Under The Power: Episode 15

After receiving the medication from Yang Yue, Shangguan Xi asks him to leave. Being a good boy, he does so after wishing her a good night. After shutting the door, Yang Yue pauses a moment before leaving the area. Shangguan Xi looks down at the medication deep in thought (please tell me you’re regretting liking Xie Xiao, and want Yang Yue!)

The next night there seems to be some kind of festival going on. Xie Xiao keeps chasing after Jin Xia, even offering her flowers. Jin Xia ignores him and keeps darting around the street festival. Yang Yue asks Shangguan Xi if she would like some flowers, but she just smiles at him (so that’s no then?)

Jin Xia finds a stall that sells paper cuttings and calls over the rest of the gang to check it out. The vendor says that Jin Xia doesn’t sound like a local so the old woman explains that not only does she sell paper cuttings but that she can also teach Jin Xia to make her own paper cutting.

Everyone gets a piece of paper to make their own cutting except that Lu Yi doesn’t seem interested so no paper for him. Lu Yi does watch Jin Xia cut hers though. Xie Xiao cuts his paper then asks Shangguan Xi if hers looks like those double blades that their master made the practice with. Shangguan Xi says that it does, she remembers that it even had read beans attached to it. Seeing that Xie Xiao likes it, Shangguan Xi freely offers it to him, making Yang Yue jealous.

Xie Xiao then shows off his paper cutting, Yang Yue being jealous asks what he cut since it just looks round.. is it an apple? Xie Xiao gets offended saying that he cut out Jin Xia’s face.. which offends Jin Xia. Xie Xiao asks what Jin Xia cut, it turns out that she made a flying fish. Yang Yue asks her why. Jin Xia says it’s because since they have come to Yangzhou, they’ve been going everywhere so she sometimes wishes to be a flying fish. The flying fish seems to mean something to Lu Yi though.

Jin Xia realizes that Lu Yi hasn’t made a paper cutting and asks him about it. Lu Yi says that it’s for children so he won’t do it. Xie Xiao takes the opportunity to tease Lu Yi saying that he probably doesn’t know how to do it. Then Xie Xiao drags Jin Xia off saying that he wants to tell her something. After they leave, Lu. Yi puts down money for the kids cuttings. (He means Xie Xiao and Jin Xia since neither one paid). Poor Yang Yue tries to show his cutting to Shangguan Xi but she’s more interested in following Xie Xiao.. so she ignores him.

Xie Xiao has dragged Jin Xia to a private spot in order to confess his feelings again to her. He says that when she didn’t accept his proposal gift, Xie Xiao realized that he was too hasty proposing to her. Xie Xiao says that this time around, he’ll pursue her first so that she can see his qualities. (SHE SAID NO! In every nice way possible, get lost!) Lu Yi and Shangguan Xi stand a little ways off watching them.

Xie Xiao then says that even though he doesn’t like reading much he remembers this one poem and then recites a verse (like quoting Romeo & Juliet) Jin Xia tries to leave but he grabs her by the arm, asking her to listen to him first. Yang Yue comes up to Shangguan Xi holding two floating flowers asking her if she would like to make wish.

Shangguan Xi and Lu Yi both say no at the same time, then smile at each other. Yang Yue doesn’t push either of them, and walks off with the lily pad flower things. Xie Xiao admits that he’s immature as Shangguan Xi always tell him so, but he truly wishes to protect Jin Xia. He hold out the flowers to Jin Xia. Lu Yi turns around so as not to see, Shangguan Xi follows his example a moment later.

Lu Yi says that people always want to entrust their wishes to these unrealistic things. Shangguan Xi says that there is nothing with dreams as things are often better there. Lu Yi agrees with her on that. Meanwhile Jin Xia turns down Xie Xiao once more saying that she feels like he is her brother.. and she never thought of him like that. Xie Xiao asks her to stop as he understands. From a distance away Lu Yi tells Shangguan Xi that it appears Xie Xiao’s dream is about to end as he looked back towards them. Shanngguan Xi hurriedly turns around.

As Jin Xia tells Xie Xiao to hurry up, the others are waiting for them, he has a flashback to when they were both children and Jin Xia told him the same thing. Jin Xia goes over to Lu Yi, Xie Xiao stays a moment saying to himself that no matter how many times she rejects him.. he’ll never give up (way to be a toxic male, she said NO get over it). Xie Xiao then joins the others for a moment telling them that’s he’s going home. After he leaves, Shangguan Xi thanks Lu Yi & Jin Xia for their help, saying that if they need help from the clan, they need only ask. She then leaves following after Xie Xiao.

Poor Yang Yue finally returns to find the others have left, he’s confused. Lu Yi redirects him by asking if Yang Yue would buy them some lanterns. Yang Yue still confused goes off to get the lanterns. Jin Xia is curious as to why Lu Yi suddenly wants lanterns. Lu Yi claims that it’s nothing, but says that he suddenly wanted to dream. (He’s dreaming of you!) Lu Yi takes Jin Xia to a nice spot by the river, she asks if this is what he was dreaming of. Jin Xia says that she’s never seen the lanterns this way before.

Lu Yi opens up to her saying that whenever he completed a mission, he would be covered in blood. Lu Yi says that then he would come sit by the river, listen to nature and that it would help to calm him. Jin Xia doesn’t know what to say but luckily some fireworks start up. Jin Xia says that Yangzhou is truly different today, it feels like a dream that someone would want to stay in forever. Lu Yi says that it’s a pity such dreams don’t last forever. Jin Xia is about to say something but is interrupted when Lu Yi asks if Xie Xiao is courting her.

Jin Xia says that she made her feelings to Xie Xiao clear to him. Lu Yi then asks if she rejected Xie Xiao because of Shangguan Xi or because she truly doesn’t have feelings for him? Jin Xia wonders why Lu Yi would say something like that. Lu Yi says it’s because she didn’t hesitate to slash her own arm in order to protect Xie Xiao. Jin Xia is shocked to realize that Lu Yi knew what she did, then asks him how he much he knows. Lu Yi counters by saying that he arranged the whole incident, so how much does Jin Xia think he knows?

Jin Xia thinks back to that time, and realizes that he played her. She then realizes that because Lu Yi didn’t tell her about the plan.. she slashed her arm for nothing! Lu Yi admits that he didn’t expect her to be that loyal to Xie Xiao. Jin Xia then goes on to complain that she thought she would be punished and lose her job. Jin Xia whines that she was just a pawn to him back then.

Lu Yi wants to know if she’s blaming him for not telling the truth earlier, but Jin Xia says that wouldn’t dare. Lu Yi says that if it’s not complaining then it’s whining. Lu Yi points out that she’s complaining about him deceived her but it was okay when she thought that she tricked him. He says that Jin Xia is just annoyed because he knew the truth the whole time and she didn’t outsmart him.

Jin Xia promptly claims that she would never try to deceive Lu Yi. Lu Yi points to the events around Sha Xiuzhu, how she hurt herself and tried to hide it all from him, when he didn’t pursue any of it.. she still gets mad at him. Jin Xia quickly back pedals saying that she would never be angry with Lu Yi and blame him for stuff. While Jin Xia is at it she mentions that she knew the royal medicine she got Cen Fu was actually from Lu Yi.

Lu Yi states that since he tricked her once and she tricked him once.. they are now even. Jin Xia quickly agrees to that, so Lu Yi tells her to make a wish. Jin Xia is about to do so when she realizes that Lu Yi isn’t going to make a wish so she asks him about it. Lu Yi says that Jin Xia can have all the wishes as he will not make a wish. Jin Xia wishes for her Department to get a raise so she can find her family faster, she also wishes for Lu Yi to be happy so he doesn’t always make a scary face.. she peeks at him while she says this.

Elsewhere that very night a group of Wu An gang members are walking with big lanterns in a field and get attacked. Most of them are killed but the next morning one member manages to grab onto a nearby walker to beg for help. Then he either faints or dies.

That morning, our team is meeting with Doctor Shen, he has good news, Yang Chengwan’s leg is almost healed! Jin Xia is glad because that means in a few days they can head back to the capital. Head Constable Yang thanks both Doctor Shen and Sir Lu as he didn’t expect to stand up again properly in this lifetime. Lu Yi says that it was nothing, that the Head Constable is too kind. In the midst of the happy news one of the doctor’s students comes running in to report that a member of the Wu An Gang has been attacked with both blades and showing signs of poisoning.

The doctor rushes out as that’s quite serious. Jin Xia asks Yang Yue to take care of his father, then goes to follow the doctor. Lu Yi leaves a moment later, Chief Yang tries to go but Yang Yue tells him that the others will take care of it and that he should rest. Yang does wonder if Shangguan Xi is okay though.

When the Doctor gets to the patient, he checks the wounds quickly before ordering his student to bring some medication. Xie Xiao runs in after the others arrive, he hurries over to the patient demanding to know who did this to his people. The patient claims it was the Japanese, Jin Xia says that it must be Sea Pirates. Xie Xiao ignores Jin Xia instead he asks his man how many enemies there were. The patient says that he’s not sure but that there were a lot. Xie Xiao then asks where they were attacked. It turns out they were attacked in the reed bush field outside the city.

The man says that they had just come back from transporting goods. Jin Xia says that the pirates have been causing havoc in the Southeast but she didn’t think that they would come this far. The Patient tries to tell Xie Xiao something else but dies before he can. Xie Xiao demands to know why the man died when he was doing fine before. While Xie Xiao is lashing out at the doctor in grief, Lu Yi goes put to examine the body.

Lu Yi after examining the wounds says that it doesn’t appear to have been caused by blunt weapons. Now Jin Xia gets closer, when she goes to touch the body though, Xie Xiao runs up to grab her arm saying that she shouldn’t touch it. Xie Xiao is worried that she might accidentally get poisoned. Jin Xia waves him off, offended since she’s been constable for a long time, so she knows what she’s doing. Jin Xia believes Lu Yi is correct, then asks Lu Yi if they are thinking along the same lines since the wound is five cuts.

Xie Xiao doesn’t like being left out so he wants to know what they are talking about. Lu Yi explains that in Japan there is a technique that makes the users hands as tough as steel (Wolverine? Nah he’s Canadian). He says that the Ninjas that practice this can cut through people easily, and are lethal. Xie Xiao angrily curses out the pirates and vows to avenge the deaths of his people. Xie Xiao says that he’s going to check out the reeds. Jin Xia says that she’s going to go with him. Lu Yi looks at Jin Xia.. (might be jealous, or just thinking..)

Xie Xiao leads our crime fighting duo to the reeds where the attack took place. Jin Xia looks around, which Xie Xiao tells her to stop doing since she won’t be able to find her way anyway without him as a guide. Jin Xia then tells him about a book she read, where the reeds were about the same height. Xie Xiao is surprised since the book is swashbuckling tale.. Jin Xia points out there’s nothing wrong with reading the book as a constable. (So, like a woman cop reading Treasure Island or Robin Hood as a child)

Xie Xiao says that looking at Jin Xia now, he wouldn’t be surprised if she one day became a thief. Lu Yi puts his hand up to quiet them as he hears people nearby. (Quit announcing your location to the enemies..) The voices are celebrating their recent loot, and are talking about burning down the nearby village. The trio manage to hide before the pirates get there, since the pirates were so loud.

They watch the Pirates walk by still admiring their loot. Jin Xia wonders what family they robbed as the pirates don’t seem to care whom they hurt whether it be old people or even children. Xie Xiao is ready to attack the pirates as there are only a few of them but Jin Xia holds him back. However, the movement attracted the pirates attention and they are now prepared for a fight. Jin Xia says that they don’t know much about the Japanese pirates, so she warns Xie Xiao not be rash.

Xie Xiao can’t believe she wants him to let the enemy pass by, after what the pirates have done. He goes to attack again but Jin Xia grabs him to hold him back unfortunately, this disturbs the tall reeds giving away their hiding spot, so the Pirates throw daggers at them. The group scatters to avoid the daggers, hiding once more. Xie Xiao hidden tries to get Jin Xia’s attention… and gives away their location once more. (seriously dude just STAY STILL before you get everyone killed!)

More daggers are thrown at Jin Xia, she manages to dodge most of them and thankfully Lu Yi manages to knock the one she couldn’t dodge back at the pirates managing to injure one. Lu Yi chases them as the pirates are now on the run. Jin Xia manages to fire her gun but didn’t hit anyone, so she chases them as well. A chase scene begins and it’s like watching people being chased in a cornfield maze. Jin Xia manages to get close to one of the pirates and shoot him, then moves on to attacking another pirate.

Xie Xiao takes out another pirate but so does Lu Yi.. ( Lu Yi looks a lot cooler doing it too). When all the pirates have Ben beaten, Xie Xiao gloats that he thought they would be tough, but it turns out that they are just cowards that prey on those weaker than themselves. Jin Xia sees a token in one of the pirate’s belts, she pulls it out demanding to know what it means. The pirates all of a sudden die rather than answer the question.

There is one that doesn’t and claims that he was forced by the pirates to be their translator. (He didn’t look forced earlier..) It turns out his name is Wang Mazi and he claims to be a fisherman from Zhoushan (I need proof and verification) Xie Xiao says that the fisherman speaks very fluent Japanese, does he take them for fools? Wang Mazi says that he doesn’t even know martial arts.. while handing over a sword. Jin Xia doesn’t trust his words either as she wonders why he would know Japanese so well.

Wang Mazi says that he’s been fishing since he was very young and sometimes sold to Japanese people therefore he picked up the language. Jin Xia says that the government banned sea travel except for VIPs, then Jin Xia mocks him by saying she didn’t realize that he was that important. Wang Mazi starts by saying that he was very young and didn’t know any better at the time, but Xie Xiao calls him a liar. Lu Yi tells everyone to shut up as more people are approaching. Lu Yi leaves with Jin Xia close behind him. Xie Xiao still holds a sword to Wang Mazi, warning him to stay still.

It turns out there are a lot more Japanese pirates walking through the reeds. Jin Xia says that there are so many pirates, why don’t the local authorities know anything about them? Wang Mazi takes advantage of Xie Xiao being distracted to knock his sword away, then run. Xie Xiao is about to give chase when Lu Yi orders him to let the suspect go, that way they can follow the pirates to their lair.

At the port, Shangguan Xi meets with the rival Dong gang leader Dong Qishenand yes he’s still scummy. He is surprised that Shangguan Xi came alone, where is Master Xie? Shangguan Xi says that she is more than capable of dealing with him alone. Shangguan Xi looks at all the Dong gang members present then says that Dong Qishen came well prepared. Dong Qishen says that he is going to propose to her, so of course he came well prepared. Shangguan Xi scoffs and tells him to go look in the mirror, it’s ridiculous to even entertain the idea that she would marry him.

Dong Qishen tells Shangguan Xi not to be angry as they are both gang leaders, it’s their job to keep the harmony. Shangguan Xi points out that he is the one that is actively causing trouble. Dong Qishen then mocks Xie Baili for being near death, while pointing out that Xie Xiao isn’t even in Wu An gang. Dong Qishen the taunts her by asking aloud how long a woman like her can keep control of the gang by herself.

Dong Qishen then challenges her authority more directly before saying that she should marry him, so they can run the gang together. He even reaches to touch her cheek.. but Shangguan Xi slaps his hand hard with her fan (YAAY!) She reminds Dong Qishen that their elders had set a rule so the two gangs do their own business, and don’t interfere with each other.

Shangguan Xi then points out that he’s in her territory causing issues, so she’ll show him what justice is! (Cue fight scene). Shangguan Xi beats up Dong Qishen so he has to call a retreat for now. Dong Qishen does threaten to make Shangguan Xi obey him someday.. but she’s not worried about that. Shangguan Xi does order the guard be doubled around the pier and that if anything happens, it should be reported to her immediately. Just then a gang member runs up to tell her that something has happened within the gang.

We then get a brief look at our couple and permanent third wheel following the sea pirates. Jin Xia stops to mark a stone with her blade (to mark the trail).

Shangguan Xi arrives back at Wu An gang HQ where Yue Yang notices she has an injury. He asks if she’s okay, but Shangguan Xi ignores him. Then she notices the covered corpse in the courtyard. Shangguan Xi rushes over fearing it might be the gang leader.. but it’s just the poor red shirt (Star Trek reference) patient from earlier. Shangguan Xi demands to know who did this, so they tell her about the pirates.

Shangguan Xi is also informed that our hero trio have already gone after the pirates. She inquires as to their direction and apparently they went North. Just then another member of the gang says that two more bodies were found amongst the reeds. Shangguan Xi has heard enough and takes some members to check on the recently found bodies. Yang Yue tags along.

While the trio is following the pirates they get to climb a really long ladder up a cliff. Jin Xia once again marks the trail this time by using a sharp rock instead of her dagger. They continue onwards until they can’t find the pirates anymore. They come across an old village sign that read “Longdan Village”. Just then they hear a bamboo flute so Xie Xiao decides to check it out by himself. This saves him from getting knocked out like Jin Xia and Lu Yi by the pirates. (Method unclear).

Yang Yue uses his badge so that he can examine the recently found bodies. Yang Yue examines the bodies then asks if they were found there. It turns out the bodies were moved from some nearby reeds. Yang Yue is told by the local authority that the path is hard to get through. That doesn’t stop Yang Yue from asking Shangguan Xi if she will check it out with him. Shangguan Xi agrees to go but orders her subordinate Xiao Fei to take some men and check the surrounding area.

Jin Xia and Lu Yi still unconscious are brought into a compound, by their captors.

Shangguang Xi and Yang Yue are checking out the reeds when he asks if she’s okay because of her injury and if she needs a break. Shangguan Xi is still ignoring him. Yang Yue soon finds a throwing star ninja weapon then showing it Shangguan Xi he concludes it must belong to the pirates that the others were chasing.

He says that the reeds are also badly damaged there so they trio must have fought and taken the pirates alive. He also notes that the pirates poisoned themselves before they could reveal their secrets. Yang Yue comforts Shangguan Xi by saying there’s no blood on the weapon, so the others should be okay. Yang Yue then finds the mark Jin Xia left behind, and points it out to Shangguan Xi.. and off they go!

Jin Xia and Lu Yi wake up tied to a statue in the middle of the town square. The pirates are all shouting to “kill the invaders!” Jin Xia shouts to be let go but Lu Yi tells her not to waste her breath. Lu Yi says that they breathed in an anesthetic so they are weak all over and probably won’t recover for another six to ten hours.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under The Power: Episode 15!