DNA Says Love You: Episode 1

The episode starts off with an very upset Amber, he’s crying and walking. Le Chien’s voice over states that the person is his beloved one He manages to spot Amber crossing the road and then the voiceover says that Amber is the person that he wants to be with forever.

That’s when we see a car hit Amber.. then we hit the giant rewind button and go back in time to see how our characters arrived at this point.

(I hate when shows do this)

Le Chien is at the Guang-Wu Pit Road with Ching Lung. They both have head lamps on so they can see as its quite dark in there. Le Chien is recording their adventure on a camera. Apparently there is a rumour that at midnight one is able to hear voices in the tunnel. So far all they’ve heard is wind though.

Then Le Chien hears a noise so he shushes Ching Lung. They look for the source of the sound. Le Chien moves some empty cans around to find an old radio but there are no batteries in it. Le Chien drops the radio and starts running back to the entrance of the tunnel, Ching Lung asks why he’s running but Le Chien just tells him not to ask and just run.

The two turn around at the entrance of the tunnel to look back, Ching Lung points back towards the tunnel and the two scream at something seen or unseen off camera.

Sometime later at AM Daily, a small cafe the two friends are going over their video and editing it. That’s when a waitress, Yu He comes over to take a peek.. and bursts out laughing. The editors were not amused by their friend’s reaction to their video. Yu He asks about the video as it seems so fake. Ching Lung immediately defends his work as a video with great acting.

Yu He still says that it looks fake and that they are deceiving their viewers. Ching Lung says it’s art but Yu He says that if that video is art then the drawing on the cafe wall should be in a museum (drawing they drew as a kid).

Ching Lung says that Yu He just doesn’t understand it but that the netizens love this kind of video. Yu He just keeps laughing at them. Le Chien tells Ching Lung that it doesn’t matter, but that they should delete the last part of the video. Ching Lung doesn’t want to as he put his heart into that last scene but Le Ching says that it looks too fake.

Ching Lung says that it doesn’t matter if it looks too fake as it’s dramatic for the video. Ching Lung says that they need to worry about their click rate first. They need to draw people in first, so that they can get more subscriber and then they can improve the quality of their videos.

Le Chien believes that it should be the other way around where they create good quality videos which will then increase the click rate and then the amount of subscribers will go up. Ching Lung says that they currently don’t even have 1000 subscribers because their click rate is so low.

Ching Lung says that Lu Chien should just listen to him but Lu Chien says that listening to his friend never got them anywhere. Yu He asks where the two are going to go next, then laughs as she says that they probably won’t be able to upload in time. Lu Chien sarcastically laughs back before going serious faced and saying that it’s not funny. (It’s like watching siblings fight)

Le Chien says that they honestly don’t know where they will go next as everywhere they’ve been has been done before, so those videos don’t attract viewers. The bartender, Ching Tien (Yu He’s brother) says that there are a lot of suggestions on the internet. Le Chien says that’s the same problem of being too common. Ching Tien then suggests that Le Chien should ask his Mom as she’s into urban legends, so she should know a few places.

Le Chien says that his Mom has told him so many stories, he doesn’t know which ones are real and which ones are fake. That’s when Ching Lung get a phone call that makes his face light up. He’s going to leave, Le Ching tries to stop him saying that they haven’t decided on a place yet. Ching Lung says that he’ll go with whatever Le Chien decides, as he heads out the door. Le Chien mumbles that it should be “mates before dates” (friends before dates).

Le Chien then gets a call from his Mom, after a very brief chat, he hangs up. Yu He asks if it’s about good food again. Le Chien says that the market is giving a discount so his mom told him that they should go home early for dinner after work.

Yu He gets really excited about the dinner so Le Chien gets revenge for earlier by telling her she is going to get fat, which earns him a glare. Le Chien then quickly sticks his tongue out at her.

Elsewhere, Ching Lung is with his boyfriend Yu Chen. Yu Chen asks why Ching Lung came to his class, wasn’t it boring? Ching Lung says that it wasn’t. Yu Chen says that Ching Lung came really quickly, so Ching Lung admits that he missed his boyfriend so of course he came fast.

Yu Chen says that he’s worried his boyfriend may have been speeding. Ching Lung says he knows. Ching Lung then says that he didn’t expect for Yu Chen to have to work even in the afternoon. Yu Chen says that in the summer he’s got more classes so this is his chance to more more more money.

Ching Lung wonders why his boyfriend was there in the morning then since he’s already graduated. Yu Chen says that he had some paperwork to do. Ching Lung sulks saying that it’s too much that the teacher keeps his boyfriend so late everyday. Yu Chen goes to soothe his boyfriend’s jealousy by telling him it’s not like that (it isn’t, he’s a good boy). Yu Chen says that he was just chatting with the teacher, and checked some assignments the students did.

Ching Lung pouts and says that the student should come and sign up for the classes Yu Chen teaches at the cram school, instead of taking up his time as if he has no personal life. Yu Chen says that it was just a few assignments and his class is full anyway so he can’t take on more students at the cram school.

Ching Lung says his boyfriend’s class is full because he’s a popular TA. Ching Lung says that the director should give Yu Chen a raise. Yu Chen says that he’s talked to the director, and told him that he’s leaving after this summer. Ching Lung wonders why since he was sure the director promised to promote Yu Chen to full instructor status.

Yu Chen says that he can’t stay at the cram school forever. Yu Chen says that he took the teaching assistant job to make a bit of money but it’s temporary. Ching Lung asks if Yu Chen is going to take the researcher position at the school then? Yu Chen says no, Ching Lung goes to ask another question but Yu Chen interrupts saying that the’s full of questions today.

Ching Lung says it’s because the Summer is almost over and his boyfriend has been so busy that’s he barely had any time with him. Yu Chen asks how it went with Le Chien. Ching Lung says that Le Chien is editing the video now however Yu He doesn’t understand their work and kept complaining about it. He tells Yu Chen that Yu He kept saying their videos looked too fake, then says that she has strange taste.

Ching Lung says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Then he asks Yu Chen if he’s coming along for the next adventure. Yu Chen says no so Ching Lung gets all adorable to get him to change his mind. Yu Chen says he’ll think about it, then asks where the two will be going. Ching Lung admits that they don’t know yet.

Yu Chen says that he’ll think about it once the two of them have decided on a location. Ching Lung complains that Yu Chen is always like this, brushing him off. Yu Chen says it should be fine since he always watches the videos. Yu Chen asks if Ching Lung is going home but Ching Lung is hungry so the two go to get something to eat.

At Lu Chien’s house, Mrs. Pu brings the yummy food to the table then tells Yu He to take some back to her brother, and reminds them that they should eat even if they are busy running their cafe. Mrs. Pu puts a little lunch bag of food to the side for him. Le Chien is on his cellphone so his mom scolds him for being on his phone when he should be eating.

Yu He tells her that Le Chien is looking for a secret place to explore. Mrs. Pu asks where the two are going for their next adventure. Le Chien says that he doesn’t know yet, this prompts Yu He to ask if Mrs. Pu has seen the latest video. Mrs. Pu hasn’t yet so she asks if it’s the one about the gutter. Le Chien corrects her saying that it’s not a gutter, it’s Guang-Wu Pit Road.

Yu He says it’s a ditch, then pulls out the video so that they can watch it. Poor Le Chien has to listen to them both burst out laughing at the last scene of his video. Yu He says that’s why Le Chien is annoyed and searching for a new place to explore. Mrs. Pu says that she doesn’t understand what the youngsters are doing.

Mrs. Pu says that when she was dating her husband, there was a place that he always wanted to take her. The place is at the mountain area of the North Sea Shore. Yu He and Le Chien share a look that says they’ve heard the story many times before. Mrs. Pu says that the spot is very mysterious.

The legend says that a deity couple live there and they lived their life everyday carefree. Then a tragedy struck and the couple were separated leaving behind a very sad and beautiful legend that later became folklore. Mrs. Pu said lovers should especially visit the place as it will bless their relationship. Mr. Pu tried to take her there many times but non one knows the exact location. It’s called (and here the two chime in together with her) “Come Back Nunnery on Lone Light Ridge”.

Mrs. Pu gets annoyed that they chimed in. They couldn’t help it though because they have heard the story so many times that Le Chien says it’s like a tape on repeat in his head. Le Chien says that his mother talks about the place so much but that he’s not sure it’s real, maybe she made it up. Mrs. Pu asks if Le Chien doesn’t believe his dad. Le Chien says it’s not that, it’s just that he can’t find any information about the place on the internet.

Mrs. Pu says that’s why the place is mysterious, wasn’t he looking for a secret place for his next adventure? Yu He agrees with Mrs. Pu and argues that if Le Chien can find the place, he would become famous. Mrs. Pu also teases her son about the supposed fame that would come with finding Lone Light Ridge.

After dinner, Le Chien goes to his room and searches online for information about Lone Light Ridge. Then he closes his computer in frustration as he realizes that nothing will turn up. Mrs. Pu comes running into his room as she found an old box of his father’s. She didn’t even know it existed. Inside the box is a picture of the Come Back Nunnery on Lone Light Ridge.

The box also contains the little information that Mr. Pu had on the location. Mrs. Pu says that she remembers that you have to start walking at the southeast entrance, of the mountain’s foothill. Then there is a path that leads to Lone Light Ridge. Mr. Pu could never find it though.

Mrs. Pu suggests that her son goes through all the information in the box in case he discovers something his father missed. Lu Chien can’t believe that the place actually does exist. Mrs. Pu says that his dad’s only regret was that he couldn’t find the Come Back Nunnery.

Le Chien is so excited that he texts Ching Lung to meet him outside. Ching Lung doesn’t know why Le Chien is so excited. Le Chien shows his friend the picture and asks if it looks interesting. Ching Lung says that the picture is really old, then asks where Le Chien got the photo.

Le Chien says he got it from his mom but it used to belong to his dad. Le Chiangmai tells his friend that he heard about the Come Back Nunnery on Lone Light Ridge many times but never thought the place was real. Ching Lung still doesn’t get why this is important. Le Chien says that he can’t find any information about the place online.

Le Chien says that the only information he has is what his father left behind but he still wants to go anyway. Ching Lung asks how they get there so Le Chien repeats what his mother told him. Ching Lung says that the information is too vague, the mountain is so big, how can they find it?

Ching Lung has an idea.. he says that if they can’t find the road then they will just make one themselves. Ching Lung says that they can shoot some footage in the mountains then find a similar temple to take some video. Ching Lung gets really excited as he plans the video out and how to fake the Come Back Nunnery on Lone Light Ridge.

Le Chien gets angry at his friend for trying to fake things again. Ching Lung keeps throwing out ideas to make ghost fire, creepy winds..etc. Le Chien says that his friend is cheating but Ching Lung says that’s how you make a movie. Ching Lung argues that most videos are fake, it’s the emotion that’s real and that’s what truly matters.

Ching Lung finally agrees not to cheat but insists that it’s up to Le Chien to find the way to the nunnery.

Later that night, Le Chien dreams of walking through a foggy forest. There’s a person with a lantern walking a distance away and someone is calling his name..

Le Chien wakes up to hear Yu He screaming his full name from outside his house because he slept in and is now late for work.

Le Chien runs over to the cafe and apologizes to Chien Teng the boss. Le Chien goes inside and Yu He helps him with his apron. She says that if her brother wasn’t the owner/boss then Le Chien would have been fired ages ago. Yu He then asks what kept Le Chien up so late that he slept in so late? Le Chien tells her that he had a super creepy dream. Le Chien describes the dream to Yu He.

Yu He agrees that the dream was creepy. She then checks his forehead for fever while suggesting that maybe he got possessed by an evil spirit when he was at the ditch. Then Yu He teases him by suggesting that the Come Back Nunnery came into his dream.

Le Chien says that he wish the nunnery came into his dream, it would be even better if the nunnery would reveal its location. Yu He tells him that he would need a psychic for that. Yu He then gives Le Chien a list of chores that her brother wants him to do. Le Chien agrees to do the chores but says that he also wants to frame the old photos that are on the wall.

Yu He wonders how their old friend Wen Wen is doing. Le Chien is also curious as they haven’t heard from or seen Wen Wen in 10 years. That’s when Amber walks into the cafe and sits down at a table.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of DNA Says Love You: Episode 1!