Kamen Rider: Episode 7

Takeshi Hongo having infiltrated the Shocker base in search of the mysterious steel box. However, Hongo was quickly exposed and got tossed into a trap. The Chameleon brags about how he created the trap specifically for Kamen Rider.

The Chameleon tells Kamen Rider to die, Kamen Rider jumps but can’t reach the opening which closes after The Chameleon’s taunt. Our hero then tries to break through the walls, but The Chameleon says that all the walls are 1 metre thick which is too thick for Kamen Rider to break through.

The ceiling then starts to come down on Kamen Rider, so he tries to hold it up so it doesn’t squish him. No death trap is complete without a camera so the villain can watch. The Chameleon watches with his goons on a small tv. The Chameleon says that the Kamen Rider will run out of power soon.

Hongo himself is wondering how long his power will hold out. A voiceover says that Kamen Rider can only store a finite amount of power and without wind to turn the little fan on his belt.. he can’t recharge. The eyes of Kamen Rider start to blink on and off like a flickering light (can’t he just spin the spinner himself? With like a finger?)

Soon the lights in the Kamen Rider mask go out completely and he returns to normal looking Hongo Takeshi. The room keeps closing in on him. The Chameleon tells his thugs that they will soon witness the death of the fool that thought he could oppose Shocker.

Hongo tells them that if they kill him, then they will never find the Nazi box that they have been searching for. The Chameleon says that Hongo is just desperate, so the Chameleon says that he’s lying. Hongo tells Shocker that if they don’t believe him then they should check the box in Dr. Heinrich’s possession.. because it’s a fake!

The evil boss in the PA system says that he wouldn’t put it past Hongo to pull a stunt like that so they had better check it out. The bad guys test out the box and discover that Hongo is telling the truth, it’s fake. The Chameleon has no choice but to stop the room from shrinking but he doesn’t put the ceiling back up either so Hongo has to stay crunched in a small space.

Hongo refuses to tell Shocker anything until he is released from the trap. The Chameleon flat out refuses but gets overridden by PA boss. Hongo now freed from confinement tells Shocker that Assistant Professor Naoki Abe of Jonan University sent it to Dr. Oyama in the engineering department of Osaka Hanshin University.

Once Shocker finds out that information they try to kill Hongo. Hongo however fights free of the main room, but he doesn’t have a lot of energy so he hides in the hallway. Since Shocker thugs are like most people they don’t bother to look up and think that he has disappeared.

Once the Shocker thugs leave the hallway, Hongo drops down from the ceiling and enters a door at the end of the hallway. He closes the door and listens for the thugs. A voice demands to know who’s there, it turns out to be Yumi’s father.

The Shocker thugs are outside the door to the room having decided that they need to now search it as well. Hongo looks up and sees some water dripping. He figures out that there must be a drainage pipe up there. Hongo grabs Yumi’s Father and jumps.

They come out of the Lake Biwa onto a beach. Yumi’s father is a little groggy so it takes a moment or two for Hongo to reassure him that he’s safe. He asks after his daughter so Hongo reassures him that Yumi is also safe. Hongo then asks about the Nazi box.

Yumi’s dad says that just before the fall of Berlin, the Nazi German dictator, Hitler hid his treasure on the I-55 submarine and took it to Japan. He says that only he, the captain of the submarine knew about it. Hitler’s plan was to go to Japan and use the money to rebuild the Third Reich. (Japan was an ally of Nazi Germany at the time)

Since Hitler decided to kill himself, the treasure has remained in Japan untouched and only the box knows its location. Hongo knows that Shocker would do all kinds of evil things if they got their hands on the treasure. Just then Hongo hears a motorcycle so the two hide from view. Then Hongo realizes it’s Ruriko so he calls out to her. (She’s smarter than him because she wears a helmet!)

Hongo runs out to meet Ruriko and asks what’s she doing at Lake Biwa. Ruriko tells him that she just couldn’t sit around and do nothing so she had followed Hongo on his bike. Hongo is happy that she’s there though even though he doesn’t approve. Ruriko asks about the man so Hongo introduces Yumi’s dad to her. Ruriko then hands over the handkerchief that she promised Yumi she would deliver when they found him.

Hongo takes the bike from Ruriko so that he can take Yumi’s father to his daughter’s hospital in Tokyo. Ruriko’s job is going to meet with Boss and tell him what happened to Hongo.

Elsewhere The Chameleon is using binoculars to spy on the Hanshin Institute of Technology. The Chameleon can see that Hongo was telling the truth about Dr. Oyama having the box. However it’s not Dr. Oyama but a certain friend of Hongo’s wearing a fake moustache. It becomes evident when he sneezes so hard that the moustache fall off. Ruriko helps him reattach it, but the Chameleon probably saw it.

Later that night, Hongo calls the University and Mr. Tachibana dressed up as Dr. Oyama answers the phone. He reports that so far nothing weird has happened. After the call ends, that’s when the Chameleon breaks in and gets his hands on the box. The Chameleon tells them to quit looking surprised since they were waiting for Shocker to show up.

Mr. Tachibana claims that he wasn’t but the Chameleon calls him out as Mr. Tobei Tachibana, Hongo’s helper and Shocker’s enemy. Mr. Tachibana makes a valiant effort to try and keep the Chameleon there but gets knocked unconscious for his trouble. Ruriko calls out for Takeshi.

Hongo finally arrives at the University only to find that both Mr. Tachibana and Ruriko were taken by Shocker.

At the Shocker base, the Chameleon and his thugs finally have the box but when they open it.. it’s empty! Mr. Tachibana laughs saying that there may have been a time when only Nazi science could open the box but that was 26 years ago. Apparently Dr. Oyama opened the box awhile back so Hongo already has the map.

The Chameleon is about to kill Mr. Tachibana for his insolence but the evil PA boss voice tells him not to, as the two are more valuable as hostage. Mr. Tachibana seems surprised that they are going to be used as hostages.. (no.. you were just tied up and dragged to the base to play with puppies.. like seriously? Of course you’re going to be hostage).

The evil PA boss voice says that they will use the hostage as trade for the map. Mr. Tachibana claims that he would rather bite his own tongue and die than help Shocker with their schemes. Mr. Tachibana tries to do just that but the Chameleon stops him and then renders both hostages unconscious.

Hongo still at the University gets a phone call from the Chameleon about having hostages and wanting to trade for the map. The Chameleon wants to meet at the Senri-Expoland the old site of the World’s Fair.

Hongo sends his motorcycle into the crowd of thugs as a distraction so he can have the element of surprise. A fight scene commences that even includes some fencing on top of the rollercoaster ride. The Chameleon manages to take the map from Hongo. Before Hongo can get the map back, the Chameleon points out that his friends are about to die. (Priorities man, lives before treasure map).

Hongo tells the Chameleon that the fight isn’t over yet, then heads over to save the hostages. Ruriko and Mr. Tachibana tell Hongo to stay away as it’s not safe. Mr. Tachibana tells Hongo that the Chameleon has the ability to blend in.. like.. well.. a Chameleon. Just then the Chameleon pops appears out of what appears to be thin air in front of the hostages. (If Hongo hadn’t figured it out already, they should revoke his genius status)

Hongo thinks to himself that he can’t beat the Chameleon unless he transforms into Kamen Rider, but if he does so, then Ruriko will know that he’s a cyborg. Hongo decides that he can’t let Ruriko know his identity as Kamen Rider so he chooses not to transform.

I guess it’s lucky for him then that the Shocker thugs throw a net over him and toss him over the side of the railing. The long fall activates the turbine in Hongo’s belt transforming into Kamen Rider and as a bonus Ruriko doesn’t get to see anything.

The Chameleon drags the hostages along with him. Mr. Tachibana asks why since the Chameleon clearly has no more use for them (Don’t tell the villain that!) The Chameleon is smarter than Mr. Tachibana because he knows that he still needs hostages as Kamen Rider will show up, and the hostages should help stop him from interfering with Shocker’s plan.

The villains head towards a big white cross because apparently the treasure is buried under it. (I guess Cross marks the spot instead of X).

I know Villains aren’t supposed to be smart but you would think someone would have packed a shovel. Since no one brought a shovel the Chameleon and the Nazi guy start digging with their hands. (That’s going to take a looong time).

Actually it turns out the treasure wasn’t buried that deep, so they do manage to reach it. It’s a coffin with a Nazi flag on it. The Chameleon pries off the lid.. only to discover Kamen Rider lying there. (How??) Kamen Rider bursts out of the coffin and frees the hostages. Then he starts fighting with the Shocker thugs.

As Kamen Rider, the Chameleon’s blending ability doesn’t work on him. Kamen Rider defeats the Chameleon. The Chameleon asks if there ever was any Nazi treasure in that coffin. Kamen Rider says that there was but that he dug it up earlier and hence threw it into the ocean. Kamen Rider defeats the Chameleon with a Rider Chop move.

The group celebrates Yumi reuniting with her father with some cake but Hongo leaves the celebration just after the cake is cut. He runs outside and then plays with some cute puppies.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Kamen Rider: Episode 7!