He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 2

The next morning Med keeps trying to grab the chocolate cereal box but his hand keeps going through it. Thun comes out of his room wondering what Med is up to. Med says nothing then watches as Thun grabs a bowl and pours himself some cereal. Thun asks if Med wants some, but Med says no. Med asks Thun if he eats that cereal everyday, when Thun says yes, Med mutters that it’s no wonder that he’s a giant. Thun laughs then uses the incense to offer up the cereal that way Med can have some.

Thun says that if he does the offering before he eats the cereal, then it won’t be wasteful. Thun then asks if Med slept well last night. Med jokes that he was fine as he sleeps most of the time anyway. Thun says that he has to go to University today so he asks Med what he wants to do. Med gives a sly look and Thun quickly guesses that Med wants to use the computer. They head over to the computer and Thun asks Med if he knows how to use the laptop. Med nods, Thun asks if Med knows how to type and Med nods again while eating his cereal. Thun quickly shows Med the internet and tells him that it’s a way to gather information.

Thun asks Med his full name so that he can search for it, but after a moment of awkwardness, Med admits that he doesn’t remember his full name. Thun tells him that it’s not important as Med can just surf the internet while Thun is at school. A moment later and Thun’s friends call to him from behind the door to hurry up.

In law class the professor drones on about penal codes. After class ends, Thun asks his friends if there was anything important in the first 15 minutes of class as he had trouble paying attention. A female student offers him her notes but Prai grabs it, looks it over then asks if she can borrow it too. The female student takes her notebook book, then rescinded the offer. Golf tells Prai to quite blocking Thun as that’s the 9th girl she’s managed to run off. Prai says that because Thun has managed to protect his virginity for so long, that they have to screen anyone coming in.

Thun wonders who said he was a virgin, which leads to a bit of teasing. Golf asks whose turn it is to choose/pay for their outing. It’s Prince’s turn so he suggests a movie. Prai doesn’t want to do that though so Prince offers to let her choose what they do this time (he’s still paying). Prai says that if they all want to see a movie then she won’t stop them. Prince asks what movie she wants to see, but she says that they should choose when they get to the theatre. Golf was checking out his phone and asks Thun if he forgot to sign out of his Facebook account. Thun confusedly asks why. It turns out that Med made a status post about wanting to be reborn!

Later Thun gets home and asks Med what he was up to. Med says that the computer asked him what was on his mind. Thun sees the problem and explains that Facebook isn’t Google so he can’t post his questions there. While Thun is explaining Facebook, he pulls up his Facebook page and points out his friends while naming them. He reminds Med that he saw the two friends once before. Med asks about the female in the photos. Thun tells him that it’s Prai so Med asks if Prai is Thun’s girlfriend. Thun asks why but Med says that he was just curious. Thun asks Med if he wants his own Facebook account. Med says yes, so Thun starts by creating an email address for him.

Since Med doesn’t remember his full name, Thun got a little creative with Facebook, so Med is Shimmering Med. Med says that he’ll get used to it. Later Med starts tutoring Thun to help him improve his grades. However as time goes on Thun also shows Med things like LineTV as well (LineTV is no longer available, but the shows moved to other platforms like iQIYI, VIKI and GagaOOLala). Thun once again leaves Med alone in the apartment and it’s obvious that even with a laptop and the internet, Med is bored out of his skull.

When Thun returns from basketball practice, he asks Med how it’s going. Med admits that he’s bored but Thun is really tired and heads off to bed. The next morning Med is eagerly waiting for Thun outside his room. Thun is confused until Med reminds him that it’s the weekend and he’s ready to go. Thun completely forgot and asks if they can go out another day as it’s Prince’s turn to pay for stuff and he wants to make it count. Med argues that he held up his end by tutoring Thun, and Thun promised to take him out, so why not just take Med with him when he goes out with his friends. Thun says it won’t work as they’ll get caught with the incense, and Thun talking to himself so it won’t work.

When Golf and Prince burst into the apartment, Golf makes a big deal about being hungry as he hasn’t eaten so that he can take full advantage of Prince’s money. Thun after seeing Med’s glare earlier when he was told that he couldn’t go, now sees Med’s hopeful look as he wants out. Thun pretends to have a serious stomach ache. Thun gets his friends to leave the apartment without him. Med applauds the acting, Thun says that he doesn’t want to be someone that goes back on their word. He asks Med where does he want to go?

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 2!