Under The Power: Episode 12

Mayor Wei asks Sir Lu if the singer is a person or a ghost. Lu Yi tells him to not be so hasty as this is the old Taoist’s strength. Lu Yi says that after he old the Old Taoist’s analysis he found that Yun Zheyue and that of Sir Zhou were murdered by the same person. Lu Yi says that because Yun Zheyue was murdered, he holds a grudge. Lu Yi says that Yue Zheyue appeared in his dreams asking Lu Yi to find his murderer. Lu Yi then stands up and announces to Yun Zheyue that all of the people of status in Yangzhou are gathered there and if he has any grievances then Yun Zheyue just need to say them and Lu Yi promises to avenge him.

Yun Zheyue thanks Lu Yi then says that the person that murdered him was the same person that sang as his substitute singer for the performance of “The Best Perfume”. Yun Zheyue is about to say who killed him when Lanye throws a bunch of silver needles trying to silence him. Jin Xia yells out that she’s the murderer and a fight begins between Lu Yi and Lanye. She tries to escape but Shi Fan came late to the party and attacks her. Now that Lanye is caught, Lu Yi asks Sir Fan when he came Yangzhou as Lu Yi didn’t know he came. Lu Yi also apologizes for not welcoming Shi Fan earlier.

Shi Fan says that it’s no problem as he was just enjoying the lake, when he heard the festive sounds of singing and dancing, he had to come check it out. Shi Fan says that it was unexpected to see a good play put on by Field Commander Lu. Shi Fan then points out that he helped Lu Yi to capture Lanye, so Lu Yi owes him a favour. Lu Yi thanks Shi Fan for his help. Shi Fan isn’t finished however as he says that the night is still so young, so why doesn’t Lu Yi finish the play? Lu Yi apologizes and admits that there was never any spirit summoning ceremony tonight. Lu Yi admits that he had already guessed who the murderer was, but had no proof. Lu Yi tells Shi Fan that the play was just a trap to catch the murderer.

Lu Yi approaches Zhai Lanye asking her if she has anything left to say, she admits that Lu Yi is very clever but says that she has nothing to say. Mayor Wei Ying hurries over to greet Junior Chancellor Shi Fan. Lu Yi just smirks at how quickly the mayor fawns over Shi Fan. Lu Yi continues his interrogation of Zhai Lanye by asking her where she learned the skill of Flying Needles, to be able to kill from a distance must have taken her over 10 years to practice. Lanye says that her father was a martial artists and had trained her as well when she was young. There was however some feuds in the Martial Arts world which ended up killing her famiily.

Zhai Lanye says that she escaped death and hid in the Chun Xi troupe becoming the apprentice Ah Lan. Lu Yi asks her if she was the substitute singer for Yun Zheyue to the shock of the crowd. Zhai Lanye says that she fell in love with Yun Zheyue at first sight. There was an accident and Yun Zheyue wasn’t able to sing anymore, so to cheer him up she wrote a play known as “The Best Perfume”. Lanye says that she used this play to express her feelings for Yun Zheyue. Jin Xia guesses that was when Lanye became the substitute singer.

Zhai Lanye admits that’s true and from that time on although Yun Zheyue’s throat recovered, his singing was even better because she hid behind the scenes singing for him (he lip synched). Lanye says that only the troupe master knew the truth. Jin Xia asks her why she would kill Yun Zheyue then.( A flashback to Yun Zheyue collapsing while Lanye kept singing behind the scenes freaking out the audience. ) Zhai Lanye says that she was okay with the arrangement and thought that Yun Zheyue could never leave her because of it. However, she found out that he didn’t love her and became resentful.

Zhai Lanye says that she was willing to be Yun Zheyue’s shadow behind the stage but he had betrayed her by falling in love with someone else. Lanye says that Yun Zheyue still wanted her to sing for him but she couldn’t do it anymore. Jin Xia guesses that it was Lanye that wrote the note inside the doll saying it would be the last time she sang “The Best Perfume”. Lanye says that it was indeed the last time she sang it because she could only escape her suffering if Yun Zheyue died.

Lanye says that in order to avoid suspicion for killing Yun Zheyue, she killed the Troupe Master as well by making it seem like he hung himself. Lanye says that the government of Yangzhou was really stupid and no one suspected her. Lu Yi continues the narrative saying that was when Lanye was adopted by Master Zhai and became a “Skinny Horse” of Yangzhou. Later Lanye met Zhou Xianyi who fell deeply in love with her, so why did she kill him?

Lanye scoffs at that saying that she first Sir Zhou when he first came to Yangzhou and he treated her well. Sir Zhou even swore to Lanye that one day he would marry her. Lanye says she waited for so long, but Sir Zhou still didn’t pay off her adoptive family. She eventually told him that her family wouldn’t wait much longer and were going to force her to marry someone else. While she was waiting on him, news came that he embezzled funds from the repair fund. However, Sir Zhou wouldn’t use it to free Lanye from her family and get married.

Lanye claims that she had no choice but to kill him. She says that she bears the responsibility for three lives now and must repay the debt. She then drinks something from a vial that she was hiding. A moment later, Lanye spits out a little bit of blood and falls down dead. Shangguan Xi wants to run to her friend but Yang Yue stops her by holding onto her sleeve. Jin Xia goes over to confirm that Lanye has no pulse. Shi Fan gets up from his chair and says that it’s a pity that the play can’t continue today after all. He tells Lu Yi that he will tell the Emperor of what happened tonight and will praise Field Commander Lu. (It sounds really creepy and threatening though). Then Shi Fan walks away as the others stare at after him.

The Embroidered Uniform Guards dump Lanye’s body into a hole and start to cover her over with dirt. Shangguan Xi mourns her friend back at her base while holding the pouch Lanye had made her. Shangguan Xi wonders to herself why it’s always women that have to suffer for love. (Poor woman is still loving Xie Xiao). Shangguan Xi wonders how the friend she knew that couldn’t harm a fly, could murder people.

She thinks to herself how hard it was to find a good friend, and wonders who she will confide in now that her dear friend is dead. Shangguan Xi says that now matter how in love or hurt her friend Lanye was, the path she chose was just too stupid. Shangguan Xi knows that she has unrequited love much like her friend and wonders what she should do next. The guard finish burying Lanye but, after they leave a hand comes out of the fresh grave (like a horror movie).

The next Day, Jin Xia asks Lu Yi how he new that Zhai Lanye was the murderer. Lu Yi says that it was actually quite simple as before Zhou Xianyi was arrested the two had secretly met in the rain. The fact that Zhai Lanye kept denying her relationship with Zhou Xianyi despite that was his first hint that she was the culprit. Lu Yi’s next hint was after he had visited the Zhai and Zhou family homes as well as Lang Garden, they all had the same type of orchid. Lu Yi says that he put that info together with what Jin Xia found out about the substitute singer and realized that he had overlooked a clue.

The detail he overlooked before was that Zhai Lanye’s hands were calloused not from playing musical instruments. Jin Xia is impressed by his skills while Yang Yue says that they can close the case. The only problem is that the money is still missing. According to Zhai Lanye, Zhou Xianyi really did steal the 100,000 taels of silver, so where is the money now? Jin Xia wonders if the money could have already been transported out of Yangzhou but Lu Yi says that’s impossible as the Embroidered Uniformed Guards would have noticed.

Lu Yi orders the two to investigate Zhai Lanye and where she went before she died. He figures that she was more than just a “skinny horse” and that she died too quickly. Jin Xia reminds Lu Yi that they had already checked that out and after Zhou Xianyi’s death, Zhai Lanye never left the house to except when she went boating on the lake. Jin Xia mentions that Zhai Lanye did go one other place, the Wu An Gang headquarters to talk with Shangguan Xi. Lu Yi says that the two were close, perhaps they can learn more about Zhai Lanye from Shangguan Xi.

Yang Yue hurriedly says that Shangguan Xi had nothing to do with it as she was shocked when the truth was revealed (have to stick up for your crush!) Jin Xia says that based on what they know about Shangguan Xi and Xie Xiao it doesn’t seem likely that they knew the truth. She says that Xie Xiao wouldn’t have helped out with the play if he knew the truth. Lu Yi seems to agree so he wonders if there might be clues in the places that Zhai Lanye visited often.

On the lake, a very much alive Zhai Lanye bows before Shi Fan. Apparently during their battle, he had passed her the vial so that she could fake her death. She thanks him for saving her and apologizes for having failed this time, Zhai Lanye says that she must be punished. Shi Fan gestures for her to come sit next to him and says that he couldn’t bear to punish her. Shi Fan says that he fell in love with her voice the first time he travelled to Yangzhou and heard her sing.

Zhai Lanye says that if what he says is true, then why won’t Shi Fan let her be by his side. she says that she can take care of him really well, so why doesn’t he take her with him this time? Shi Fan is cruel so he pulls up Zhai Lanye’s robes a bit and tells Zhai Lanye that her feet are too big, he claims that he made a promise long ago to only bring back women with feet smaller than hers.

Shi Fan says that he remembers the first time he met her, when her feet were smaller. A flashback shows him meeting Zhai Lanye just after she committed her first murder. Zhai Lanye was running away when her slipper came off (Cinderella style), she came back for it only to meet Shi Fan. He told her that she just had committed murder so she can’t escape. Shi Fan says that it would be a pity to let such a beautiful voice die with Yun Zheyue. Younger Zhai Lanye wonders how Shi Fan knew about her voice. He sidesteps the question saying that he won’t report her crime to the authorities as he is an official himself. Zhai Lanye asks him for help. Shi Fan says that he could, but what’s in it for him? Zhai Lanye says that if he will help her, then she will do anything for him. Shi Fan asks what her name is and back then it was Xiao Lan. Shi Fan is the one that changed her name to Lanye.

The flashback ends and in the present Zhai Lanye clings to Shi Fan and says that he is her saviour and her only soulmate. Zhai Lanye says that she has been waiting many years for him and will continue to wait until Shi Fan eliminates his rule. Shi Fan claims to have not realized how devoted Zhai Lanye is to him. Shi Fan then asks her where the money has been hidden, Zhai Lanye replies that it has been hidden in a place that no one knows about.

Lu Yi sits looking at a map saying that the three places that Zhai Lanye visited seem unconnected but they actually all surround one place. Jin Xia points out the place on the map calling it One Night Forest. Lu Yi and Jin Xia go to the forest to investigate. While in the forest, they split up and agree to meet back in 2 hours. The forest is foggy, and Jin Xia sees Zhai Lanye in a veil, however after Jin Xia aims her gun in that direction, there is no one there. Lu Yi is on his own when he realizes that the fog is actually poisonous gas and that they shouldn’t stay long. Lu Yi drinks from a vial that he carries, then realizes that Constable Yuan will be in danger. Lu Yi heads back to find her.

Jin Xia is attacked by the veiled Zhai Lanye. The veil falls off in the fight and Jin Xia is surprised to find out that Zhai Lanye is still alive. Zhai Lanye claims that Jin Xia will die soon and before she can attack again, Jin Xia shoots at her. Jin Xia misses but it gives her the opportunity to run away, unfortunately she trips and rolls downhill a bit, losing her gun in the process. Jin Xia tries to get it back but Zhai Lanye throws her deadly needles preventing Jin Xia from getting to her weapon. Jin Xia has no choice but to run away.

Zhai Lanye follows quickly behind Jin Xia but doesn’t pick up the gun (seriously?? What kind of killer are you?) Lu Yi is a bit behind them but the gun is a big clue that he’s on the right track. Jin Xia is having a hard time with the toxic gas and almost passes out. This gives away her position to Zhai Lanye, she throws one of her needles and it hits Jin Xia in the arm. Zhai Lanye soon manages to corner Jin Xia against a tree when Lu Yi’s voice rings out calling for Constable Yuan. Zhai Lanye decides to leave rather than face him.

Lu Yi soon turns up to find the injured Jin Xia. Jin Xia says that the injury is nothing as she finally pulls out the needle. (Do not pull stuff out, that’s what doctors/EMS people are for!) Jin Xia tells Lu Yi about seeing Zhai Lanye and how she’s still alive. Lu Yi says that it makes sense since she was smart enough to break into a jail to murder someone. Jin Xia is slightly disappointed that Lu Yi had already predicted Zhai Lanye being alive and asks him how he does it. Lu Yi says that it’s simply experience. Jin Xia admits that it makes sense since the Embroidered Uniformed Guard see a lot of things, so someone faking their death probably isn’t new to them.

Lu Yi tells Jin Xia that the fog is poisonous gas and that they shouldn’t linger there. He offers her the vial to help her stay healthy but she doesn’t take it right away. Lu Yi jokingly asks Jin Xia if she thinks that he might be trying to poison her. Jin Xia says no, she’s just worried that if she takes the medicine then there won’t be any for him. Lu Yi assures her that he has already taken a dose. Lu Yi leaves her with a dose as he walks off, Jin Xia quickly takes it.

Later that night Shangguan Xi puts a few candles on the water. Yang Yue comes up from behind her saying that he noticed how sad she was over Zhai Lanye’s death. Yang Yue brought sweets to help cheer up but he had originally brought them to Wu An Gang’s HQ. The gang members told Yang Yue where to find Shangguan Xi so that he could deliver the sweets. Shangguan Xi tells Yang Yue that this spot is where she met Zhai Lanye three years ago.

It was the same day that Xie Xiao left her at the altar so she had come to the spot in order to vent her anger. Lanye told Shangguan Xi about her own situation, then called Shangguan Xi lucky. Lanye said that she couldn’t even live peacefully with one person even if she wanted to. Over the years, Shangguan Xi saw many young and old rich people pursue Zhai Lanye but Lanye had never wavered. Shangguan Xi says that it was only when Sir Zhou appeared that Zhai Lanye thought she had met a good person. Shangguan Xi says that it was sad that Lanye was ultimately abandoned because of another’s choice. Shangguan Xi admits that what happened with Lanye struck her deeply as she understands why Lanye did it.

Shangguan Xi says that it all happened because Lanye was deeply hurt. Shangguan Xi admits that she still admires Zhai Lanye though because she had the courage to love and hate. Shangguan Xi then asks Yang Yue if he knows where the Embroidered Uniformed Guards buried her friend Zhai Lanye. Yang Yue sadly admits that he doesn’t know the answer so Shangguan Xi just breaks down crying. Yang Yue goes to pat on her on the back in order to comfort her but ends up leaving his hand in the air just over her shoulder, never touching her.

Back in the forest, Jin Xia tells Lu Yi that she’s very tired and can’t walk much farther. Lu Yi says that although the toxic gas won’t kill them, it does make their bodies weak, it also stops them from using their internal forces (energy). Lu Yi says that they will have no choice but to stay overnight in the forest. Jin Xia gets a bit flustered about that, so Lu Yi jokingly asks her if she’s afraid that she’s going to freeze to death in the forest. Jin Xia says no, so Lu Yi asks if she can still walk a bit further. Jin Xia admits that she can so Lu Yi orders to pick up some firewood.

A little while later around the campfire, Jin Xia’s stomach rumbles. Lu Yi asks her if she’s hungry, then tosses Jin Xia her gun, telling her that she can go shoot some wild critter to eat. Jin Xia hurriedly gets up to shoot a few times. Lu Yi comes over to help because Jin Xia is failing miserably. Lu Yi gets in awfully close and tells her to watch carefully as he helps her shoot down a wild bird. (With that pea shooter? You’re joking right?) Once Lu Yi lets go though, Jin Xia just stands there. Lu Yi asks her why she’s just standing there which breaks Jin Xia out of her trance. Lu Yi goes to sit down by the fire and tells Jin Xia to hurry up and pick up the bird.

Yang Yue walks Shangguan Xi home. Shangguan Xi thanks Yang Yue for walking her home and listening to her troubles. Yang Yue says that it’s not a problem and if she needs to talk with someone, he’s always available. Yang Yue also promises that anything Shangguan Xi tells him will be kept in the strictest of confidences. Shangguan Xi smiles while trying not to laugh at his cuteness. Shangguan Xi then looks at the moon saying it’s late, she tells Yang Yue that he should go home and rest. Yang Yue still holding the sweets, suddenly remembers that he meant to give them to her. He hands them over but lingers a few minutes before letting go and leaving.

Xie Xiao comes out of the compound, saying that it seems like she was with Yang Yue the whole night. Xie Xiao says it’s okay because then he doesn’t have to worry about her. Shangguan Xi hands him the sweets and walks off really pissed. Xie Xiao calls after her wondering what kind of sweets she bought. (Xie Xiao you’re wrecking everything!)

Back in the forest, Jin Xia is happily munching on the cooked bird before offering the last piece to Lu Yi. Lu Yi however claims that he’s not hungry so Jin Xia can eat it. Jin Xia tells him that she’s impressed with how he was able to shoot down the bird when it was so dark out. Lu Yi asks if Jin Xia would like to learn. Jin Xia eagerly nods her head so Lu Yi teases her by asking what’s in it for him if he teaches her. Jin Xia first offers him the meat, but he refuses. Jin Xia then offers to relieve his boredom by telling an old rhyme.

After she’s finished, Jin Xia asks if Lu Yi will teach her how to shoot now. Lu Yi claims that he’s too tired and that he might teach her when he’s more energized. Lu Yi then puts his head on his hand and appears to have fallen asleep (sitting up? That’s going to be very uncomfortable!) Jin Xia stares at him for awhile. Zhai Lanye watches them both from a distance.

The next day, the two discover a wooden house. Lu Yi pushes open the gate and they walk up to the door. Jin Xia wonders if anyone even lives there since the place looks abandoned. Jin Xia knocks on the door but when non one answers, the two enter. Inside the house are quite a few chests with.. the missing silver! Jin Xia says that Lu Yi must really know everything but Lu Yi says that it’s a trap. He tells Jin Xia that they must leave immediately. As soon as they leave the house they are surrounded by people with weapons.

Lu Yi and Jin Xia fight for a bit, then Shi Fan and his guards waltz though the gate. Soldiers run inside the house to grab the silver. Shi Fan says that he’s been investigating the missing money for awhile now, but that Lu Yi beat him to it. Shi Fan says it’s no wonder that Lu Yi is the son of the Commander of the Embroidered Uniformed Guard. Shi Fan offers to make Lu Yi a deal. Yu Li asks what the conditions of this deal might be. Shi Fan says that he’s interested in the “skinny horse” Zhai Lanye which was one of the people Lu Yi and Jin Xia were fighting a moment before.

Shi Fan says that the money does belong to the Ministry of Works and should be returned to its original owner. Lu Yi agrees that this does indeed sound like a reasonable agreement, Jin Xia wants to argue but luckily doesn’t. Shi Fan seeing that he’s not getting a rise out of Lu Yi like he wanted than says that he wants to make Jin Xia his personal attendant.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 12!