He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 4

The next morning, Med eagerly shows off his ability to move objects to Thun by nudging the milk with his finger. Thun is really excited for Med and asks about it. Med says he didn’t know how until after he kicked the shopping bag. Med says that it’s still pretty tough to do but that he’s getting better at it. Thun holds out his hand for Med saying that if he can touch that too, then he will be like a real human. Unfortunately, Med’s hand goes right through Thun’s and disappoints them both. Med says that at least he can touch objects now, so he can turn on the tv and computer by himself. Thun suggests that Med could do laundry and clean up the dorm instead.

The two start to eat their cereal when Med asks Thun which person is his girlfriend. Thun wondered why Med would ask that, but Med says that he’s curious since he doesn’t see any couple pictures of Thun with anyone but Prai, is she his girlfriend? Thun says that Med asks too many questions, is he Thun’s girlfriend then? Med says that Thun had mentioned a girlfriend to him once but then never mentioned her again. Thun says that the two had broken up. Thun then says that he has to go to school but Med wants to know if he can come too. Thun says no as they almost got caught yesterday.

Med begs to come along as he’s lonely and bored staying in the dorm all day. Med bribes Thun by offering to do all the chores in the apartment. Med goes on about how he’ll clean the bathrooms, do the laundry and such, so eventually Thun gives in and agrees to let him come to school. Med is really grateful and thanks Thun.

Thun meets up with Golf and Prince at a picnic table. Golf is pretty proud of himself for transferring the rent money but Prince reminds Golf that he owes Prince money for alcohol and asks him to pony up the cash. Golf just jokes that Prince should put it on his tab. Thun asks about Prai but apparently she is with P’Chin, her date that they tease is a big spender. They joke about he will arrive at the school and it actually happens just like they said. Once Prai gets out of the car though, Med sees her in person and it sets off a reaction in him.

The guys ask Prai why she was with P’Chin and it’s because her grandfather is in the hospital, so the guy offered her a ride. Prince is obviously upset that she was with P’Chin though.. but she doesn’t notice. It’s time to go to class, so they gather their stuff and that’s when Thun notices that something is off with Med. Thun asks Med what’s wrong but Med says that it’s nothing.

In class, the teacher is giving a case study lesson but Med is distracting Thun by wandering around. Eventually Med startles Thun by showing up right beside him. This of course gets Thun in trouble because no one else can see Med, and so no one knows why he got startled. Thun even gets scolded by the teacher however Med is goofing off behind the teacher.. luckily Thun can keep a straight face. Prince leans over to Golf to ask if he thinks that there is something up with Thun. Golf suggests that maybe their friend still has the stomach flu but Prince says that’s irrelevant.

Thun tells Med to go wait outside and that when he said he wanted to be close to Med, he didn’t mean this close. Thun gets in trouble with the teacher again.. the teacher tells Thun to leave the classroom. Thun talks to Med in the hallway about how his being there is distracting Thun from learning. Thun tells Med to wait in the stairwell for him, and he’ll come get him after class. Med agrees but moments after Thun leaves.. Med sees a girl with a textbook and a spiral notebook that gets his attention. Med starts to follow her.

Med follows the girl throughout the campus. Meanwhile class ends for Thun. Thun is still writing stuff down while the others get up and leave. Golf asks Prince and Prai if they think that Thun has been acting weird lately. Prince suggests that maybe Thun isn’t getting enough sleep but Golf insists that Thun looks like the victim of black magic. Prai doesn’t believe Golf and asks how he would know something like that. Golf claims that a kid in his neighbourhood was the victim of black magic and had the same symptoms.

Thun finishes his work and is ready to leave so he overhears something about symptoms. He asks what they were talking about but the others claim that they were talking about his stomach flu symptoms, Thun assures him that he’s fine. They leave the classroom and Thun’s friends are giving him weird looks. Prai asks about the homework and Prince hurriedly offers to help her out. Golf doesn’t care about schoolwork because he’s hungry and wants to go eat. Thun is distracted because he can’t see Med, so he tells the others to go ahead without him as he has to go to the bathroom.

Golf tells the others that he told them that Thun was acting weird, what was he looking for anyway? Prince says that he finally believes Golf, so Golf says that he will contact that kid from his neighbourhood. Thun finally finds Med and starts scolding him for not staying where he was told. Med is having a severe headache and isn’t able to concentrate on what Thun is saying, if he’s even noticed that Thun is there to begin with. However, Prince, Golf and Prai have followed Thun and they see him talking to himself.

Thun has realized that something is seriously wrong with Med because he hasn’t responded at all. It turn out that the headache is actually a memory trying to surface. It’s a flashback of Med at the library studying. The headache ends and Med excitedly tells Thun that he thinks that he used to go to this campus. Thun looks at the campus building with Med.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2!