He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 4 (FINALE!)

P’Med walks towards his tomb which is now clean, it also has offerings of food. Soon the rest of the group joins him including his two ghost friends. P’Med starts off by thanking Prince and Golf for helping Thun with his case. Since they still can’t hear him, Thun relays the message for P’Med.

Prince says that it was their pleasure to help while Golf apologizes for making things more complicated for P’Med. Thun tells them that it’s not a problem, since without their help, none of them would be there at the tomb. P’Med also thanks Praifah and tells her not to feel guilty or blame herself.

P’Med says that what she has done for him is more than enough. Praifah tells P’Med to remember that he is family, he existed and he will always be in her heart. P’Med tells her to let Gramps know that P’Med has forgiven him and reminds Praifah to take care of Gramps.

Next is Thun’s mom and Kwan doesn’t need Thun to relay any messages for her. P’Med thanks her and tells her that he’s glad that they met. Kwan says that she’s glad that P’Med came into her life. P’Med says that she makes a cool mom.

He also thanks Kwan for having her family look after him when he was alive and after his death. Kwan tells P’Med not to worry about her as she has Thun to take care of her. P’Med says that he hopes to see her again someday.

P’Med then moves onto his ghost friends. He tells A-ngoon and Jeng that his time has come. P’Med asks them to be happy for him but they are all really emotional. Jeng says that he is happy, does P’Med see his sad face? Jeng wishes P’Med luck while calling him the lonely ghost.

A-ngoon says that they will meet again someday. P’Med starts to cry as he tells his ghost friends how much he loves them and thanks them for everything.

P’Med then goes to talk to Thun but Thun walks away from him. P’Med hurries after him calling his name. When P’Med catches up to Thun, Thun doesn’t turn around but he tells P’Med that he’s selfish as he doesn’t want P’Med to go. P’Med says that they can’t fight nature and the only thing they can do is accept it.

Thun wonders why it has to be this way, can’t there be a miracle so P’Med doesn’t have to leave? P’Med says that just being able to meet and be with Thun was a miracle in itself. P’Med just wants Thun to promise him that he’ll be happy.

Thun promises that he’ll try to be happy. P’Med says that you only get to live once, so he wants Thun to use his life wisely. P’Med tells Thun to cherish every moment of his life. Then the two head back to the tomb to light the incense.

Thun cries while he puts the incense stick into the tomb area. Once it’s in.. P’Med disappears which leaves Thun a complete sobbing wreck. His friends try to offer some comfort before walking away. Kwan tells Thun that she will wait for him in the car.

Thun finally starts to leave the tomb when he reaches into his pocket to find a candy there. He thinks it’s a bit of a sad coincidence so he goes to turn to put the candy with the other offerings….when he sees P’Med! Thun is very happy but doesn’t understand. P’Med says that Thun was hoping for a miracle wasn’t he?

Golf happens to look back at the tomb as the friends are walking away. Golf notices that Thun is talking to someone. He wonders aloud about it, so Prince just tells him to get used to Thun talking to air already because their friend isn’t normal.

Thun says that he’s confused as to why P’Med is back. P’Med admits that he doesn’t know either. P’Med says that as he was walking towards the light, a voice told him it wasn’t his time yet and that he needs to wait.

As the friends are leaving, Golf gets something in his eye. He wipes it away but then he can suddenly see A-ngoon. Prince and Praifah try to figure out what Golf is looking at. A-ngoon realizing that she can be seen is quite happy.. and the two seem to be off to a flirty start.

Thun says that “no one would believe their story started with”.. P’Med finishes the sentence by saying “a candy”. Thun and P’Med flirt for a bit before P’Med’s voiceover says “ No one knows how much time each of us has left on this Earth, when our time will expire, which of us will go first. So if you have a chance to love, love deeply”.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 4 otherwise known as the Finale! I hope you enjoyed this little ghost story!