He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 3

Thun takes Med shopping, they stop by the electronics section. Thun waves in front of the camera and watches himself waving on the big screen tv. Med thinks it’s pretty cool but of course he can’t be captured by the camera. Thun then takes Med for a dessert treat called Bingsu (similar to an ice cream sundae but with shaved ice instead of ice cream) but Med can’t believe the prices for shaved ice and refuses to pick a menu item. Thun tempts him by saying he’ll get a chocolate one.

Thun continues to taunt Med with the Bingsu by offering it up, and after looking it, Med can’t resist. To the outside world it looks like Thun is talking to himself and the women at the table behind him give him weird looks, they eventually leave while still giving Thun the side eye look like he’s weird.

Thun goes shoe shopping and again Med is surprised at the prices for a pair of shoes. He tells Thun that he could have bought a television for that price. Thun jokes that the last person he heard the word television from was his father (most people say TV). A saleswoman hesitantly offers to help Thun with anything and soon Thun is off to the cashier to pay for his shoes. Med wonders if Thun is going to pay for the shoes, but Thun says that he already did, with his phone. Thun tells Med that he still has lots to learn as most people don’t use cash anymore. The cashier assumes that Thun must be talking on the phone to someone.

Meanwhile Thun’s friends have just recently left the movie theatre and Golf is complaining that the other two picked a romantic comedy. Prai says that it’s democracy at work, hasn’t he heard of democracy. Golf also complains that when it’s Prince’s turn he always picks a romantic comedy and that if Thun was there, they wouldn’t have seen that type of movie. Prai asks where Thun is, the other two make bathroom jokes right before they spot Thun in the mall. Golf and Prince chase Thun and invisible Med through the mall.

Thun drags Med into a store’s staff room and hurriedly closes the door, he wonders why his friends care so much about him now. Golf and Prince run into the store, Golf starts to check the change rooms. Prince asks if Golf is even sure that he saw Thun, he also wonders why he didn’t just call out to him instead of chasing him. The thought hadn’t occurred to Golf so he asks Prince why he ran after him. Golf suggests that Prince use his cell phone to call Thun. Thun hurriedly declines the call, so Prince tells Golf that there’s no answer.

Prince suggests that maybe Golf didn’t see Thun after all, he has no reason to lie to them. Golf says that they will find out whether or not Thun is lying, by checking out his dorm, he then grabs Prince by the wrist and drags him out of the store. Luckily Thun makes it back to the dorm before his friends. The friends find Thun lying down on the couch. Prince says “I told you so” to Golf. Golf however asks Thun if he’s been there in the dorm the whole time. Thun says that he was sleeping and it’s a shame that he missed out on a free movie.

Prince tells Thun how Golf claimed to have seen him at the mall but that Prince had told Golf it probably wasn’t Thun. Golf still doesn’t believe Thun was at the dorm so he asks him why his phone was turned off. Thun acts surprised that his was turned off and goes to check it. Thun turns his phone back on and shows it to his friends but Golf says that it’s a little too convenient. Thun notices the shopping bag that wasn’t hidden very well and hints with his eyes to Med. Med kicks the bag hard making it crash into the other room. Thun quickly distracts his friends from the noise by asking about Prai.

The other two seem to have forgotten about her during their chase around the mall. Prai calls Thun to check in on him, he tells her that the other two claimed to have seen him at the mall but he wasn’t there. Thun pauses his chat with Prai as he tries to get his friends to leave saying that he’s still sick. Prince helps to drag the suspicious Golf out the door.

After he gets rid of them he continues his chat with Prai, complaining that the other two were trying to catch him as if they were his girlfriend. Prai tells him that if he did have a girlfriend, his friends would probably ease up a bit. They talk a little bit about what Thun’s girlfriend would be like before Prai hangs up.

Prai goes to her grandfather to give him a hug as he wonders why she’s back early when she had told her grandfather that she would be back late. Prai doesn’t tell him that her two friends abandoned her at the mall to chase after Thun. Prai simply tells her grandfather that she missed him, so she came home early. Her grandfather asks why she’s being so sweet, does she want something. There’s some light family teasing between the two of them. Prai’s grandfather tells her to keep the flattery for her boyfriend but Prai says that most boys are too boring. Her grandfather asks about Thun since she called him “boyfriend”. Prai explains that it’s just something that they do, and that they aren’t together.

Prai tells her grandfather that they are better off as friends. Prai says that if they did get together, then broke up.. they wouldn’t be able to hang out together anymore.

In the dorm, Thun tells Med that he’s going to go take a shower. Med takes the time to try and figure out why he couldn’t grab the chocolate cereal box in the dorm, but was able to kick the shopping bag so hard. Med decides to try and grab Thun’s cellphone. At first his hand goes right through it, on another attempt he makes it wobble a bit. After a few more tries, he manages to successfully pick and play with the cellphone. Med can’t help but smile with his triumph.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 3!