He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 3

Thun takes P’Med to a house. Thun says that he misses his childhood, every school break he would come there and after tomb sweeping ceremonies. P’Med asks who lives in the building now, so Thun replies that his mother does. Thun says that he didn’t understand why she wanted to live there, so far from the city. He understands now that it’s because she downs’t want to see any ghosts.

P’Med jokes about a ghost now showing up at her door. Kwan comes out of the door to greet them both. She asks if they have eaten but Thun says that they haven’t. His Mom is happy because that means that they can eat together. At the table, Thun lights the incense so that P’Med can enjoy the food too. Thun’s Mom forgot about that, then says that it feels a bit weird. P’Med admits that it feels weird to him too.

Kwan says that it’s okay, then welcomes P’Med as her old friend as well as being Thun’s new friend. Thun teases his mom for being so formal. Kwan admits that it’s because she doesn’t know what to say. Kwan tells them to just eat and after dinner she will set up the bed for them. Thun says that he will do it. His Mom is surprised then says that before Thun only brought Golf and Prince over.. she thought that he would never find a partner.

It got a little awkward so Thun goes to make the bed. Kwan can’t believe he’s leaving after only a little bit of teasing. It does however give her some alone time with P’Med. Kwan thanks P’Med for helping Thun improve his grades. P’Med says it was nothing but Kwan says that Thun was in danger of losing his scholarship until P’Med helped so it’s everything.

Thun even told his Mom how P’Med helped him on the exam. Kwan says that when Thun started college, she didn’t understand why he wanted to study law. She says that now whatever Thun wants to do is fine with her. She just wants Thun to take care of himself. P’Med starts to try and talk about his relationship with Thun but Kwan says that he doesn’t have to.

Kwan says that whatever happened, she’s sure that it worked out for the best. Kwan then says that this is like the movies where a son brings home his boyfriend for dinner This makes P’Med feel awkward so he offers to go help with chores and tries not to run from the table.

In the bedroom, Thun wonders what P’Med is looking at so intently. P’Med says that he’s looking at the old pictures of Thun when he was a kid. P’Med asks if Thun truly wasn’t scared of him when they first met back then. Thun replies that if P’Med looked in the mirror, he would realize that he isn’t even a teensy bit scary. P’Med then sulks that he gives all ghosts a bad name.

Thun says that when he was younger, he used to get up early on tomb sweeping days because he was eager to go. P’Med calls Thun weird but Thun swears that it’s the truth. Thun says that he was excited to go sweep the tomb because it meant that he would get to see P’Med (aww!)

P’Med then points to one of the pictures saying it’s one of them then as P’Med points to where he would be visible if he wasn’t a ghost. The picture is of Thun and his Dad at the tomb. Thun says that isn’t there photo, then pulls out his phone to show the picture he considers to be theirs. The picture shows a current Thun smiling by himself and an empty space where P’Med should be.

P’Med says that can’t be their picture because he isn’t there. Thun says that of course he is, then draws a little smiley face with a halo to represent P’Med. P’Med angrily says that he will be mad at Thun if Thun remembers him that way. Thun says that even if he can’t see P’Med in the photo, he knows that P’Med was there.

Thun then points to places in the room where he knows that P’Med has been and says that wherever P’Med has been with him are places that he will always be.

That night in bed, Thun can’t sleep so he asks if P’Med is awake. P’Med is so Thun tells him that he doesn’t want tomorrow to arrive. Thun sits up in the bed, so P’Med does too. Thun says that he doesn’t think that he will be able to go to sleep tonight. P’Med admits that he won’t be able to sleep either. Thun suggests that they take turns asking questions.

P’Med says it will be like the first time Thun took him out of the cemetery. Thun remembers how the incense stopped burning that time which makes them both laugh. Thun tells P’Med to ask any questions he wants and Thun will answer it.

P’Med decides to ask what Thun wished for on his birthday. It turns out that Thun wished to find out who P’Med was, and how Thun could help him. P’Med then asks who (whom? Ah.. whatever.) did Thun sing the song for? Thun replies that he sang the song for the person that introduced him to it (P’Med).

P’Med asks if Thun had considered that their story had taken a turn that night? Thun says that he doesn’t consider their story taking a turn since he’s felt this way about P’Med since the moment they met. Thun tells P’Med that he is Thun’s special person even if it was unclear to him before.

Thun asks if P’Med remembers when he was asking Thun about his feelings towards him. Thun says quite clearly that he loves P’Med. Thun says that no matter who or what P’Med is, he loves him. Thun says that P’Med has asked him a lot of questions, can he ask something now?

Thun asks P’Med if he loves him. P’Med hesitates before finally saying “I Love You”. P’Med admits that he was afraid to say it before because he didn’t want to ruin what they have now. P’Med says that he’s now happy no matter what. Thun says that they wasted so much time and that they should have said these things earlier.

P’Med says that it’s fine, the time they have left is valuable and more than enough for him. P’Med says that before he leaves, he’s had someone that he loves and loves him back. Thun suggests closing their eyes and making wish.

P’Med closes his eyes, wishing that he could hug Thun just once. The drama gods responded by letting Thun hug P’Med a moment after the wish was made.

Thun finally realizes why they can touch each other, every time it happens.. it’s because Thun wanted it to happen, it had to come from his heart. Then we get the SMOOCHES!!!

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 3! Next up is the finale where we say goodbye to everyone… I’m not ready!!!