He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 3

P’Med is drawing a bit when Thun comes out fresh from the shower to look at them. Thun says that at least now they know that they are on the right track. P’Med lists off the things they know about so far, saying that the more information they get, the closer they come to knowing what happened to him.

Thun teases that P’Med might get reborn quicker than he thinks. P’Med says that he just wants to know the truth about what happened to him, what comes after that, is another story. Thun tells P’Med to go to bed early as Thun is taking him somewhere the next day.

It turns out the place that Thun wanted to take P’Med to was a temple. P’Med is a little surprised, so Thun explains that he wanted to see if a ghost could enter a temple. P’Med seems a bit nervous but he goes through the doorway. P’Med then pretends to be hurt, but it’s pretty obvious he’s faking it. Thun calls him out on it but P’Med says that was what Thun was kind of expecting to happen, because Thun watches too much TV. They both enter the temple and meet up with the rest of the gang.

Prince asks Thun why he wanted them all to meet at the temple. Golf quickly points out that when Thun asks them to go to the temple, they all agree but when he asks them to go to the cemetery.. no one wants to go. Praifah says that she doesn’t see a connection between a temple and the cemetery, so Golf jokes that she must’ve missed that class. Thun tells them that he just wants to make merit every now and then. Prince teases Thun saying that he just wants to confess that he cheated, but there’s no confessional in the temple.

They go inside the actual temple because it’s pretty hot outside. Inside the temple, a monk chants for a little bit before saying how good it is that teenagers come to the temple. He then asks the group if there is anything bothering them. Thun says that nothing is bothering him and he just wanted to make merit for the dead. The monk tells him that merit doesn’t solve everything and that Thun should do what makes him happy. The monk also tells Thun that merit making for the dead will make *him* feel more at peace but that Thun should remember his own karma, as that is specific to each person.

The monk says that reincarnation is the natural law so they shouldn’t hold on to what they have or prevent it. The monk says to just let nature take its course. Thun looks at P’Med then asks the monk a question. Thun asks how to help a ghost that has forgotten their own story, to remember their life. The monk says that whether you’re a ghost or a human there is always something that you are attached to and thus remember. Thun is now convinced that if he can just find that item/place that P’Med is attached to, it will help him remember. Golf says that it’s his turn and asks for his fortune to be told.

The group sits on the steps after getting their fortunes and start telling each other about them (like when you share your fortune cookie paper) Thun shares his whole fortune but doesn’t understand what it means, Praifah shares part of hers before getting shy about the rest of it and hiding the fortune away. Prince flat out refuses to share his fortune at all saying it’s none of their business. Thun leaves to use the bathroom and Praifah drags Golf to take pictures of her in front of the water. This leaves Prince alone on the stairs to look longingly after Praifah.

Thun actually went to go stand in front of the water elsewhere in the temple grounds so he could talk with P’Med. Thun asks P’Med how he feels now that he’s been inside the temple. P’Med says that he feels calm and refreshed (always a good feeling!) Thun comments that P’Med always looks really happy when they leave the dorm room. Thun suggests that they take a selfie, but P’Med wonders what the point would be since he won’t show up in the photo anyway. Thun says that it’s okay because he knows that P’Med is there.

A little while later the group splits up. Praifah says that she wants to go shopping for make up, so Prince offers to wait with her while she hails a taxi. Praifah tells Prince that no one hails a taxi anymore and that she already ordered a ride through an app on her phone. The guys go off on their own for a bit before Prince decides to chase after Praifah anyway and leaves. Thun tells Golf to sit in the back seat and when Golf asks why, Thun tells him that he smells. It’s really just so that P’Med can sit beside Thun of course.

Prince manages to catch up to Praifah before her taxi arrives. She asks where he’s off to, so Prince tells her that he’s going wherever she is. Praifah is happy to have someone ride with her in the taxi but wonders about the other guys. Prince tells her that they left already and the two get in the taxi together. )Basically everyone is having a car date except for Golf who is actually a third wheel and doesn’t even know it.)

Later at the Dorm, Thun has to call P’Med’s name twice as P’Med couldn’t hear him with his headphones on. Thun asks P’Med what he was listening to, so P’Med tells him it’s the same song that they were listening in the car. Thun says that the voice sounds familiar and wonders who sings it. P’Med says that it’s P’Moss and that he’s a very talented singer. Thun has to tell P’Med that P’Moss doesn’t sing that much anymore as he now has two kids. P’Moss mostly just does some TV shows, so Thun offers to get some for P’Med to watch.

Thun then begins to sing a bit of the song but P’Med stops him and sings it better instead. P’Med stops after a few verses though and even though Thun begs him for more, P’Med refuses. Thun then offers movies of P’Moss in exchange for P’Med singing. Thun says that they will do a pinky promise but P’Med reminds him that they can’t physically touch. Thun says that it’s okay because he’s just happy being with P’Med and that they can do the pinky promise without touching. This makes P’Med really happy, so they pinky promise without their fingers actually touching each other.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 3!