He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 1

Thun is driving when his mom asks him what restaurant is he driving to as they are going pretty far. Thun tells her that he never said that they were going to a restaurant. Kwan is confused as she was told to dress nicely but when she asks Thun about it, he says that it’s a surprise.

Thun then asks his mom why she never came to sweep tombs with him before. Kwan says that she didn’t like it because it always made her feel ill.. so of course they are going to cemetery (surprise!) Kwan looks annoyed by her son.

Med is listening to music on his walkman looking heartbroken. A-ngoon says that Med has all the symptoms of heartbreak, all that is missing is for him to be crying in the rain (HAHA!) A-ngoon then fakes a wail before Jeng jabs her to make her quiet down. Jeng says that if Med could cry in the rain, he would.

Med then says that it might rain today before pointing out that he’s reached the end of his cassette, so he could hear everything. A-ngoon tells him that they are just worried for him. Jeng tells A-ngoon to leave Med alone as everyone has to experience heartbreak, it’s life experience. Med wonders what good life experience is when they are already dead (he has a point).

Jeng admits that he doesn’t know how to console people. A-ngoon spots Thun and his mom so she says that don’t need to console Med, because there’s someone else that can do it better. That gets Med’s attention, so he gets to see Thun walking through the cemetery.

Thun points out where the family tombs are before he brings his mother to Med’s tomb. He tells Kwan that he has something to show her. Thun tells his mom that the reason she never met P’Med again was because he died. Kwan then quickly figures out that it’s Med’s tomb they are standing in front of. She’s shocked but then she wonders how Thun would know about P’Med.

Thun says that the first time that he came to sweep tombs with his father, he met P’Med at his tomb. Kwan digests this information before asking how P’Med died. Thun tells her that P’Med had a heart condition, however the reason P’Med is still stuck in this world is because he didn’t die from his heart condition.

Thun then tells his mom that’s why he decided to bring P’Med home with him. Kwan tells her son that she doesn’t understand what he’s saying. Thun admits that it’s complicated, he says that he suspects P’Med is around the cemetery somewhere. Thun says that’s why he brought his mother there, so she could pay her respects.

After Kwan pays her respects, P’Med shows up. Kwan let’s out a startled “P’Med!” Which confuses her son because no one else has been able to see P’Med but him. Kwan reminds Thun that she said she didn’t like going to the cemetery (no wonder!). Thun leaves the two alone to talk.

Kwan apologizes for not visiting as she explains that she didn’t know about his death. P’Med says it’s fine because he never told her about his heart condition. They talk a little bit about P’Med’s death and how P’Med doesn’t remember so he learned a lot through Thun. Kwan is upset that P’Med has been living like this, but he says it isn’t so bad since Thun took him in.

P’Med tells Kwan that her son has been helping him find out who he is and about what happened to him. Kwan asks after P’Med’s friends or family but P’Med says that no has visited him in decades. Kwan is trying to fight back tears, she has to wipe some away before promising P’Med that she will visit him.

Kwan wants to know how she can help but P’Med says that Thun is already helping him. P’Med also apologizes for what happened between them back when he was alive. Kwan tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize as she’s already forgotten all about it and that she’s already forgiven him.

P’Med and Kwan are both crying now but P’Med is happy to hear that Kwan has forgiven him. Kwan says that they had a great time together. P’Med apologizes for dying first because he didn’t get to go to Kwan’s wedding. Kwan says she should thank P’Med because after they broke up, she met Thun’s dad who wasn’t exactly her type.

Thun shushes her saying that his dad will be able to hear her. Kwan says that her husband can hear it, and that he wouldn’t mind. P’Med says that this explains why Kwan was afraid of ghosts, though Kwan says she won’t be afraid of them anymore. P’Med says that if he’s still around then he hopes to see Kwan again.

A little while later when P’Med and Thun are alone, P’Med says that he never would have guessed that the world was so small. Thun asks if this was the reason that P’Med left. P’Med apologizes but says that he thought it was the best option for both of them. Thun then asks if P’Med considered him and his feelings on the matter.

P’Med says that he can’t live with letting himself have those feelings for Thun when Thun was Kwan’s son. P’Med also says that there was Praifah to consider. Thun quickly interrupts to say that Praifah is out of the picture. P’Med is confused as he saw Thun kiss Praifah. Thun admits that he did kiss her but that’s how he discovered what he likes.

P’Med tells Thun that he hopes he isn’t the only reason that Thun feels this way. Thun admits that P’Med is a part of it. He also says the worst feeling was coming out to his friends/family and he’s already done that. Thun says that the only thing left to care about is P’Med. P’Med asks about Praifah but Thun replies that he’s already cleared the air with her.

Thun says that the only person he hasn’t cleared up matters with is P’Med. Thun asks P’Med how P’Med feels about him. It takes a moment before P’Med responds by saying that it doesn’t matter how he feels since anything between the two is impossible. Thun says it was impossible in the beginning but they’ve made it this far. Thun asks P’Med to come back with him.

P’Med says that he doesn’t want to bend the rules or be where’s he not supposed to be. P’Med reminds Thun that he is a ghost and Thun is a human. They both look pretty depressed, Thun suggests that P’Med let him at least fulfill his promise to find out who P’Med is and what happened to him. Thun then tells P’Med that he discovered where P’Med used to live.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 1!