He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5 Part 2

Thun’s friends are waiting for him. Golf complains about the theme for the birthday party.. it’s a ghost theme party! Prince says that the theme doesn’t matter because he looks good in anything. Prai says that since it’s Thun’s birthday, they should just humour him. Golf calls Thun to tell him to hurry up.

Thun arrives dressed as Chinese ghost and Golf teases him about being late because he had to stop at a costume shop. Thun sits down and it isn’t long before they all start drinking. A few shot glasses as well as some selfies later.. Prai suggests that they play a game. The others ask what kind of game, so Prai tells them that she wants to play Truth or Dare. Prai spins the bottle which ends up pointing to Golf. Prai asks whether he choose Truth or Dare. Golf chooses Dare so Prai dares him to show off his best dance move.

Golf then says that Prince will be next. Prince then spins the bottle only to have end up pointing at himself like Golf said.. he’s next. Prince chooses dare so Prai wants to know who Prince would kiss at the table.. (that seems more like Truth than Dare..) Prince claims that he wouldn’t kiss anyone at the table, then quickly downs a shot.

Prince then spins the bottle, it ends up pointing at Thun. Thun chooses Truth so Golf asks Thun a simple question.. “who is P’Med?”. P’Med sitting nearby is shocked at the question. Thun however takes a moment to answer.. his answer is that P’Med is his Facebook friend! (Haha!) The bottle is spun once more, it point at Thun again. Thun chooses Dare this time. Golf dares Thun to get up and sing on stage.

Thun sings the song that P’Med first played in the car. Sometime after the little mini concert, it’s time for cake. Prai says that it might not be the most delicious but it was made with heart. Thun asks her if she made the cake herself. Prai says that of course she died and that they should call her Chef Prai. The cake is of course a chocolate one since Thun seems to like chocolate a lot these days. As the group parties some more, P’Med looks lonely being naturally excluded from the group by being an actual ghost.

The group tries to get a taxi afterwards but Golf picks a fight with the taxi driver. The driver refused to drive them because the distance was too far for him. Prai eventually gets the group a taxi, so they all squeeze in, leaving P’Med sitting on the roof of the taxi looking mighty depressed.

Prai is going to stay over at Thun’s place because she is too drunk to go home. She doesn’t want to get in trouble for being drunk. Once they reach the apartment, Prai grabs them both a drink while P’Med watches her. Thun is surprised that Prai grabbed them more alcohol but drinks it with her anyway. Thun says people would be surprised that the Princess of Law would be such a heavy drinker or that she could get so wasted.

Thun and Prai joke about all the times that she’s gotten drunk. P’Med listens in looking really sad. Then Prai leans in and kisses Thun!! P’Med sees this, which makes him start to cry. Thun didn’t immediately kiss Prai back, it took a few moments before he returned her kiss. This was too much for P’Med so he leaves to the balcony. P’Med thinks back on his first meeting with Thun, then all the new memories they created together. He also remembers what his ghost friends told him about how he shouldn’t have feelings form someone that is alive.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5 Part 2!