He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 3

In the morning Prai’s father is sitting at the breakfast table while Auntie Nom brings him his morning medication. Gramps asks where Praifah is so the maid tells him that Thun came to see Praifah. Gramps says that they should invite Thun to join them for breakfast but Auntie Nom tells him that Thun has already left.

Praifah came down a moment later for breakfast. She asks about Thun and is surprised to find out that he has already left. Praifah quickly checks her phone to confirm it. Praifah then asks her grandfather where he’s been. Gramps says that he went to the Association to discuss an upcoming meeting and offers to take Praifah with him. Praifah hastily declines the offer as she finds it boring.

Auntie Nom tells them to eat their meal as it’s Praifah’s favourite food. Praifah then asks her grandfather if they have a relative named Med. Things get really tense from the adults in the room. Gramps wonders why Praifah is asking about Med. Praifah says that Thun was asking about it as his (English subs say her.. but Thun has identified as male so far so translation error there) mother had a friend with the same last name as theirs.

Gramps tries to play it off as someone just having a similar name to theirs and Praifah seems to believe him. Though the looks that he and the maid are giving each other says “We’re hiding secrets about P’Med” pretty loudly to anyone watching.

Meanwhile back at Thun’s apartment, Thun tells P’Med that he has to show him something that Thun says that he found a photo at Praifah’s place. Thun then shows P’Med the photo which triggers P’Med to have flashbacks. P’Med remembers that he lived there and says that he knows a woman in the photo as his cousin Rung.

Rung had a baby and asked P’Med to name her.. and he named her Praifah!! P’Med says that he’s Praifah’s Uncle and that it’s no wonder he felt strange when he first met her. (So he’s Thun’s friend’s uncle and dated Thun’s mom.. wow..) P’Med asks Thun about what they should do next.

Thun says that the only way they will find out the truth is by going back to Praifah’s place. Thun reminds P’Med that they are getting closer to knowing what happened, isn’t P’Med happy about it? P’Med doesn’t answer, instead he asks Thun about his thoughts. Thun says that he’s scared that this might be just another dead end (with one episode left.. it’s unlikely). Thun says that he’s scared that he’s going to disappoint P’Med again.

P’Med gets overcome by emotions for a moment before telling Thun that no one is more hopeless than him but he’s not afraid. P’Med says that he knows Thun is doing his best and that they must keep fighting on together until the end. Thun says that if that’s the case then they are going to need a team.

Sometime later Thun has dragged Prince and Golf into the apartment where he tells them the story of how he brought P’Med to his apartment and wants to help him find the truth about how he died. Golf wonders if Thun might be tricking them again like he did before with the library. Thun swears he’s telling the truth and then he shows them the picture of P’Med.

When Thun points out the baby Praifah in the photo, Prince can’t help but gush about how cute she is. The others remind him that it isn’t the time for that. Thun then tells him that the rest of the people in the photo are gone and how he found the photo folded in the frame like someone didn’t want P’Med to be seen.

Prince finally believes Thun so he asks what Thun wants them to do. Thun says that he and Golf will head over to Praifah’s place with the pretence of leaving a textbook behind and needing it for an important exam. Immediately his friend points out that they are on break from school right now so that won’t work. They decide to go with the “I lost my mom’s jewelry in Prai’s room” line in order to get inside.

Prince asks Thun about his role. Thun says that Prince will be the one to take Praifah out of the house. Prince wonders why it has to be him. Golf offers to switch with him but Prince says that wherever Praifah is, that is where he will be (kind of the point there bud). Prince’s job is to keep Praifah busy for as long as possible.

Prince is concerned that it might not work since he isn’t as good at lying as Thun. Thun says that Prince should just tell Praifah that he’s very sick. Prince is going to go with the old stomache lie. Thun says that he will keep texting Prince with updates. Now that they have a plan it’s time to put that plan into action. Thun and Golf enter Praifah’s house

and the maid shows them upstairs to look for the supposed lost item. The maid follows them into the room and seems set on staying there while they look for the item. Golf tells her that they don’t want to inconvenience her so if the maid has something else to do, she can go do it. Auntie Nom leaves the room but the two aren’t sure what to do next. Thun suddenly thinks of P’Med and wonders where he is.

P’Med is still outside the gate because Thun forgot and left him there. (Seriously?!) Thun pointed out the cabinet to Golf earlier on their way up to Praifah’s room, he tells Golf that the room is behind there. Thun tells Golf to meet him there as he has to go back to get P’Med.

Meanwhile Prince is pretending to have severe stomach pain in the hospital to lure Praifah away. Once Praifah arrives though, her first question is where are Prince’s friends. Prince quickly lies saying that Thun went home and that Golf went out to buy something. Praifah then asks what kind of pain is he experiencing?

Prince gives a vague answer before handing over his ID so Praifah can register him at the admitting desk. Prince quickly texts the others to say that the mission is accomplished. (And wasting the hospital’s staff time.. jerks).

Thun runs down to the gate and demands to know why P’Med didn’t shout when he was left behind. P’Med says that he thought it was Plan B or something. Thun says that there is no Plan B… he just forgot to bring P’Med. Thun gets some incense from a nearby altar trying to light it when the doorbell at the gate rings with a delivery. Thun curses his luck, then quickly hides in a bush so the maid doesn’t see him.

After Auntie Nom leaves the area, Thun quickly calls Golf to alert him to get back to Praifah’s room as the maid is on her way back. Thun finally gets to light the incense. The maid gets back to the room but we don’t see if Golf made it back in time as the scene cuts back to the hospital.

It looks like Prince might have taken something or is about to take something to make himself sick but he’s caught by Praifah as she already suspected something was up. Praifah demands to know what the guys are up to.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 3!