Kamen Rider: Episode 3

The evil organization known as Shocker gained the knowledge of transplant techniques from Nazi Germany research. They now have the ability to create cyborgs with animal or insect traits.. of course they create cyborgs so that they can take over the world. Shocker’s current cyborg creation is the Scorpion man. In the secret base, Shocker works slaves until they are exhausted, these are the ones that were sentenced to death because they were not found worthy of becoming a cyborg, a technician, or cannon fodder ( I mean combatants).

While all the enslaved are walking like zombies, one collapses on the ground, another slave runs over to help him up. The evil voice from PA speaker says that although they were originally sentenced to death, The Great Shocker that rules over them has decided to give them one final chance. The slaves will be let free, if they can reach the end of the desert and reach the safety zone within 10 minutes, they shall be free. (If you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you). The guards unlock the cage.

The slaves run out as fast as they can, which isn’t very fast when they are both exhausted and have a ball chained to their foot that they drag through the sand. The guy that fell earlier, is lagging behind, begging the others not to leave him. However no one made it in the 10 minutes they were given, so they are now sentenced to death by man eating scorpions. The scorpions start coming out from the sand below. The scorpion tail shoots out some reddish/pink liquid that must be acidic because the bodies of the slaves just liquify on contact.

The slave that got left behind? Well he seems to survive the attack by hiding behind some rocks. At the Shocker HQ the evil voice is pleased with the success of the scorpions so he orders Scorpion Man to set plan M1 into motion. The evil voice tells the Scorpion Man to defeat Hongou Takeshi. The evil voice also recommends using the sole survivor of the scorpions as bait for Hongou.

Elsewhere, Hongou Takeshi is doing tests of his new cyborg abilities with his ever faithful trainer, Mr. Tachibana. The tests include agility and strength. Hongou manages to kick through a boulder, surprising Mr. Tachibana with his destructive power. Mr. Tachibana is certain now that Hongou’s cyborg powers come from the pinwheel on his belt.

Hongou and Mr. Tachibana watch the recording that Mr. Tachibana had taken while Hongou was testing out his abilities. Mr. Tachibana points out the pinwheel on the belt saying that’s where Hongou’s power comes from. Hongou agrees with him and they shut off the recording. Mr. Tachibana says that even before the transformation Hongou was already athletic, now his abilities have increased and with more training he could be even stronger/faster. Ruriko bursts into the room with breaking news, she hurriedly turns on the radio.

Apparently in the sea of Bousou Peninsula there were 10 floating corpses spotted before vanishing. The Nagahama police believe that the bodies had simply disintegrated by being in the sea too long however after being shipwrecked however, the Coast Guard hasn’t received any reports of shipwrecks in months. Mr. Tachibana and Hongou both believe it to be the work of Shocker. Hongou decides that he will go to Nagahama to investigate, Ruriko asks to tag along as she feels guilty for misjudging Hongou and accusing him of murdering her father. Hongou turns her down flat though. Then rides away on his motorcycle.

As Hongou arrives at Chiba Prefecture Nagahama Police station to see doctors and nurses dragging the survivor from the scorpion attack into a station wagon. When an officer catches Hongou looking at the man..the officer tells him that man was ranting about an organization known as Shocker being behind the corpses. Hongou asks who the man was but the officer just responds that the old man was an escaped mental patient, when the staff of the mental hospital came to retrieve him the old man made a fuss about experiments and how “they” were going to kill him. The officer laughs, but Hongou is already hopping on his trusty motorcycle to follow the station wagon.

Apparently the thugs couldn’t even wait until they made it to safe spot to try and kill the old man as they start choking him in the back seat of vehicle. The process of riding on the motorcycle activates the wind power of Kamen Rider and Hongou transforms. He manages to get ahead of the station wagon, so he stands in the middle of the road then runs up to the villains once they leave the vehicle to fight him. Despite being outnumbered our hero wins the fight. Hongou manages to grab the old man, then jump up a cliff which leaves the Shocker thugs looking up at them from down below. Hongou boards his motorcycle with his new passenger and rides off.

Sometime later when Hongou isn’t rocking the Kamen Rider outfit.. he paces in a room thinking about how no one believes in Shocker and all the evil that it does in the shadows. Hongou thinks to himself that is the reason he will continue to fight Shocker, as well as protecting people like the old man he just rescued.

They appear to be in Tateyama Sea Side Hotel because that’s where we see a creepy Scorpion Man start to sneak around. It goes through the hallways.. we see the door knob to Hongou’s room rattle.. the door opens.. Hongou jumps on the intruder and tells Itou (the old man) to turn on a light. It’s not the Scorpion Man though, it’s Hayase! It turns out that Hongou and Hayase know each other quite well as it’s all hugs and happiness to see each other. Hongou wonders what Hayase is doing there but then Ruriko comes in the door announcing that Tachibana told her to bring Hayase there.

Hongou asks her where Tachibana is but before she can answer, Itou demands to know who the new people that just entered the room are. Hongou tells Itou not to worry as Hayase is his buddy and Ruriko had her father killed by Shocker. They all sit down and Hayase says that although he is friends with Hongou, he’s also his rival. Hayase complains a little about always losing races to Hongou so he’s been at the race track to learn some new tricks. Hongou reassures Itou that he’ll be okay now since they have help.. however there are some suspicious looking scorpions on the ceiling of the hotel room.

During the conversation, Hongou’s Kamen Rider sense starts to tingle because he looks up, then moves Itou out of the scorpion’s way as they fall to the floor. Hayase and Hongou start squishing the scorpions (rest in peace little critters). Hongou tells Itou and Ruriko to stay in the room. Hongou and Hayase leave but aren’t sure which way to go.. so like in every horror movie they decide to split up. Hongou faces a stairway and sees the shadowy silhouettes of Shocker minions (reminds me of The Shining).

Hongou backs away, running down a hallway instead as the Shocker thugs slowly descend the staircase. It’s not long before he’s surrounded though because of course there were more baddies in the wings. Hongou fights them off though.

Meanwhile in the hotel room, Itou worries if the two will be okay facing Shocker by themselves. Ruriko is quick to reassure him though.. that is just before scorpions start making their way through the window. There are now many scorpions on the floor of the room. Itou starts to squish some of them.

Unfortunately for Itou he gets an acid spray from a scorpion right in his face. Itou quickly liquifies which is when Ruriko screams. Her scream brings Hongou running back towards the room. There is a quick fight with Shocker goons before he gets there. Hongou enters the room but of course he can’t find Itou (body completely dissolved). Hongou can’t seem to find Ruriko either though, Hayase calls out to Hongou from the parking lot saying that Ruriko has been taken in a car and that he will follow. (Nothing suspicious about the timing of that at all…)

Ruriko has been taken, she is sitting in between two Shocker thugs in the back seat of a car while Hayase follows not far behind. It doesn’t take Hongou very long before he catches up to them on his motorcycle (I know it’s the 70s but every time I see them riding without helmets.. it makes me cringe)

Hongou wants to catch up to the car to rescue Ruriko right away but Hayase suggests that they simply follow the car as it will lead them to the Shocker Headquarters. In the end Hongou agrees with him which is how they end up on the roof of Shocker HQ.. only to have Hayase fall through the roof into the middle of a bunch of Shocker thugs. Shocker is more interested in knowing where Hongou Takeshi is, so that is the first thing they ask Hayase. Hayase claims not to know though.

It doesn’t matter anyway since a moment later Hongou jumps down through the hole in the roof so they can both fight Shocker together. Hongou then yells for Hayase to take care of Ruriko since she’s currently tied to up. While Hayase does that, Hongou interrogates one of the Shocker minions demanding to know where the Shocker Commanders are. An evil laugh fills the air.. it turns out that Hayase isn’t a good guy.. but he’s actually a commander of Shocker! Not just any commander either, but the Scorpion Man himself. (I KNEW IT!!!)

Hayase then peels off his skin like a rubber mask (how very Mission Impossible!) to reveal the Scorpion Man face underneath. Hayase admits that he freely joined Shocker of his own free will in order to become more like Hongou (cyborg). Hayase says that he will do anything to win, and claims that he has finally won. The thugs drag Hongou and Ruriko close to a pit full of scorpions as Hayase continues to gloat.

Hongou fights free of his captors though, grabs Ruriko and jumps through the ceiling of the compound to freedom (that roof must be full of holes by now). Hongou tells Ruriko to hide while he goes to confront Hayase and the Shocker minions. Hongou tries to reason with his friend but ends up having to fight him anyway. Hongou transforms into Kamen Rider!

Hongou tries to get his friend back to being a good guy, but Scorpion Man refuses to change his ways. In the end after defeating the Shocker minions, Hongou defeats Hayase as well. As with all Shocker bodies.. these too dissolve into nothingness. Hongou then takes Ruriko onto his motorcycle to ride away from the scene.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Kamen Rider: Episode 3!