Kamen Rider: Episode 2

A car drives up to drop off a female passenger. The driver tells Miho the passenger that they have work tomorrow so she shouldn’t oversleep. Miho says that she knows then wishes the driver a safe trip home. She hears a strange noise so like every horror movie character she turns around to ask who’s there. Eventually a voice answers saying that Yamano Miho has been chosen to become a member of Shocker. Miho hurriedly runs up the steps of the building to escape.

We then get an explanation that Shocker is an international evil organization that plots to rule the world by turning everyone into cyborgs that they can control.

Miho runs into her apartment then shuts the door. She tells herself that she must have been hearing things and that no one is coming after her. (Oh, hello Denial, how are you?) Miho soon notices that her apartment window is open even though she is sure that he closed it (RED ALERT!!) Miho walks over to close the window, she thinks that she must be having a bad night and reminds herself that she has to get up early for work tomorrow. Then a bat like monster attacks her, saying that he has important work for her tomorrow. The monster even bites her neck like a vampire.

The next day at the All Japan Champion Selection Race: Tokyo District Qualifier. Hongou Takeshi is doing another lap around the track while a voiceover reminds us that he was turned into a cyborg by Shocker but escaped before they could finish programming his mind. Hongou having escaped their mind control, now fights Shocker. Hongou gets the time he needs in the race so he’s now one step closer to his goal of being in the European Race. Miho comes up with a bouquet to congratulate Hongou, she also gives him a kiss. When she goes for his neck though, these huge (dare I say monstrous?) fangs protrude from her cheeks. Apparently Hongou only notices this through the mirror at first though. Que the dance.. I mean fight scene.

Hongou defeats Miho realizing that she’s a cyborg of Shocker. A masked villain hidden on the hill complains to himself that he wasn’t able to kill two birds with one stone, however the human experiment itself was a success.

Hongou goes to Miho’s apartment complex thinking that since she was a cyborg of Shocker there should be some clues in her home. In an apartment a woman named Chie is in pain telling her husband not to look at her. He wants to take Chie to the hospital but she refused. A familiar evil voice tells Chie to make her husband join them. Chie did tell her husband to run before the transformation takes over her and she attacks him. Hongou must have heard the commotion because he bursts into the room to restrain Chie while telling the husband to leave the building at once.

Hongou tells the husband that he will take care of Chie but the husband doesn’t even view her as Chie anymore. Not long after the husband runs out of the apartment we can hear a startled yelp. Hongou lets go of Chie to go after the husband. That’s when we learn that behind every door of every apartment there is a fanged monster like Chie and Miho. Hongou chasing after what appears to be the only human in the place into another apartment only to find the husband gone and the window open. When Hongou turns around he is confronted by the Batman. The Bat welcomes Hongou to Shocker’s human testing ground.

The Bat says that Shocker has a new kind of virus and they are testing its efficacy in the apartment building while the bat collects and analyzes the data. Hongou being very smart realizes that Chie was one of the bats victims (I’m pretty sure everyone figured that out already..) The bat says that he will let Hongou experience the effects of the virus for himself. (Insert evil laugh here).

After a brief fight, the Batman escapes and the people of the apartment complex, now turned into monsters block the doorway preventing Hongou from following him. Hongou doesn’t want to fight the people of apartment complex because they are innocent test subjects of Shocker, they lack their own will and their minds appear to be blank. Hongou doesn’t want them to end up like Miho.

Hongo does a flip out the window and because his belt was exposed to wind pressure, he turns into Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider now fights the Batman on the roof of the apartment complex.

At the Shocker base one of the minions reports to their boss that the sound waves from the Batman have stopped. A voice over the PA system says that it’s okay since the Batman has a self hypnosis feature to put it to sleep and protect their secrets. When the minion asks about the test subjects, the voice says that they will sleep too as they are connected to the Batman. (So basically Sleeping Beauty and her castle then.. okay.)

At cafe Amigo, Ruriko demands to know where Hongou is but Mr. Tachibana refuses to tell her. Ruriko doesn’t believe him as he was able to guide Ruriko to her father last time. Mr. Tachibana insists that he was simply on a message though. The old landline phone rings and Ruriko races to answer it but Mr. Tachibana grabs the phone from her saying that he should answer it. Mr. Tachibana tells the caller that they have the wrong number, then hangs up the phone. Ruriko claims that she believes him then leaves the room. As soon as she leaves, Mr. Tachibana uses the old rotary phone to call the person back.

Ruriko eavesdrops from outside the room. Ruriko is certain that Mr. Tachibana was talking with Hongou so when she overhears that the two will meet at the university. A voiceover reminds everyone that Ruriko’s father was killed by Shocker but that she is under the mistaken belief that Hongou murdered her father.

Hongou is indeed in the university. He took a blood sample to Kishimori for examination. It seems that the sample shows that the virus itself is sentient. The two of them figure out that the virus when it gets to the brain cells, reacts to certain sound waves. Hongou asks his friend if there could be a serum created to help the victims of the virus. Kisimori says that he couldn’t even dream up this virus so a serum for it, is impossible. Hongou is disheartened to find out that the victims will have to remain as they are. He leaves the campus and Ruriko spots him, telling her friend that Hongou is the one that killed her father.

Hongo goes into the cafe after checking that the coast is clear. Clearly he’s not very good at it because the two women follow him into the cafe a few moments later. However, they don’t find him, just Mr. Tachibana. Ruriko asks where the customer that just entered went, Mr. Tachibana says the customer complained of strange people stalking him and went out the window. Hiromi informs him that was the man that killed Ruriko’s father and Mr. Tachibana does a terrible job of pretending to be disappointed that he let Hongou go.

Ruriko is still convinced that Mr. Tachibana knows the score. She follows Mr. Tachibana, she makes the mistake of believing that’s where Hongou lives. Inside one of the apartments Mr. Tachibana is filled in on the virus and the possibility of a serum. The two decide to take the victims whom are currently asleep to the lab to wait for a serum just in case the Batman wakes up. Hongou goes to get the car while Mr. Tachibana waits in the room with the victims. Ruriko believes that it’s Hongou alone in the room, so she sneaks up behind him and hits him with a vase. Mr. Tachibana falls to floor and as an added bonus the monster victims wake up.

Ruriko asks the victim if Hongou did this to him. The victim asks how Ruriko knows Hongou so she tells him everything. The victim claims that he has evidence of Hongou killing her father, she just has to untie him first. (Survival instincts of a moth, that’s what she has).

Of course the monsters gets her, she screams and Hongou comes running into the room. The Batman brags that his virus is already taking control of Ruriko’s body. The Batman tells a conscious Ruriko that her father was killed because he was a traitor to Shocker. The Batman says that whether or not Ruriko lives depends on how Hongou thinks. Hongou says that if the Batman can prove the serum to save Ruriko exists than he will accept the Batman’s condition. An evil voice tells the Batman to show Hongou the cure.

The Batman wakes one of his minions and tells the minion to prick itself with a thorn on its body. Hongou realizes that the cure on the Batman’s body, decides to fight the Bat. The bat does out the window and Hongou follows and turns into Kamen Rider for the fight. Eventually Kamen Rider manages to pull the wings off the Batman and heave him over the side of the roof to become a big red splatter of blood. (It’s Asian so you see red paint and have to guess at death). Hongou takes a claw to Ruriko and scratches her with it.

Ruriko is cured! (Was there any real doubt?) and soon the other victims are scratched with the bat claw to be cured too. Hongou leaves the room soon after that. Mr. Tachibana says now that Ruriko knows about his innocence, Hongou doesn’t have to run anymore. Hongou says that the misunderstanding may be cleared up, however he is still a cyborg. Hongou leaves on his motorbike to brood until the next episode.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Kamen Rider: Episode 2!