Under The Power: Episode 17

Well after figuring out that if they don’t solve whatever is going on, they might die.. they decide to go to sleep. However Xie Xiao keeps calling for Jinxia in his sleep. Lu Yi gets up and takes the blanket off the constantly moving sleepy Xie Xiao and gives it to Jinxia whom he thinks is asleep before going outside.

Jinxia couldn’t sleep either because of all the noise Xie Xiao makes in his sleep so she gets up to follow after Lu Yi. She finds Lu Yi sitting outside looking at a bracelet. Lu Yi asks why Jinxia isn’t sleeping so she admits that it’s because it’s too noisy inside.

Jinxia noticing Lu Yi holding the bracelet asks if it reminds him of someone. Jinxia remembers that when she broke it, Lu Yi got furious with her. Jinxia asks if it’s a love token from some young lady. Lu Yi repeats the part about it being a token of love which gets Jinxia super curious. Lu Yi says that the bracelet did witness love, a love that will last a whole lifetime.

Lu Yi then says that it wasn’t a romantic love, but a familial love which can never be broken. Lu Yi says that when he was a child, his mother would play the song “Tao Yao” for him. One night, Lu Yi’s father deliberately came home early so he could enjoy the song with his family. Lu Yi was very happy that day until..

Lu Yi’s family was attacked. While his dad put up a good fight, he couldn’t protect his son and his wife got stabbed protecting her boy. Lu Yi’s mom died that day protecting him and the harp string also broke. It turns out that the bracelet is actually that harp string which still has his mother’s blood on it. Lu Yi says it’s like keeping his mom with him.

Jin Xia apologizes again as she didn’t know. Lu Yi says that it’s not a problem then changes the subject saying that the sun is about to rise so she should go and get some sleep.

Jin Xia ends up going back to sleep, but when she wakes up no one is there. Panicked Jin Xia calls out for Lu Yi. Lu Yi has just returned with some fruit that he picked, he tosses her a fruit. Jin Xia wonders where the rest of the gang is. Lu Yi says that Xie Xiao went to go catch some pheasant and Swindler Lan has probably gone with him.

Jin Xia is surprised that the two would be so hardworking. Lu Yi jokes that they must have really enjoyed the food last night. That’s when the two of them hear horses. Jin Xia wonders what horses would be doing on the cliff. Lu Yi says that he doesn’t know but that they should go check it out.

They leave but don’t see any horses outside. Jin Xia finds some hoof prints, so they follow those. They find horses but then are attacked by the Japanese pirates. There is a fight, Jin Xia goes to reload her gun leaving herself vulnerable to attack. Luckily for her, Lu Yi is paying attention and manages to save her. Lu Yi grabs one of the horses and doesn’t realize that he has lost his bracelet.

Jin Xia gets on the other horse, she sees the bracelet on the ground but doesn’t have time to pick it up as the two flee their attackers but it weighs heavily on her mind. Finally she can’t stand it any longer and turns her horse around to go get the bracelet. Lu Yi realizing she’s not behind him anymore turns his horse around to follow. When he sees Jin Xia scooping up the bracelet, he realizes what happened.

While Jin Xia is celebrating the fact that she retrieved the bracelet, she gets attacked by the pirates. They force Jin Xia off her horse but she manages to keep hold of the bracelet. She fights the pirates but has trouble with one probably thanks to her tumble off the horse. Lu Yi is there to save her though and pull her onto his horse so that they can escape.

When they get to safety, Jin Xia hands Lu Yi the bracelet and tells him not to lose something so important again. If Lu Yi hadn’t already fallen for her before, he’s falling really hard now. There’s even some tender face touches and a hug by the river…

Then Jin Xia wakes up. It’s clear that the last bit was just romantic dreams of a girl with a crush. Jin Xia sees that Lu Yi is asleep a little distance away from her. She curses herself for falling asleep at a time like this and for having romantic dreams about Lu Yi.

Elsewhere Shangguan Xi bursts into an abandoned building expecting to find Xie Xiao but instead falls into a trap set by the evil Dong Qisheng. Shangguan Xi was hit with muscle numbing powder and can’t move. Dong Qisheng says that he cherishes beautiful ladies which is why he used the powder as it wouldn’t harm her.

Shangguan Xi accuses Dong Qisheng of constantly provoking the Wu An gang but he says that she is exaggerating. Dong Qisheng claims that just the other day he happened to meet a female chef from the western regions. Dong Qisheng then claims that he invited Shangguan Xi over to compare the differences in the cooking skills between the Western Regions and Jiangan Region.

Shangguan Xi scoffs at Dong Qisheng choice of words. She asks if this is how Dong Qisheng invites people. Dong Qisheng claims that he’s shy because of Shangguan Xi’s reputation and was afraid that she would turn him down.

Dong Qishen says that it took him a long time to think of this idea. His idea was kidnapping someone’s mom so the guy would lure Shangguan Xi into the abandoned building and kidnap Shangguan Xi. Dong Qisheng orders his men to take both Shangguan Xi and the traitor away.

Elsewhere Yang Yue is fanning something in a pot while being haunted by Shangguan Xi’s words about Xie Xiao and him. The poor guy ends up overheating whatever is in the pot. He puts it aside but he’s still worried about Shangguan Xi, so he decides to go see her.

Meanwhile Lu Yi and Jin Xia make it back to their temporary shelter. Xie Xiao asks where the horse comes from but Jin Xia says that it’s a long story. Lu Yi tells Xie Xiao that they need to pack up and leave ASAP. Xie Xiao asks if Lu Yi has found a way off the mountain.

Lu Yi replies that they were discovered by the Japanese pirates and they need to leave as it won’t take the pirates long to find their current shelter. Just then the bamboo flute sounds, Jin Xia is surprised that they were found so quickly.

They rush back into the building which and block the door that is when Xie Xiao notices that Swindler Lan is missing. Swindler Lan has decided to take one of the horses and run off. Xie Xiao can’t believe that the infected men have found them so quickly. Jin Xia is more convinced than ever that the bamboo flute has something to do with the infected.

Jin Xia then notices the flowers on the table and asks about them. Xie Xiao says that he picked them for her. Jin Xia says that’s not what she meant, it’s the scent she was asking about. It’s the same scent as those infected and will protect them. Jin Xia puts a flower in her hair, then tries to put one on Lu Yi but fails. Lu Yi says that he can do it himself.

Lu Yi puts the flower in his waistband, Xie Xiao is more than happy to have Jin Xia put a flower in his hair though. They open the door, sure enough the flowers blind the infected to their presence so that they can escape. They continue walking through the forest but take a moment to laugh at the flower in Xie Xiao’s hair.

A moment later Swindler Lan comes running up to them with the Shi Tribe. Lu Yi takes the opportunity to address the Tribal Chief saying that before there must have been a misunderstanding and that he’s sure that Great Master Lan has explained things clearly to him now.

The Tribal Chief says that Master Lan has explained that the two aren’t jinxes and he apologizes for any offence the tribe may have given. The Tribal Chief says that it’s dangerous out in the forest so they should continue their conversation back at the village.

Back at the village the Tribal Chief shares a drink with the team while apologizing again for how the village wronged Lu Yi and Jin Xia. Jin Xia notices that Swindler Lan isn’t there so she asks after him. The Tribal Chief says that Great Master Lan isn’t feeling well but the Chief sounds like he’s hiding something. Lu Yi and Jin Xia exchange a look before drinking from their bowls.

Poor Shangguan Xi is still suffering from the powder. Dong Qisheng offers her some food but she just wants to know what he’s up to. He claims that he just wants to have a nice dinner with her. Shangguan Xi says that if that’s true then why doesn’t he give her the antidote?

Dong Qishen admits that’s not going to happen. He then offers to feed her since she can’t move due to the drugs. He puts a knife within her reach. Shangguan Xi uses all her strength to grab the knife and stab him with it.. but it doesn’t draw any blood. Dong Qisheng tells her to stop it before his patience wears out.

Apparently Xiao Fei the guy that betrayed Shangguan Xi to save his mother felt guilty and brought help to try and free her. Sadly, all the clan members were captured and are now being held as hostages. Shangguan Xi asks Dong Qisheng to let them go. Dong Qisheng says that if she will be with him, she will be a clan leader and all of Dong Family Water Fort will be under her command.

Dong Qisheng says that if she doesn’t behave then he will slowly torture her clan members. He wonders how much the Wu A Gang’s Vermillion Bird will endure for her clan members. Dong Qishen makes Shangguan Xi watch as her clan members are beaten up and then orders his men to take her to his cabin.

That’s when Yang Yue shows up, kicking Dong Qisheng! They fight and the cute couple almost escape.. but then get caught in a net.. (curses!!!)

Back in the village Jin Xia is acting really drunk. The Tribal Chief’s wife is leading her back into the shed. Jin Xia keeps pretending that she is about to vomit which gets the other woman to leave her alone. As soon as the Tribe woman leave, Jin Xia slips out of the room.

Let’s get back to the boat where Yang Yue and Shangguan Xi have now been tied up together. Shangguan Xi asks if Yang Yue is a complete idiot to come by himself. Yang Yue says that he went to Wu A Gang looking for her when he saw Xiao Fei getting kidnapped.

Yang Yue says that he followed the men. Yang Yue says that when he saw Shangguan Xi being harassed, he acted first and didn’t think about bringing reinforcements. Shangguan Xi says that makes him hasty just like Xie Xiao (so he’s her type!) Yang Yue says that two people being captured is better than one, as they can support each other.

Shangguan Xi says that she doesn’t need his support. Shangguan Xi then wonders how Xie Xiao is doing. Yang Yue says that he envies Xie Xiao because he always has someone thinking of him.

Jin Xia sneaks into a building to find Swindler Lan tied up and gagged. She decides to kick him to wake him up. Jin Xia asks him what happened but he can’t answer through the gag so there’s a lot of mumbling. Jin Xia then rolls her eyes and takes the gag out of his mouth. Jin Xia mentions that when she brought up the Swindler Lan at dinner the Tribal Chief looked suspicious, so she thought something was up.

Swindler Lan praises her for a few minutes before asking to be untied. Jin Xia sarcastically says that Grand Master Lan has amazing powers and can escape so quickly, so how can an old rope hold him? Swindler Lan admits that he’s not that powerful. He claims that he only escaped on the horse so that he could go and get help from the village.

Jin Xia doesn’t believe him but she wants to hear what lies he will spew next. Swindler Lan says that he told the villagers that he spoke to the gods and that they had to rescue the group. Swindler Lan says the villagers were eager to help.. it’s just that he told them too much. Apparently Swindler Lan let it slip that they were government officials.

Jin Xia kicks him some more saying that he was just afraid that they would find out that he was a faker and that’s why he gave up Lu Yi and Jin Xia as government officials. Jin Xia demands that Swindler Lan tell her the truth. Swindler Lan says that the villagers wouldn’t have helped if he hadn’t told them, it’s why the group is safe and sound.

Jin Xia points out that they were safe before the villagers showed up. Swindler Lan then asks how they escaped from the infected people. Jin Xia vaguely says that she has her ways. Swindler Lan tries to wheedle it out of her it she flat out tells him that she will never tell him her secret.

Swindler Lan says that Jin Xia ought to be careful as danger lurks around the corner. Jin Xia wonders what he means but Swindler Lan refuses to tell her until after she unties him. Jin Xia has had enough of his nonsense and threatens to drag him into the middle of the room full of crazy people right now. Swindler Lan quickly begs her not to do that.

Swindler Lan says that Chief Shi has a terrible temper then he starts to ramble so Jin Xia twists his ear hard while telling him to get to the point. Swindler Lan says that the point is that the Chief offered to help him but instead the Chief tied him up. Swindler Lan says that he believes the Chief will make his move tonight and throw the three heroes down the well tonight to suppress the bad luck.

In another building Lu Yi is also sober but Xie Xiao is black out drunk. Lu Yi pushes him to wake him up but isn’t successful. Lu Yi goes to leave the room but hears footsteps so he hides. It’s the villagers, Chief Shi orders Xie Xiao to be carried away. A villager reports that the other two are nowhere to be found. Chief Shi orders his men to find them.

Swindler Lan says that there is an ancestral hall with an ancient well insidia it on the east side of the village. The Shi tribe has been guarding the well for generations. Swindler Lan says that there is a legend about a dragon being in that well. Apparently the dragon eats people, so every 3 years the villager toss some poor soul down the well to feed it.

Jin Xia hits Swindler Lan again saying that he should have just told the villagers the truth earlier. Swindler Lan says that the villagers wouldn’t believe him now, they would just think that Jin Xia was threatening him. (He probably has bruises to back that up by now). Jin Xia smacks him again then says that she will deal with him later and leaves the room.. without untying Swindler Lan.

Jin Xia runs to Lu Yi’s room but finds both men gone. She then hurries to well hoping that she’s not too late. Jin Xia doesn’t see anyone so she believes herself to be too late. She goes up to the well and yells inside for both men. Jin Xia decides to climb down the well since she can’t hear anything.. and ends up falling in. When she falls an item of hers drops on the floor outside the well. Jin Xia manages to grab onto a chain inside the well but her hold is precarious.

Lu Yi enters Swindler Lan’s room. Swindler Lan is excited to see Lu Yi alive and assumes that Jin Xia saved him. Lu Yi has no idea what Swindler Lan is talking about so he asks him to explain. Swindler Lan launches into a story about how he first found the well. He had gone in there by mistake and was scared silly by the Chief’s son popping out of the well while making a silly face.

Apparently the boy is the one that told Swindler Lan about the Mystical Dragon inside the well. The boy was looking for the dragon when they met. The boy says that he’s climbed down many times but has never reached the bottom of the well or seen the dragon.

Swindler Lan tells the child that his father made up the dragon to keep the kid out of trouble. The boy tells him that his father the Chief said that over 2,000 years ago an evil dragon appeared to wreak havoc in the Chu State. The dragon killed many people so the King sent Shamans to kill the dragon. Some of those brave should were members of the Shi tribe.

The boy says that’s why the Shi Tribe has guarded the dragon in the well for over 2,00 years. The boy then says that every 3 years they must offer a living person to the dragon. Swindler Lan says that’s approximately the story. He says that it’s not his fault and that he didn’t expect the situation to develop like this.

Lu Yi guesses that Swindler Lan told Jin Xia that they were going to be thrown into the well. Lu Yi sighs but then leaves the room. Swindler Lan wonders why they are all like this, couldn’t someone untie him before they leave?

Jin Xia can’t hold on any longer, so she falls to the bottom of the well. Jin Xia finds some valuable looking murals surrounding her. She then chides herself for thinking about the value of the murals instead of looking for the men.

Jin Xia examines the Dragon heads that surround her, noticing that one of them has a slightly different eye. She presses on it to reveal a hidden door in the cavern. Jin Xia calls out for both men again but still no response. She goes towards the door, finding that it’s actually a rocky tunnel. Jin Xia follows the tunnel and comes across a skeleton with a blackened skull. Jin Xia figures out that this poor person died from poison.

Jin Xia continues to walk down the rest of the tunnel.. and finds yet another hidden door (what is with all the hidden doors at the bottom of a well?) Anyways.. this hidden door opens up to somebody’s bedroom. There’s a bed and a meal that looks like it was made recently. Jin Xia then gets plagued by mysterious shadows, she demands the person show themself..

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 17!