He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 1

Med and Thun are walking down the street. Thun is carrying a couple of bags, Med apologizes for bothering him with it but Thun doesn’t seemed concerned about it. Med wonders how Thun knew which traditional desserts to bring for the offering, so Thun tells him that he just Googled it. Med died before Google so he has no clue what Thun is talking about, Thun doesn’t know how to explain it well either. Thun doesn’t understand why they need to bring traditional Thai desserts, what if the Guardian Spirit wants to try something new? Like a cold crepe? However Med doesn’t even know what a cold crepe is either, when he asks about it, Thun asks if he’s serious about the question, then realizing that Med is, he promises that Med will find out soon enough.

Thun walks farther ahead but Med is hit by flashes of memory, such as studying in the library, and having a female student approach him while he was sitting outside at a table listening to his Walkman, the woman called his name. In the present Thun calls out to P’Med and asks if something is wrong. Med says that he’s fine, he just felt strange for a minute. Thun asks if it felt like he moved to a new place, Med says that he guesses that might be it after all, he’s used to just seeing tombs, tombs and more tombs. Thun says that when he first moved into the dorms he felt weird too.

Thun performs the prayer offering ritual, and a wind suddenly blows out of nowhere. It makes both Med and Thun smile.

They finally get to Thun’s dorm building but Thun has to dig for his keys which seem buried in his pack. Med gets bored waiting for him so he walks right through the door and waits for Thun. Thun annoyed tells Med that he should act like normal living people. Med just gives him a half smile. Thun then brings Med over to his little apartment, he’s quite proud of the decor as he loves basketball. Med seems impressed until he sees that Thun left underwear on the table. Thun quickly picks up the underwear as he’s embarrassed. Thun was going to show Med his room but changes his mind and asks Med if he can sleep in the living room instead (his room might be messy and he’s already embarrassed).

Med says that it isn’t a problem since he’s been sleeping on a tomb for so long, the couch is a big upgrade for him. Thun had grabbed a basket from his room and starts to tidy up the rest of the little apartment. Med asks if he lives alone, Thun replies that because of how messy he is, if he had a roommate they would always fight. Thun admits that he doesn’t shower everyday either which grosses out Med. Thun teases Med by asking when was the last time he showered, then throws a rolled up t-shirt at him, but it goes right through Med (being a ghost and all) and lands on the couch. Med says that Thun must like to tease people.

Thun says that this is kind of weird, Med replies that having a first roommate being a ghost kind of weird? Thun nods but also says that it’s awesome. The two are both smiling and enjoying it when Thun’s friends come into the apartment. His friends are surprised that he came back so soon, then ask if he brought them anything. Thun asks why he would, but his friends say that since he visited his mom, he should have brought back sweets. Thun claims that he forgot to bring sweets back, then demands his key back from Prince since they don’t knock before entering. Prince won’t hand it over though because if Thun ever loses his key then he’ll need the spare.

Golf (Khiewkhem) goes into Thun’s fridge and asks what he might have been doing, jerking off? Thun says no. It turns out Thun’s fridge is empty so Golf complains about. Thun then announces to Med that they are going to go to basketball practice but his friends wonder why he has to say that they are going out to play, Thun claims that he’s just talking to them, then shoos them out the door. Once the door closes, Med becomes visible again.

After practice ends, Thun has to put away all the basketballs but his friends wait for him. While he’s counting to make sure that he has them all, a woman tosses in the last ball. It’s his friend Prai and she even brought him a bottle of water. Prai calls over the other two friends as they are goofing off saying that Thun is hungry. Golf comes over claiming that he’s thirsty too but Prai tells him to get his own water. Golf claims that she has a double standard but Prai says that boyfriends and friends should be treated differently. Golf says that she may be joking now, but if they ever do end up together then he’ll laugh at both of them. Thun says that they are just good friends, then they all leave the gym to go eat.

Prai is pretty hungry so Prince asks why since she went out with P’Chin. She says that P’Chin did take her to dinner but she didn’t find any joy in the food. Prai tells them that when a girl is on a date, she has to be all prim and pretty. She says that it’s much more fun and the food tastier when she eats with them. The guys then all tease her, using her complaints about her date against her. They are all having fun with it though. Prince gets up to get some water and Thun decides to go with him. Thun orders a bunch of green soda, but Prince corrects the order as he remembers that Prai doesn’t like it. Apparently she used to drink it until Golf teased her saying that drinking it meant she had feelings for him, she hasn’t touched it since.

They get Prai a red soda, then Thun sees some chocolate bars and picks them up as well. When they get back to the table, Thun hands Prai the red soda and she thinks that he actually remembers her preference. (Poor Prince!!) A moment later Golf reaches for the Chocolate, but Thun won’t let him have any, Golf says that he’s being stingy. Prai is surprised that Thun bought chocolate since he doesn’t like it, so Thun lies saying that he wanted to try it. He leaves soon after that.

Thun gets home pretty late at night to find that Med is staring at a closed laptop. Thun asks Med if he wants to get on the computer, Med is surprised that the laptop is a computer. Thun turns it on for him, Med says that if Thun had seen the computers back in his day, he would understand Med’s surprise at the laptop. Thun teases him saying that if Med saw his iPad then he would probably think that Thun was from the future. Med points out that he spent 20 years at the tomb, so this is the future. Thun says it’s like Med warped through time, then he has to explain the word warp to Med.

Thun then brings out the chocolate that he got for Med. Thun says that he will light electric incense sticks all over the apartment that way Med can do things so he won’t get bored. Med is really excited so Thun says that he’s like a child. Thun then says that since they are living together now, there has to be some ground rules. The first rule being that wherever Med goes or does, he must tell Thun. Med complains that Thun is acting like his parent/guardian. The second rule is that Med must not use his ghostly abilities a lot, so no scaring people or letting others know that he’s there. Thun then changes his mind saying that Med should just be a good ghost.

Thun gets a call from his Mom asking about his grades, which he lies about. His Mom calls him out on it, so he wonders why she asks since she knows that he’ll lie about it. Apparently she saw one of his friends has a picture of him at a bar and tagged him. Thun says that he’ll get his friend to unfriend her. She asks when he’ll come visit, as she’ll cook for him so he lies saying that he can’t come this week because of basketball. In reality he just wants to hang out with Med. He hangs up the phone and goes to take a shower.

Thun gets out of the shower but didn’t expect Med to be in his room.. so he’s naked. Med hurriedly covers his eyes with his hands but moves a few fingers so he can peek. Thun quickly grabs a basketball to cover his private parts. He asks what Med is doing there, Med wanted to ask Thun to look at the “small computer” but he says that there is no need for that right now. Thun suggests that Med go wait outside his room then. Med leaves and Thun throws down the basketball. Once Thun has some clothes on, he’s ready to go to bed but quickly checks on Med first. However he’s too embarrassed to actually leave the room, so he just peeks through the door. When Med notices, Thun quickly closes the door and runs to his bed.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 1!