He’s Coming To Me: Episode 3 Part 1

Thun, Golf and Prince are skulking around the campus late at night, using their phones as flashlights. Thun asks if Prince has checked to make sure the way is clear, and that he brought the keys. Prince holds up the keys which Golf takes from him so that he can open the door. (Gold is the only one using an actual flashlight).

The three of them hurry towards the records where they appear to be searching for something. Thun tells them to hurry up. One of the boys knocks some records over making enough noise that it alerts the security guard that is doing his nightly rounds.

The three quickly run and hide but it looks like P’Med is actually with them as he hides too. (It’s funny to see an invisible ghost hiding from a security guard!)

We then go back in time to one week earlier where Thun is practicing shooting baskets while P’Med watches. P’Med says that must be pretty good since he scored 28/30 baskets. Thun laughs then asks if P’Med played any sports while he was alive. Thun then guesses that P’Med didn’t but P’Med says that Thun already knows the answer so why even ask the question? P’Med says that while sports wasn’t his thing, academics most certainly was.

Thun comments that P’Med is the exact opposite of him because Thun loves sports and hates to study. P’Med asks Thun why would he choose to study law if he doesn’t like to study. Thun says it’s because he didn’t realize that law would be this hard. Thun also says that people that study law either become a good guy or a cheater since they know all the loopholes.

P’Med asks Thun which person is he then and Thun smiles replying that he’s definitely a cheater. Thun says that studying is fun but that he also has to practice basketball so Thun gets very stressed out during exams. P’Med apologizes and promises not to make Thun skip class again. Thun smiles saying that it’s because of P’Med that he has to do extra practice. Thun also tells P’Med that if his team loses at basketball this year it will be his fault.

P’Med tells Thun that is not the correct response to his apology, he says the correct phrase is “no, it’s alright. I’m not mad at you”. P’Med says that it’s only faculty level basketball anyway so why does Thun have to take it so seriously? Thun says he does because the team wins and loses alternatively every year. However, next year they will have internships and won’t be able to play basketball anymore. It’s why they are trying so hard this year to go out with a bang. Thun then plays a little with P’Med.

At a picnic table, Praifah asks Prince and Gold how far they’ve gotten on their report. Golf says two lines, so Prince asks if that’s all he has left but it turns out to be all that Golf has written. Thun shows up with P’Med in tow and the others ask him if he likes having the extra practice. Golf says that Thun brought it on himself for skipping practice with the team. Prince hands Thun his chapter to work on. Thun says that it’s a lot of work and asks when it’s due. Prince tells him that he has 3 days. Thun complains about the time frame but Golf says that it’s his fault that they are in this mess.

Prince says that out of all the electives that Thun could have chosen, he had to choose Chinese. The boys joke around a bit while Praifah watches before settling down to work. Praifah asks Thun if he’s sure that he can manage it, since he has basketball, law and Chinese courses. She offers to help him, since she’s already finished her work. Thun smiles saying that he doesn’t want to bother her with his work. Golf however claims to have no such scruples and throws his work at her asking Praifah to do it for him.

Praifah throws the notebook back at Golf saying that Thun has other things to do but Gold doesn’t therefore, Golf can do his own work. Praifah says that her offer is only for Thun. Golf says that love stinks then asks Praifah what her last name is so that he can put it on the title page of the project. Prince tells Golf to just give him the laptop as he can spell her last name for him. Golf is surprised that Prince knows it (Thai names are complicated). While Prince is typing in her name, P’Med looks over and her name seems to trigger something.

P’Med doesn’t even realize that Thun is leaving, Thun noticed that P’Med stayed behind and tries to get his attention. Thun’s friends wonder who Thun was calling out to. P’Med does eventually snap out of it and leave with Thun.

Later at the apartment P’Med is cleaning while Thun does his school work. P’Med says that he may have amnesia but he’s pretty certain that he never had to do any cleaning duties before. P’Med asks who cleans the room usually. Thun says that he doesn’t but he does ask his mom and while she complains about it, she usually cleans the place. P’Med stops cleaning to check out what Thun is writing. It’s sappy Chinese love stuff. Thun is surprised that P’Med knows Chinese but as P’Med points out, he did spend 20 years in a Chinese Cemetery so it would be hard not to learn.

Thun asks P’Med to tutor him so that he can do well in his Chinese course. P’Med agrees and the two start to tackle the work together. A bit later that night, P’Med says that he didn’t think he would understand Chinese but a lot of the older ghosts were Chinese, his friend Jeng was also Chinese and would always curse fluently in Chinese. Thun however doesn’t hear P’Med because he has fallen asleep. P’Med briefly wonders is he had studied Chinese himself. P’Med finally notices that Thun has fallen asleep and ties to touch him, his finger goes right through Thun’s arm though. P’Med then picks up a pencil to help.

The next day at school, the exam results come in. Prince is really nervous and finds it unusual that Golf is so calm. Golf claims that he’ll be fine because he left all kinds of offerings and promises. Thun points out that if Golf does get a good grade, then he’ll have to make good on his promises. Prince jokes that if Golf does manage to graduate then he’ll have to thank the spirits for it. Gold says that if Prince doesn’t believe, he should at least not mock him for it. Prince says it’s not that he doesn’t believe, it’s just that he’s never seen a spirit. P’Med is standing right next to him, pointing to himself.

Thun points out that just because Prince doesn’t see spirits, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. Thun gets his results back and to everyone’s shock the teacher says that Thun did quite well. P’Med says that it wasn’t Thun but him, of course no one can hear him. The others wonder what secret Thun has that let him do so well. P’Med yells that it was him. Thun says that he’s just that good. Golf of course doesn’t believe him.

Later at the apartment, P’Med is drawing when Thun comes over to check it out. Thun asks if P’Med remembers anything but P’Med says that he only remembers what he draws. Thun says that it’s a shame P’Med can’t remember his full name as it makes very hard to do anything. Thun looks again at the drawings mentioning that they are pretty good, perhaps P’Med studied fine arts? P’Med says that he has no idea what he studied when he was alive but he’s sure that he liked to draw. Thun looks at the bracelet drawing and wonders what it has to do with library. He asks P’Med to search his limited memory for a link. P’Med tries but can’t think of one, he asks Thun to take him back to the library.

That’s the end of He’s Coming to Me: Episode 3 Part 1!