong, but Thun just says that it was a long day and he has a lot to think about. His mom tells him to take a shower then come eat dinner. Thun says he’s not hungry but his mom says he should eat, she even made his favourite dish (steamed egg).

This of course just reminds Thun of when P’Med made steamed egg for him. Thun and his mom reminisce about his childhood, apparently he was a very stubborn child. However even after sharing some nice memories and laughter, Thun still doesn’t want to eat. His mom says that he should just tell her what’s wrong the same way he tells his friends and she will listen like a friend.

Thun tells his mom that he doesn’t know what to say and that he’s worried that he will disappoint her by telling her. His mom immediately asks if he got someone pregnant. Thun laughs and says that she may be less disappointed in him if he did that. Thun’s mom is now worriedly asking what he did.

Thun finally says that he is different and that he feels uncomfortable. Thun starts to cry as he tells his mom that he doesn’t like girls. He says he doesn’t know why he likes men and apologizes for it. His Mom says that is nothing to apologize for because he didn’t do anything wrong (GO MOM!!)

Thun hugs his mom as he cries about how afraid he was that she wouldn’t listen or that she would be disappointed in him. His mom hugs him back, his words making her cry. His mom tells him to calm down and not be afraid because she loves him no matter what.

His mom tells him that he’s still Thun and he doesn’t anything wrong. His mom says that when they had Thun, she would have conversations with his dad about what Thun would grow up to be. She says that their main goal was that whatever their child would be, that they wanted Thun to be happy.

His mom asks if he’s thought it through, and Thun says that he knows what is right & wrong for him. Thun says he doesn’t want to lie to himself anymore. His mom completely accepts that and him. She says he got himself so worked up that he couldn’t even eat. She tells Thun how brave he is to come out to her.

Thun’s mom tells her son that she knows a bit of what it’s like for him. She tells him that she used to date someone.. then we see a flashback of her giving candies to.. P’MED!!! She’s the girl!!! She gave P’Med the jar of wishes and a tape. She says that it was hard to get the whole song without DJ interrupting it. (Oh yes.. those were dark days indeed!)

In a voice over Med says that he should’ve figured out why he and Thun have such a bond together but it never occurred to him. Med is still sitting at his tomb with his friends. He tells them that he wonders what bad things did he do in his past life that his current life is so complicated (has Med figured it out?)

It turns out Med did figure out that the girl (Kwan) is Thun’s mother. Med asks his friends if they understand now why he doesn’t want to go back to Thun.

Med says that it’s strange that he can’t remember many things but the sight of a certain person even after 20 years, he couldn’t ever forget her. We see a flashback of Med on Thun’s bed when Kwan walked into Thun’s bedroom. Med says that he dated Kwan for quite awhile even knowing that he was hiding something (his sexual orientation).

Med was hit with a bunch of flashbacks after seeing her. He says that he was the only son in the family, surely his friends understands what that means. (Huge pressure to get married and have kids)

Kwan takes over the voice over for the next flashback saying that while she was dating the person she was extremely happy. Kwan says that she was so happy that didn’t realize how unhappy the other person was. One day Med confessed to her that he was gay.

We see in another flashback that it was Med himself that turned off the incense. Back in the present, Jeng asks if that’s the reason that Med came back to the cemetery. Med says that he doesn’t know how to forgive himself for what he did to Kwan. Med says that he hurt her because he wasn’t clear on his own identity.

Med says that he’s now putting Thun through the same thing. A-ngoon puts her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. A-ngoon asks Med if he’s thought about how Thun feels. Med looks on the verge of tears as he asks her what would he say to Thun? (Hi, I dated your mom while being gay.. and now I love you.. yeah a little awkward)

Back in Thun’s apartment Kwan says that when Med told her, she didn’t feel angry or anything. She was actually happy that Med was brave enough to tell her the truth. Thun asks if his dad knew about the other guy. Kwan says that he did and was okay with it. Thun then asks if she ever met that person again. Kwan says never, it’s like they are dead to each other. (Really? Just.. this writer.. ) Kwan tells Thun to be happy from now on and not to care about what other people say.

Later that night, Thun can’t sleep so he goes out onto the balcony. Thun sits down on the bench then calls out to P’Med. He says that if P’Med is still there, he should know that Thun misses him. Thun then puts on his earbuds to listen to some sad music. We then see that Med is also listening to music back at his tombstone.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 3! Thun was so close to learning about Med’s past.. like seriously.. so close!