He’s Coming To Me: Episode 5 Part 3

The next morning P’Med is still on the balcony having stayed out all night, then watching the sun rise. Thun and Prai come out of the apartment. Prai’s jacket is hanging off her shoulder so Thun fixes it while telling her to cake of herself it’s very awkward. P’Med walks into the hallway during this moment. P’Med walks back out to the balcony, Thun doesn’t see him.

Thun goes back into the apartment relieved that Praifah has left. He sits down at his desk where he discovers a jar full of candy with a card. It’s P’Med’s gift to him. Thun reads the card which wishes him a happy birthday. It turns out the jar isn’t full of candy but paper made stars that P’Med cut up Thun’s magazines to create. P’Med asks Thun not to be angry with him for destroying the magazines and for using his power.

The card says people that makes wishes on a star have their wishes come true. P’Med has collected “stars” for Thun so that he can make a wish everyday. P’Med says that if one day he isn’t there, then Thun can look at the stars outside or the stars in the bottle and think of him. After reading the sweet birthday card, Thun calls out for P’Med but P’Med doesn’t appear.

Later Thun goes to meet with his friends to help out but he’s not fully there. Praifah assumes that it’s a hangover so she asks if he wants to drink something sweet. Thun turns down her offer of a pop (soda for the US people). Thun says that he’s fine, there’s a very jealous Prince watching them nearby. Praifah says that although the two of them were wasted last night was fun. Prince goes back to painting the sign.

Thun makes noncommittal noise but it’s clear he’s not interested. It’s also equally clear that Praifah wants more out of him as she asks if he has basketball tonight. Thun literally gives her the exact same “mm” noise that he did earlier. Prince is watching them again. Praifah worriedly asks what’s wrong with him but Thun says that he’s okay. (He’s missing P’Med!!) Thun leaves a moment later, and Prince leaves to go to the gym.

Prince is very angry and throws the basketballs in the gym Rey aggressively while swearing. Praifah comes up to him to ask if that’s helping him, she also asks to join him. Poor Prince can only say yes as he has the biggest crush on her. The two play basketball for a bit before sitting down. Prince asks Praifah if she feels any better. Prince tells her that she can cry if she wants to.

Praifah says that she doesn’t like to cry. Prince asks her how he can help but Praifah says that no one can help her. Prince thinks for a moment before handing over a handkerchief saying that he can at least help her dry her tears. Princ asks if it’s about Thun then asks about what happened last night.

In a flash back we see that Thun didn’t kiss her back after she kissed him, he pulled away from her. Things got awkward as Thun apologized then told Praifah that she could sleep the bed. In the present, Praifah tells Prince that Thun didn’t do anything. Praifah tries to console herself by saying that just being friends is actually good enough and admits that it’s her fault. Prince tells Praifah that when people are friends they can talk to each other.

Praifah says that’s exactly why she can’t talk with Thun about this. She then returns the handkerchief saying that she had given it to Prince and she wasn’t going to take it back. Praifah asks if Prince understands her but doesn’t wait for him to answer before she leaves. After Praifah leaves, Prince says that of course he understands her, how can he not? He says this as he holds the handkerchief and one of her hair ties.

Later at basketball practice, Prince takes out his anger on Thun. After basketball practice the mood hasn’t improved, so Golf suggests that they go the noodle shop. Thun says that he’s not hungry and Prince claims that he wants to eat bread instead (at least Golf tried!).

Thun enters his apartment and calls out for P’Med. He tells P’Med to come out so that they can talk. P’Med doesn’t appear, so Thun calls out saying that P’Med should show himself and not just simply disappear. When P’Med still doesn’t show up, Thun leaves the apartment to check the balcony. Golf sees Thun leave and wonders where he could be going instead of eating dinner with him.

Thun goes out onto the balcony calling out for P’Med. When P’Med doesn’t show up, Thun says that he knows P’Med is there so he should come out and show himself so they can talk. P’Med was indeed there, he decides to become visible for Thun. Thun demands to know why P’Med disappeared on him. P’Med says that he didn’t disappear, he’s just been hanging out on the balcony by himself.

Thun wants to know why P’Med didn’t tell him ahead of time, since Thun has been calling for him. P’Med wants to know what Thun wants from him. Thun claims that he doesn’t want anything from him, but when he calls for P’Med, that P’Med is supposed to show up. Thun wants to know what is wrong with P’Med. P’Med says that he’s where he’s supposed to be.

Thun wants to know what P’Med means by that. P’Med however doesn’t respond to that question. Thun asks where P’Med went last night. P’Med angrily says that Thun’s friend was in the room, what did he want P’Med to do? Stay and watch? (Since nothing actually happened last night.. )Thun asks P’Med “watch what?” P’Med goes invisible again.

Thun yells that P’Med shouldn’t act like a fool so P’Med reappears saying that he’s foolish for walking out and not being rude enough to stay and watch Thun kiss Praifah. Thun says that they should talk about that but P’Med disappears again.

Thun calls out to P’Med but P’Med stubbornly refuses to show himself. Thun accepts that P’Med is angry with him but that P’Med should listen to him anyway. Thun asks P’Med if he truly believes that Thun doesn’t understand P’Med’s feelings for him, does he truly think that Thun is that stupid? Thun begs for P’Med to understand that it isn’t easy being him.

Thun starts to pour his heart out, saying that he’s felt so lucky since he met P’Med. P’Med listens and helps him, sure he first let P’Med stay with him at the apartment out of pity. He just wanted to help P’Med learn his identity, however it isn’t like that anymore. P’Med start glitching, so even though he is right beside Thun, calling out his name.. Thun can’t hear or see him.

Thun cries as he says that he is studying law so that if P’Med didn’t die of a heart attack, but was murdered then Thun can convict the murderer and get justice for him. Thun admits that he has feelings for P’Med but he doesn’t know what to call them yet. P’Med calls out to Thun but being glitched.. he can’t get Thun to hear him about how he understands. They’re both in tears, Thun thinking that P’Med is still angry with him and choosing not to respond and P’Med because he wants to talk to Thun but can’t.

It starts to rain and Thun says that he will stay there until P’Med appears to talk with him. P’Med is still glitchy and can’t do anything no matter how much he tries. Golf seeing his friend alone in the rain looking upset calls Prince for help.

That’s the end of Episode 5 Part 3!