He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 1

P’Med is lying on the grass while in voiceover he says that no one could ever know what life after death could be like until you.. he interrupts himself to promise that he isn’t jinxing the audience or wishing them harm. P’Med then continues to say that in movies or novels they says that people see light and walk towards it.

P’Med says that he didn’t see any light when he died. When he regained consciousness he was alone at the tomb with no memories. P’Med states that he’s been at the tomb for over 20 years and that whoever said that time stops after you die was wrong.

P’Med says that when you close your eyes thee and open them again you might find that one minute has passed or a year. P’Med says that he was keeping track of the time because someone made him look forward to the next year on tomb sweeping day. Today P’Med has returned to the tomb, when the truth has been revealed about what happened on his 22nd birthday and the day he died. We see P’Med arrive at his tomb but it’s clean and all dressed up now.

We then get a flashback to 1997 (a year of great floods in Canada) and P’Med’s birthday. A much younger Auntie Nom has made P’Med some chicken basil dish which he’s barely eating. Auntie Nom asks him why, and claims to not be hungry. She says that he looks too grumpy for that to be the reason. P’Med confesses that he misses his parents.

Auntie Nom tries to cheer him up by saying that they went to a good place. Auntie Nom says that she will make some extra food so they can go give alms in his parent’s names. It does seem to cheer P’Med up a bit. That makes Auntie Nom tell him that he should smile more as it lets his parents know that P’Med is doing okay.

Auntie Nom asks P’Med if he has any plans to go out with his friends but he says no. P’Med says he has no plans to go anywhere because it will make him too tired. Auntie Nom tells him to do what he wants but she also makes sure that he takes his medications. P’Med seems a bit reluctant but end up taking them anyway.

P’Med goes up to his room to lie down on the bed and listen to his walkman. That’s when the pain starts in his chest. He gets up to search for his medications but can’t find them. ( I guess screaming for help didn’t cross his mind..) Soon P’Med collapses on the floor as the pain grows too ínstense. As he’s dying he sees someone walk into the room.

In the present, P’Med tells the others that he saw someone standing in the room as he died. They ask who which is when Auntie Nom and Gramps burst into the room. P’Med realizes that it was a much younger version of Gramps that he saw back then. (Or Gramps with a hideous wig for the rest of us).

It turns out that Gramps is P’Med’s Uncle. Thun firgures that makes Gramps P’Med dad’s younger brother. Gramps demands to know what they are doing in the room. Thun apologizes for being in the room without permission but he has a very important question to ask Gramps. Thun asks Gramps if he knows someone named P’Med.

Gramps claims not to know P’Med even when Thun calls P’Med by his full name. Thun forces the issue by showing them the picture with P’Med in it (on his phone) and demands to know who that person is then. Gramps wonders where Thun got the picture but Thun isn’t to be distracted.

Thun wants Gramps to admit that he knows P’Med, is P’Med’s uncle and admit that P’Med used to live there. Gramps finally admits he knew P’Med but that P’Med died over 20 years ago. Gramps wants to know why Thun would be asking questions about P’Med now.

Thun demands to know why they have abandoned P’Med for all this time, why did they leave him at the tomb without any care? Thun also wants to know why they closed off P’Med’s room as well. Gramps says that it’s none of Thun’s business. Thun replies that he wants to know why they left P’Med completely alone and treat him like he never existed.

Gramps says that he ordered everyone never to speak of it again and that includes the room. Gramps says that Med was a poor boy born with a heart condition. Gramps says that before his brother died, he promised to look after P’Med but he couldn’t do it. Gramps says that he lost both his brother and his nephew.

Gramps asks if Thun realizes how hard it is to lose one family member after another. He says that the day P’Med died was the worst day of his life. Gramps says that P’Med died in this room and the more he saw the room the more it reminded him of P’Med’s death. Gramps asks Thun if he could have handled that had he been in the same situation.

Thun says that they still abandoned P’Med at the tomb. Gramps says it’s fault and that he should have visited the tomb. Gramps also admits to never leaving P’Med any offerings either. Gramps says that anytime he saw something that reminded him of P’Med it made him sad. Gramps was sad that he couldn’t take care of P’Med. Gramps is trying to hold back tears.

Even Golf is trying not to cry at the explanation. Auntie Nom tells Thun to stop. Instead Thun says that he’s sorry that they had this grief for so long and that he understands why Gramps wanted to forget. Thun then accuses Gramps of feeling guilty for letting P’Med die without helping him. (Accused of murder).

Auntie Nom wonders why Thun would say this stuff so Thun tells them that P’Med told him about Gramps standing there as he died. Gramps wonders what kind of person is Thun to insinuate that he would murder his own nephew? Auntie Nom tells Thun to stop, he’s done enough already to hurt Gramps.

Thun says that he needs to say this but Gramps insists that what happened is between him and his family. Thun says that he needs to say this because he’s the only one who can make contact with P’Med. Gramps of course doesn’t believe him, and tells Thun to stop telling lies. Gramps order

Thun out of his house or he’ll call the police as Thun is trespassing. Thun says that he won’t leave until he finds out the truth. Thun says that he needs to find out the reason that P’Med is still stuck here. Gramps yells that P’Med is dead and gone. Thun yells back that Gramps can kick him out but he can’t kick out P’Med from his own home. P’Med then knocks over a chair.

Everyone but Thun is scared. Thun yells demanding to know if they believe him now that P’Med is in the room. Med cries wondering why his uncle didn’t help him that day. Since Gramps can’t hear him, Thun demands that he answer the question of why didn’t he help P’Med? Gramps starts crying, telling P’Med that he was wrong and that he didn’t want it to turn out that way.

In a flashback, Gramps says that he remembered it was P’Med’s birthday and he had told Nom to get a chocolate cake for Med. Everyone wanted to hold a surprise party for P’Med. When Gramps went to go get P’Med.. he found P’Med on the floor and he was shocked.

Gramps says that his whole body froze and he couldn’t move. Gramps says that he didn’t know what to do but if he had helped Med in time then perhaps Med would be alive. Gramps did feel really guilty as if he had killed P’Med. Back in the present, Gramps apologizes to P’Med and tells P’Med that he loves him.

Gramps says that while P’Med was alive, he did his best to care for him. Gramps reminds P’Med that he took P’Med to the hospital and always made sure P’Med had all his medications. Gramps says that they can ask Auntie Nom if they don’t believe him. Gramps says that if P’Med didn’t forget to take his medication then he would be alive.

Gramps says that for over 20 years, he’s tried to forget but now why are they making him relive the past. Golf apologizes to Gramps and demands that Thun do the same. Golf says that Gramps couldn’t have known that P’Med would lose his pills and it may have just been P’Med’s time to die. Golf even asks P’Med to forgive Gramps. The problem is that P’Med’s aura is red which means it wasn’t his time to die. (flashback to an earlier episode when Thun tells P’Med his aura is red)

Thun agrees that Gramps was supposed to take good care of P’Med and told Auntie Nom to do the same. Thun asks Auntie Nom what she remembers of that day. Auntie Nom says that she was Med’s caregiver, making his meals and preparing his medications.

Thun asks if there was anything different that day and Auntie Nom says no. Auntie Nom says that the doctor prescribed P’Med some new drug. Thun asks how she would know it was a new drug. Auntie Nom says that she handled P’Med’s pill regimen every day so of course she would notice something new.

Thun asks how she would know which is which. Auntie Nom admits that she wouldn’t as there were a lot of different drugs and vitamins. Thun asks if it’s the possible the new drug wasn’t for treatment but maybe the new drug actually worsened P’Med’s heart condition.

Gramps says that Thun’s just making false accusations as who would do that to him? Thun wonders who would get the inheritance from P’Med after he died. Golf is shocked by the accusation. Gramps demands to know if Thun is accusing him of murdering his own nephew (again).

Thun says that if it’s not the case, then how can Gramps explain the missing pills? Now even Auntie Nom looks shocked and suspicious of Gramps. Thun says that Gramps told Auntie Nom to switch the medications and that one of those pills wasn’t to help P’Med but hurt him.

Thun then goes on to say that Gramps took away P’Med’s pills and when P’Med was having a heart attack, Gramps didn’t help him. Thun says that Gramps must’ve thought he would get away with it since it looked like natural causes. However, by not helping P’Med when he was having his heart attack, P’Med could be charged with attempted murder.

Gramps says this all happened a long time ago, so why is Thun bringing it up now. P’Med also begs Thun to stop as he no longer wants to know anymore. Thun apologizes to P’Med and tells him that he knows that P’Med is stuck because he didn’t die of a natural heart attack. Thun says it was intentional and blames Gramps.

Gramps says that it’s all lies. Thun yells back that whether or not it’s the truth , only Gramps will know. Thun demands that Gramps tell P’Med right here and now that he didn’t try to kill him. Thun gets into Granps’s face yelling at him. Golf looks at his friend like he’s gone insane and then Gramps slaps Thun hard across the face.

Gramps breaks down crying apologizing to P’Med. A flashback then shows that after P’Med’s parents died, all of their stuff went to P’Med. Gramps says that if he hadn’t been greedy and took out a loan then things might not have gone so horribly wrong. There was a market crisis that wiped the floor with everyone. Gramps was dirt poor and almost committed suicide.

That’s when he had a horrible thought.. what if Med died? We see Gramps take the medications out of P’Med’s room. The flashback also shows Gramps watch P’Med take the medications from Auntie Nom that morning and later watching P’Med die.

Gramps apologizes to P’Med. Praifah opens the door and I’m not sure how much she heard but I suspect she caught the part where her Grandpa is a murderer. She doesn’t say anything and leaves. Thun is happy to have found the truth but poor P’Med’s heart is breaking at this new information.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 8 Part 1!