He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 4

The four boys sneak into the campus and decide to enter through the back of the library. Thun asks if Prince grabbed the keys, then asks if Golf has made sure that there aren’t any cameras around. The answer to both is yes. Prince asks if it’s really worth all this to get to an old exam, Thun assures him that it is. The four enter the library, Thun even holds the door open for P’Med (I mean he could walk right through it..)

They start looking through the library, Golf says that the library at night is pretty scary. Prince tells him to quit being a scaredy cat and to hurry up. They make it to the locked area, it’s funny that Golf is the only one with an actual flashlight while the others use their cell phones. However none of the keys that Prince tries in the door seem to work. Thun complains that he only gave Prince one job. Luckily for everyone, Golf can pick locks.

Once inside the locked area, Thun takes down the talisman that was preventing P’Med from entering. There are a lot of documents in the area so they decide to split up. Golf begs to go with Prince as he’s afraid of ghosts. (You’ve been with a ghost for awhile now.. hehe). Prince is the first to hear the security guard’s footsteps so he grabs Golf reminding him that he said that there were no guards on Sundays. Golf thinks that it might be a ghost but Prince points out that a ghost is better than being caught in the restricted zone.

They continue to frantically search and the other two are starting to wonder why Thun is looking at a different section. Thun complains that the records only go to 1998 which confuses his friends, they are starting to think they were tricked. Golf knocks over a book, which means that they all have to run and hide to avoid detection by the security guard.

They end up getting found by Praifah! Golf can’t take the pressure anymore and wants to leave. Prince wonders what Praifah is doing there. First Praifah scolds them all by telling them that they should never mention that they study law, she also reminds them that she is in the group chat. That’s when the security guard actually spots them, so they all have to run again. Thun stumbles and bangs his head but manages to make outside with his friends. P’Med found the whole thing to be quite exciting.

When Thun scolds P’Med saying how they barely got out of there, his friends wonder who he’s talking to. That’s when Golf notices the blood on Thun’s forehead and wants to take him to the hospital. Prince faints at the sight of blood leaving Praifah and Golf to help him move as they head to the hospital.

At the hospital the three friends are waiting while Thun gets treated. Praifah demands to know what they were doing in the restricted section. Golf spills the beans on the whole plan to steal old exams. Praifah gets mad at them for going to the restricted section to steal. She points out that it was a bad plan, especially since it resulted in one injury and one person fainting. It turns out that Thun needed a few stitches but is otherwise okay. They all leave the hospital when a heart patient is being wheeled in from an ambulance. P’Med gets a bit of a memory flash but it’s Thun that points out that P’Med had been in and out of the hospital a lot.

Thun’s friends look at him weird again but Thun tells them that he will be right back, then he runs to the front desk. Thun asks the person at the front desk if they have records for a patient they treated between 1994-1997. The person at the front desk asks why he needs this, so Thun lies saying it’s for research. The clerk says that medical records are confidential but if it’s for research purposes then he needs a note from his advisor stating that.

Praifah comes to the desk supporting Prince and they both ask Thun why he came running back into the hospital. Thun says that it’s nothing then Praifah asks what happened to Golf. Thun points to Golf as he’s talking a nurse. Prince says that it must be Golf’s sister, which gives Thun an idea.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3!!