Under The Power: Episode 16

Jin Xia and Lu Yi wake up from being drugged, and are tied to a post in the middle of the town square. Lu Yi says that it will be 6 to 10 hours before the drug wears off. Jin Xia wonders if Xie Xiao will be okay but Lu Yi tells her that she should worry about her own life first.

Jin Xia says that the townspeople look really hostile towards them, like they are going to skin them alive! Just then the Tribal Chief comes out with Master Lan to look at them. Jin Xia doesn’t like being leered at by Master Lan so she tells him to quit looking or she’ll poke his eyes out. Master Lan looks really offended, then calls her a symbol of disaster.. the tribe wants them dead now.

The tribe demands to know what they should do with them, Master Lan tells them not to worry as he will perform an exorcism on the captives. He does a little ceremony that screams “Con Man!” He even times it right for there to be thunder and lightning. Master Lan waits for the clouds to disperse a bit and the sun to come out before announcing to the Tribe that he has restrained the jinx.

The Tribe leader tells Master Lan that he thinks they should kill the two. Jin Xia yells that they better not as there are laws in this world and that would be an act of lynching (illegal public execution). The tribe leader says that the two of them are jinxes of the Shi Tribe, so they should be killed to eliminate the danger to the tribe forever. Jin Xia tells the Tribe leader that she doesn’t understand, how can they believe Master Lan when it’s clear that he’s a fraud.

Lu Yi tells the Tribal Chief that he should let them go and they can talk about it. One of the tribesman comes up to the Tribal Chief saying that they can’t let the Jinxes go that easily. The Tribal Chief then asks Master Lan what his thoughts are on the matter. Master Lan pretends to consult fates before saying that the Tribal Chief can’t kill them. Master Lan says that he’s already suppressed the jinxes by the power of nature therefore, they are like normal people now.

Master Lan continues to say that if the two are killed now it might anger the gods and bring misfortune to the tribe. Master Lan says that the intruders can’t be killed but that they should be locked up instead until after he has consulted with the heavens. So the Tribal Chief orders our two heroes locked up in a woodshed. Jin Xia yells for them not to touch her, while Lu Yi just stands there thinking silently.

The Tribal Chief then offers Master Lan payment. Master Lan claims that exorcisms are his duty then snatches the box from the Tribal Chief. Master Lan then asks if the Chief has thought about what they had already talked about. It turns out that Master Lan wants the Shi Tribe to move away from their home. The Tribal Chief is reluctant since the Shi Tribe has lived there for over 2,000 years but says he will discuss it with the tribe.

Yang Yue and Shangguan Xi are still following the marks left behind by Jin Xia except for this later mark because Yang Yue can’t figure out the direction the mark indicates. Shangguan Xi is worried that something may have happened to the group but Yang Yue assures her that they will be okay.

In the woodshed, Lu Yi asks Jin Xia if she’s heard of this village that’s on top of the cliff. Jin Xia says that she had looked at the map of Yangzhou she didn’t see any village marked on it. Jin Xia says that the Japanese pirates were really weird, how could they disappear without a trace when they reached the village. Lu Yi agrees that something strange is going on. Jin Xia then wonders about the “crazy men” that didn’t seem to be able to feel any pain.

Jin Xia also says that the “crazy men” were also really strong and reacted to the strange bamboo flute. She wonders if the bamboo flute might be controlling those men. Lu Yi says that everything happening in Longdan village seems to be a mystery so he isn’t sure about it either. A woman then enters the shed to give them a blanket as it’s going to get cold in the shed. Jin Xia tries to explain to the woman that they aren’t jinxes and that they can prove their innocence. Lu Yi quickly lies about why they were around the village, claiming that he was looking for a herb to cure his wife’s illness.

The woman turns out be the Tribal Chief’s wife but she explains that because this matter involves the fate of the whole tribe she can’t help them. The Chief’s wife says that she doesn’t’ think that they are bad people. She also tells them that she will pass on their story but won’t do anything else. Jin Xia then asks if the woman knows what happened to Xie Xiao but she doesn’t know the answer.

Jin Xia then asks the woman if anyone else lives up there or if she’s seen any Japanese on the mountain? The answer to both is no. The woman says that only the villagers live on the mountain. That’s when her child Xiao Xin comes into the shed looking for her. The woman leaves with her son after scolding him for running around.

Once they are alone in the woodshed, Jin Xia asks Lu Yi why he lied saying that they were married instead of siblings like when they were undercover with the troupe. Lu Yi says that a husband climbing the mountain to get a herb for his sick wife would get more sympathy than a pair of runaway siblings. Jin Xia calls him sneaky and when he goes “huh?” She changes her words to call him very wise. Lu Yi tells her to sit still as he’s tired so he can lean against her.

That shyster Lan is celebrating the fact that he got the village’s money and will have a feast that night before leaving. Xiao Xin comes into the room and startles Lan. Lan doesn’t like the kid sneaking up on him and threatens to tell the Chief. Xiao Xin however notices the meat and wine on the table, two things a geomancer can’t do. Xiao Xin then threatens to tell his father the Chief that Lan is a fraud.

Lan agrees not to talk to the Chief about his son’s rudeness but also claims that the laws forbidding exorcists from eating meat and drinking wine are no longer valid. Master Lan then bribes the kid with a drumstick as roasted chicken is something rare in the village. It works as Xiao Xin agrees to keep the meat and the wine a secret in exchange though he wants stories of the outside world.

I guess Shangguan Xi didn’t find Yang Yue’s assurances very comforting as she is now getting drunk. Yang Yue tells her to be careful as she’s stumbling around the bridge stairs. Yang Yue offers to take her home but she sits down on the stairs thinking back to when Xie Xiao saved her. She wonders aloud where Xie Xiao could be so Yang Yue tries to reassure again that he will be okay.

Shangguan Xi isn’t paying attention though as her mind wanders back to how Xie Xiao claimed that she couldn’t like a childish person like him. He thought their parents must have forced her into marrying him and how he doesn’t want to ruin her life. She snaps out of the reverie to complain to Yang Yue about how everyone can see her feelings for him (Xie Xiao) so how come he can’t see it?

At first Yang Yue is shocked thinking she is talking about him until Shangguan Xi wonders aloud what she will do with Xie XI’lo. She says that it’s hard pretending all by herself. Yang Yue miffed at hearing about Xie Xiao, tells her that no matter what happens he will be there for her. Shangguan Xi tells Yang Yue that he’s not Xie Xiao and could never replace him. She then passes out and Yang Yue grabs her so she doesn’t crack her skull on the steps. He pulls her close but her last words haunt him.

Night falls in the village. While Jin Xia and Lu Yi appear to be sleeping that shyster Master Lan is sneaking about the village. Inside the hut Jin Xia wakes up but Lu Yi tells her not to move as he’s almost finished untying the knot. He succeeds and the two leave the shed.

Master Lan has been following people that were also sneaking about at night (the pirates?) anyway they surround him, he tries to talk his way out of it. When that fails he sprays a powder around as a distraction, escaping to the cliff. He can’t climb down however, as someone has cut the vine ladder.

Lu Yi grabs the shyster and holds him over the cliff. Master Lan begs for his life but Jin Xia tells Lu Yi to let him go and let Master Lan’s luck decide if he lives or dies. The man is terrified of heights and begs for his life. Lu Yi relents by letting him go, only if he answers their questions. The man agrees and gets to be on safe on solid ground.

After Lu Yi pulls Master Lan back to solid ground, Jin Xia notices that vine ladder has been cut and blames him for it. Master Lan questions her reasoning on this as why would he cut something he needed, he’s trying to run away from the village. Jin Xia still thinks he’s at fault though and hits him. Lu Yi tells her not to waste her energy him, then asks about the “crazy” men and jinxes the villagers were talking about.

Master Lan says that the Shi tribe have been living in hiding for generations. Master Lan says that about 6 months ago, some of the villagers began to come down with a mysterious illness. First the villagers wouldn’t feel well, then they would become incredibly strong and beat anyone they saw. A lot of the villagers died or were injured because of this so the villagers chased away the infected.

Jin Xia asks him why this happened but Master Lan doesn’t know. He says the villagers employed many doctors but couldn’t find the cause of the illness leading the villagers to believe that their brethren were possessed. This is why the village hired Master Lan to do an exorcism for them. Lu Yi asks if this is why Master Lan told the villagers it was because of jinxes.. and Master Lan admits that he made it up.

This earns him another smack from Jin Xia as his lie almost got them killed. Master Lan claims that he was going to save them until Jin Xia called him a fraud in front of the villagers. He says that he had to teach them a lesson.. more smacks from Jin Xia. Jin Xia says that his lies could get innocent people killed and eventually he admits that he was wrong.. while asking for her to stop hitting him.

Master Lan stands up then says that while he may look like a fraud, he is a real geomancer and there is a bad aura around the village. He warns them that staying too long would put their lives in danger. Master Lan says that if the ladder hadn’t been broken, he would have left already. Jin Xia suspects he is more afraid of being found out as a fraud.

Lu Yi then asks specifically about the jinxes. Master Lan says that he ran the calculations and there really is a jinx on the village. Lu Yi then asks if Master Lan has seen anyone else around besides the villagers. Master Lan says that other than Shi Tribe he hasn’t.. but then remembers that he saw men in black running secretly into the forest.

Master Lan then recounts how he was surrounded and if not for being clever, would have died. He also says that the men in black were dragging someone. Jin Xia asks whom they were dragging but Master Lan says he doesn’t know. Jin Xia suspects that it might be Xie Xiao, this leads Lu Yi to grab Master Lan and drag him to show them where the men were. Master Lan protests saying how dangerous it is in the forest and how they should wait until morning.. Lu Yi drags him into the forest anyway.

Morning arrives but Jin Xia can’t find any trace of the men last night, so they can’t tell if the person being dragged was Xie Xiao. Jin Xia wonders if the men had followed them, then cut the vine to prevent them from leaving. Lu Yi smirks then says that the case is getting more interesting. Master Lan however doesn’t find it interesting at all, he finds it to be very scary.

Jin Xia points out that he wasn’t nearly so afraid when he was tricking the villagers. Lu Yi asks Master Lan about the location of the “crazy” villagers. Master Lan says that they are normally just wandering around the mountain. Lu Yi reminds Master Lan that he said he had been in the village a month, so he must know the topography of the place, so are there any other ways off the mountain?

Master Lan looks a bit shifty as he claims not to know everything. Jin Xia smacks him again saying that he better not be thinking of escape. She threatens to tell the villagers all about his lies. Master Lan straightens up saying that they would never believe her as they blindly follow him. Jin Xia points out that his tricks may have fooled them but she knows his “exorcism” was merely just a calculation of the weather for his benefit.

Lu Yi tells them both to stop wasting time as it’s already morning and the villagers will discover their absence, then try to catch them again. Master Lan complains about how hard they are to talk to but eventually tells them to follow him.

Xie Xiao is fighting the infected villagers and ends up falling into the water. Thinking himself safe, he taunts the infected by saying they must be afraid of water. However as soon as he’s out of the water, the men attack him again. Luckily for him, Jin Xia and Lu Yi arrive to help fight off the attackers. Master Lan is of no help in the fight. Jin Xia asks Xie Xiao if he’s okay, he answers that he’s fine but he does look a bit banged up.

Back in Yangzhou, Yang Yue brings his father the medicine. Yang Chengwan asks for news about missing trio but there is nothing. Yang Yue says that they have searched everywhere near the reeds but can’t find a trace of them. Yang Chengwan says that if he knew this would happen, he would have prevented them from going. Yang Yue assures his father that between Lu Yi and Xie Xiao both being martial artists they will keep Jin Xia safe. (She doesn’t need protection buddy, she can kick butt all on her own)

Elsewhere in Yangzhou the really creepy Yan Shi Fan is informed by the deadly Zhai Lan Ye about Lu Yi and the gang discovering Longdan Village. Shi Fan isn’t worried about the discovery of the village itself but he asks if they have discovered anything else. Lan Ye doesn’t know the answer to that but she says that they got there by following the Big Master’s people.

Shi Fan tells Lan Ye to inform the Big Master to tell him to be on alert. Shi Fan says that if it becomes necessary.. they should do what needs to be done.

Back in the forest, Jin Xia is cursing out “Swindler Lan” for not using the powder sooner. Master Lan says it’s not a powder, it’s an anesthetic drug and he only had a little bit left. While walking Jin Xia notices that Xie Xiao’s hand has been injured. Xie Xiao shrugs it off as just a scratch.. then he goes on about how if he couldn’t marry Jin Xia then he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace. Jin Xia says that he’s talking nonsense again but she is concerned about the wound and insists on bandaging it.

Then Xie Xiao has a flashback to when he was a child and Jin Xia bandaged his wounds after saving him from bullies. Jin Xia told him to look meaner than the bullies as a tactic to stop from being bullied. Xie Xiao breaks out of the memory then asks Jin Xia if she remembers the knot. She says of course it’s the old sailor knot that her mother taught her. She always uses it. Lu Yi gets jealous and tells them to stop wasting time as they can’t stay there any longer.

Xie Xiao is in no hurry to leave because he’s talking with Jin Xia. Lu Yi then turns to Master Lan to ask if he knows of safe hiding spot. Master Lan tries to feign ignorance but Lu Yi points out that a swindler would have an escape route prepared. Since Master Lan can’t lie his way out of it, he pretends to remember a wooden house he found just the other day.

They arrive at the house and Jin Xia runs ahead to check it out before verifying that they can stay for the night there. Lu Yi tells her to stay with Master Lan there while he gets them some food. Xie Xiao is looking forward to more time with Jin Xia but Lu Yi quashes that by making him come along for food. Xie Xiao first tries to get out of it by holding up his injured hand. Lu Yi reminds him that a few minutes ago he was saying it was a minor thing.

Xie Xiao decides to go with Lu Yi to find food. He calls out to Jin Xia asking if she wants rabbit or pheasant. Jin Xia yells back pheasant but then yells that he probably won’t be able to shoot one, so he had better just gather some fruit and come back.

While the two are walking, Xie Xiao says that the reason Lu Yi requested his help is because he was jealous of the time Xie Xiao was spending with Jin Xia (nailed it!) Lu Yi tells him that he’s overthinking it. Xie Xiao moves on to saying that he doesn’t like it when Lu Yi order Jin Xia around. (He’s her boss and they are working on a case).

Lu Yi agrees with me pointing out that she’s his subordinate and has to do what he says (he’s being professional). Lu Yi asks how this affects Xie Xiao. Xie Xiao claims that because he’s known her for over 10 years, her problems are his problems. Lu Yi pretends to suddenly remember that Xie Xiao’s marriage proposal was rejected. Lu Yi points out that harassing people seems to be Xie Xiao’s forte.

Xie Xiao is offended but before he can say anything else they spot a pheasant. Lu Yi is quicker and with some fancy sword work he gets pheasant for their supper.

When they get back to the house, Jin Xia is surprised to find that Xie Xiao is carrying a pheasant. She compliments him but that’s when Lu Yi makes a hand gesture for Xie Xiao to hand the pheasant over to him. Lu Yi then hands over the pheasant to Jin Xia while Xie Xiao admits that he didn’t kill the bird. Jin Xia says that makes a lot more sense as it’s obvious the bird killed instantly so it didn’t suffer.

Master Lan tells Jin Xia to stop flattering Lu Yi as they are all hungry. This earns him a glare from Jin Xia but no smack. She tells the others to go sit down as the food will be ready soon. After she leaves the two boys bicker while Master Lan tries to slink away so he doesn’t have to listen to them. When they go inside the house, Master Lan says that the jealousy between the two is every bit as dramatic as a cat fight.

While they are sitting around the dinner table, Xie Xiao gets jealous when Jin Xia hands Lu Yi a piece of meat that he had ripped off for her. Xie Xiao then rips off some meat for Jin Xia and tells her not to give it to Lu Yi. Master Lan doesn’t want be in the middle of another fight so he asks them to introduce themselves.

Jin Xia introduces the others, then waits for Master Lan to introduce himself. His name is Lan Qingxuan. Lan Qingxuan then asks if he can ask a question that he’s been too embarrassed to ask before. Jin Xia tells him to just ask the question.

Lan Qingxuan has noticed that Jin Xia calls Lu Yi “Sir” and he wonders if they are government officials. Jin Xia confesses that they are indeed government officials. Lan Qingxuan says that it’s no wonder Jin Xia is good at boot lic- he quickly changes his statement to say that she’s good at interpersonal relationships. Jin Xia says that she’s nothing compared to Lan Qingxuan.

Jin Xia then asks Xie Xiao how escaped capture the day before. Xie Xiao tells them that he fell off the cliff but he managed to stick his sword into a crevice which prevented him from falling onto the spikes below. He takes a moment to flirt with Jin Xia and both Lu Yi and Lan Qingxuan look they want to vomit. Xie Xiao gets back to the story saying that he eventually climbed up the cliff, but then was chased by the men until he fell in the water.. which is when the others showed up.

Jin Xia says that the people must not be very skilled if they could catch Xie Xiao after chasing him all night. Xie Xiao says that weird thing is that when he went into the water they stopped attacking him. Lu Yi was thinking and now he speaks up saying that if these men had truly been driven mad then they wouldn’t care about who they attacked.

Lu Yi decides to summarize what they know so far. First if it’s a disease then the symptoms are going crazy and being violent. They don’t feel pain and they don’t fear death so Lu Yi is calling them “madmen” for now. Secondly these men don’t attack each other just the uninflected. The third thing they know is that the madmen couldn’t discern Xie Xiao when he was in the water. Jin Xia still suspects the bamboo flute of controlling them but Lu Yi says they have no proof of that.

Lu Yi says that based on the little they know now, they first have to discover how the infected can tell the difference between infected and uninflected people. Lu Yi also says that based on the information Xie Xiao provided they can tell that the infected use smell instead of sight. The reason they stopped attacking when Xie Xiao was in the water was because the water covered his scent so this answers the first question.

Lu Yi says that it’s a very strange disease that he’s never hear of before. Lu Yi then says what is even more weird is how are there strange people living on the mountain that the Shi Tribe is unaware of. Jin Xia quickly says it’s the Japanese pirates. Lu Yi points out that they haven’t even seen them since entered the village. Lan Qingxuan is confused about the Japanese pirates and wonders if those were the men that surrounded him last night.

Lu Yi suspects that the Japanese pirates are connected to the infected men. Lan Qingxuan says that of course they are connected, they probably cut the line so that the group can’t leave. Jin Xia poses the theory that if they don’t solve this case.. they might all die there.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 16!