He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 4

Luckily Golf did get back to the room before the maid opened the door but she caught him with Praifah’s bra in his hands, which he quickly drops. Auntie Nom asks where Thun went so Golf quickly tells her that he went to the bathroom.

At the hospital Prince comes back into the waiting room with some medications from the doctor. Prince says that the doctor told him it was probably gastritis. Praifah says that Prince should remember to eat more regularly to avoid that in the future. (So I was wrong about that in the last recap sorry!)

Praifah tells Prince to take his meds but he is hesitant about it and snatches the bag away from Praifah when she goes to grab it. Praifah is already a bit suspicious so she offers to get him a glass of water. Prince then quickly grabs his phone to text the others which is when Praifah returns to catch him (the water was just an excuse to leave him alone for a moment).

Praifah demands to know what the guys are up to and also demands to see Prince’s phone. Prince hides his phone behind his back, so Praifah gives him a chance to confess as she will go easier on him if he does. Prince hesitates a bit but gives in by handing her his phone. This is how Praifah learns that the other two have broken into her house. Praifah makes a call on her cell phone determined to figure out what’s going on.

Back at Praifah’s house, Golf has managed to move the cabinet over only to discover the door behind it is locked. Thun shows up with P’Med and tells P’Med that he believes the room behind the door might be his. Thun tells P’Med to go in without them. Golf pulls out a lock pick set that he got from a guy in his neighbourhoood and attempt to pick the lock so they can go in.

An iPhone rings on a counter in the kitchen with Praifah’s picture showing up. Thun urges Golf to hurry up before the maid notices. The phone must belong to Auntie Nom since she answers it. Meanwhile P’Med is inside the room and having memory flashbacks. This includes the memory of his own death. The memories come flooding back to P’Med causing him intense pain.

Luckily Thun comes in and snaps P’Med out of it. P’Med admits that he remembers everything. He says that he both lived and died in this room. P’Med is getting overwhelmed saying that he can’t do this anymore as he doesn’t want to keep watching his own death. Thun encourages him to keep going as Thun can only do so much, the rest is up to him.

P’Med says that he started to get chest pain so he went looking for his pills but couldn’t find them. The pain became too much and he fell to the ground. Thun says that there has to be more to the story so he urges P’Med to remember. P’Med says that he remembers seeing someone enter the room as he was dying.

Roll those end credits!

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 4