He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5 Part 1

Thun and P’Med stand outside the home when P’Med starts to fade. Thun worriedly asks P’Med if he’s okay. P’Med looks down to see himself going translucent, but says that he’s okay. It’s clear that P’Med is overwhelmed by feelings by seeing the home. P’Med says that it’s strange because he doesn’t have any memories of this house, surely if he lived there.. he should have some memories of it.

Thun says that according to the medical records, this is the correct house. P’Med says that it’s an abandoned house now. Thun tells P’Med to wait there while he goes to make some inquiries. Thun talks to a neighbour who says that the previous owners both died, since then the house has been vacant for 20 years. Thun asks the neighbour if the owners had any children. The neighbour says that they had a son but that he must have lived elsewhere with relatives, she does confirm that the son’s name is Med though. (A step closer!)

Later that night, Thun comes out of his bedroom but doesn’t see P’Med. Thun calls out for him but there’s no response. Thun is a bit worried so he goes to check out the balcony which is where P’Med is. P’Med is sitting on top the little landing between the floors so Thun has to climb up the ladder to go sit with him. Thun says that he knew P’Med would be up there. P’Med asks if there’s something that Thun wanted to talk about. Thun says that he couldn’t sleep so he wanted to talk to P’Med, only P’Med wasn’t there.

It turns out that Thun couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking about P’Med. He asks P’Med who is he and why is it so hard to find information about him? P’Med agrees that it’s been tough because even though they know where he used to study and where he used to live, they haven’t actually found out any useful information about P’Med yet. Thun tries to cheer P’Med up by saying that they at least know his name is Wongsakorn. P’Med says that sometimes he feels like he didn’t even exist, even when he was still alive. P’Med says that it makes him sad to think that. Thun hurriedly says that even though P’Med isn’t alive now, he exists to Thun.

Thun tells P’Med not to give up yet as Thun will help him after all, Thun made P’Med a promise. P’Med thanks Thun for trying to follow through on his promise but it’s clear that P’Med doesn’t think that Thun will be able to. P’Med does say that Thun trying to follow through on his promise is more than he ever hoped for. Thun then asks about what happened with P’Med earlier (the fading). P’Med says that it’s because he’s breaking the rules for ghosts, so the more he uses his power.. the weaker he gets. P’Med says that it might be another reminder that he’s not human and shouldn’t do the impossible.

Thun tells P’Med that he doesn’t want him to fade away. P’Med says that eventually everyone goes away. One day P’Med may be reborn or he may just simply fade away. Thun tells P’Med to be more careful next time as he doesn’t want P’Med to leave. P’Med says that his time is running out, so he asks Thun to let him do the things that he wants to do. Thun refuses to accept it though so P’Med tells Thun that tomorrow is his last day, he wanted Thun to know that ( I’m not ready!!)

Thun can’t hold back the tears anymore and starts to cry. P’Med tells him not to be sad as the 20 years alone in the tomb were depressing enough. P’Med points out that tomorrow is Thun’s birthday and it’s almost midnight. P’Med then asks Thun if he’s heard that if he makes a wish on a star, that the wish will come true? P’Med encourages Thun to make a wish. Thun says that he will never forget that he had P’Med here for his birthday. Thun then asks P’Med to sing him a birthday song so P’Med sings Happy Birthday to You in English. P’Med then asks what Thun wished for but Thun doesn’t tell him.

The next morning Thun wakes up and finds that P’Med has made him breakfast. P’Med says that it’s his birthday gift to Thun as it’s all he could find. Thun reminds P’Med not to overuse his powers. Thun then suggest that the two go out today but P’Med says that he would rather stay inside today. P’Med reminds Thun that he had just told P’Med not to use his powers that much. Thun says that this is the exception, he asks P’Med to humour him since it’s his birthday.

After breakfast, Thun rents out a paddle boat in the shape of a duck. Thun teases P’Med about how he has to do all the work. P’Med tells him to stop whining since he’s an athlete. Thun says that even athletes get tired. They pass another couple in a paddleboat that give Thun weird looks (they can’t see P’Med).

After the boat ride, Thun asks P’Med if he wants to ride a bicycle which is when he learns that P’Med never learned how to cycle. Thun offers to teach him. Since no one can see P’Med as he’s a ghost.. Thun gets more weird looks from people while he teaches P’Med how to cycle.

Later, P’Med is sitting on a big rock when Thun brings over a hamburger. Thun says that P’Med has never been on a paddleboat, doesn’t know how to cycle and has never cooked so what did P’Med do when he was alive? P’Med says that it must not have been much. Thun teases him by calling P’Med high maintenance and P’Med says “of course”. P’Med then points out that Thun will be the same age as him in a year since P’Med was 22 years old when he died. P’Med says that he can’t age since he died. Thun asks about the years in between but P’Med says that they don’t count.

When they finish eating, Thun is about to throw out their trash when he has an idea. He gives the plastic bag to P’Med and asks him to move it around while he films it with his phone. Thun gets more weird looks from a couple that have decided to leave because they think that Thun is crazy since he talks to himself. Thun smiles as he tells P’Med he finally understands what it looks like to others when he talks to himself. P’Med calls him a big tease but Thun says that he’s happy to see P’Med smile and laugh. Thun gets a notification on his phone, from his LINE account. Thun then asks P’Med if he will come to Thun’s birthday party.

Thun takes P’Med to the mall to get him some new clothes. P’Med doesn’t understand why he needs new clothes since no one will be able to see him anyway. Thun says that he can see P’Med and that it doesn’t hurt to dress up. P’Med tries on a few clothes before they find something that looks nice. Thun then goes to leave but P’Med asks if he’s going to pay for the clothes. Thun holds up the incense and taps it. Since it’s not physical clothes, there’s no need to pay for it and they both walk out of the store.