He’s Coming To Me: Episode 1 Part 2

Med wakes up from his nightmare wondering how the boy he met could be so scary in the dream. Med reminds himself that he is a ghost and so he can’t be afraid of ghosts (keep telling yourself that). While Med is trying to soothe himself he hears a boy crying. It turns out to be Thun, he’s crying because his dad just died and he can’t find his dad’s ghost. He begs Med to help him find his father’s ghost. As Thun hugs Med and cries, Med sees the father’s ghost nod, then fade away. Med has no choice but to tell Thun no. Med asks Thun to quit crying otherwise it will be hard for them to talk.

Med says that he met Thun’s dad before Thun arrived. Med tells Thun that his father didn’t disappear, he just moved on to a higher place to watch over Thun. Thun asks where his father is right now, so Med says that he’s travelling to heaven and may have even arrived by now. Med then points out that if Thun is seeing/hearing him now then he must have been able to do so all along. Thun just smiles saying that of course he could. Med asks why Thun was pretending not to, so Thun says it’s because he was afraid of his dad. Thun says that if his Dad found out that he was talking to ghosts, he would get spanked.

Thun says that he used to talk to a ghost before he met Med but his father found out and told him not to talk to strangers. Thun also tells Med that if he did talk to ghosts then his father wouldn’t take him out. His father said that he would take Thun to a hospital since he didn’t want his son to be someone with “special needs” (oh, hello Ableism I didn’t see you there..(sarcasm)) Med tells Thun not to worry about it because Thun’s dad said it was okay, he’d already talked with him. Med asks Thun for his name (they haven’t been introduced yet) then asks if he will see Thun at next year’s Qing Ming festival and Thun promises that he will.

Later that night Med is practically bouncy with happiness as he meets his two ghost friends. Jeng instantly notices his good mood and asks Med about it since Med is usually broody. A-ngoon tells Jeng that he must not have been paying attention since the boy came to the tomb today and was talking to Med. Med just smiles and nods very enthusiastically. Med tells his friends that he told them so and that they were such cynics for not believing him. Med then says that he’s been lonely for so long and now he’s found someone to talk to so of course he’s happy. A-ngoon takes offence because he’s been talking to her and Jeng for years.

Med backtracks a bit saying that it’s not the same thing. Jeng warns Med that as a ghost he shouldn’t have feelings. Jeng says that having feelings will lead Med to an endless greed. Jeng warns Med to stay away from Thun since they are on two different planes of existence. Med says that he knows but he can’t help it as Thun is great to talk to, so he’s not so lonely. Med says that talking to other ghosts is quite boring.

Another year passes and Med says in voiceover that he know that ghosts shouldn’t interact with the living, but for Thun surely an exception could be made after all Thun talked to him first. The year is now 2012. Med spent all day waiting by his tomb but Thun didn’t show up. Med later complains to the two birds in a cage saying that he got duped by Thun. Jeng of course teases him about Thun not showing up. A-ngoon tries to comfort Med by suggesting that Thun might have been busy with school and that he might show up next year instead. Jeng teases Med some more about waiting for Thun. In the end Med puts on his headphones and walks away from them.

2013 rolls around. Med eagerly waits for Thun. He sees a boy in cap and chases after him until he hits the barrier of the cemetery calling out Thun’s name. It wasn’t Thun but some other kid.

On to 2014.. Med says that he knows he should let go since he’s dead however, he doesn’t know how long he’ll have to live like this. Med says that he only has one hope on one day out of the year. Med is disappointed yet again. Med leaves his tomb and Jeng asks him if he’s stop waiting. Med says that Thun probably won’t come today. Jeng reminds Med that the living and the dead are on two different planes of existence. Jeng uses Tee as his example. Tee is shamelessly using the tomb of his grandparents to flirt with his girlfriend. Med says it’s not news since Tee has brought a different girl there every year.

Med tells Jeng that he can’t believe that Tee could get so many girls since he’s not that attractive. Jeng claims that he used to look better than Tee when he was younger and that many women would send him scented letters. Med doesn’t believe him though. Jeng pilfers some chicken from the tomb but Med declines saying that he’s not hungry. Jeng isn’t fooled though as he knows that Med is just waiting for sweets from Thun. A much older Thun (Ohm Pawat!!!) shows up offering Med chocolate.

That’s the end of He’s Coming to Me: Episode 1 Part 2!