The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 4~Finale!

Gene continues down memory lane until he comes near the old hiding spot. He hears Nubsib’s voice as Nubsib scolds him for going over to another person’s house. All of a sudden a hand taps Gene on the shoulder saying “tag you’re it!” The hand belonged to adult Nubsib but when Gene turns around, younger Nubsib tells Gene to close his eyes and count to 10. Little Nubsib urges Gene to hurry. We see the younger Gene start counting.. and around 8, we see adult Nubsib.

Gene reaches 10 and Nubsib starts with a nice deep kiss! Followed by lots more kisses as Gene opened his eyes briefly to see Nubsib before enjoying the smooches thoroughly.

Eventually they both have to breathe.. which is when Gene asks Nubsib how he got there. Nubsib says that he was waiting for Gene at the same place, then Nubsib hugs Gene close.

A little while later they go back out to the deck where Jab is still sitting there with his drink. Jab teases Gene that his face doesn’t even get that red when he drinks. Gene tells his brother to quit speaking nonsense, so Jab teases Gene about being shy. Gene just shyly nods, so Jab says that he’ll leave the couple alone then. Nubsib is laughing and smiling during the brotherly spat. Once Jab leaves, Nubsib teases Gene by asking if he’s shy. Gene elbows Nubsib but Nubsib just pinches Gene’s cheek and tells him that he’s cute. This leads to some minor bickering.

Once the two go inside the house, Nubsib asks if he can sleep over. Nubsib points out that Gene’s parents aren’t home so he asks if he can hug Gene to make up for all that time where he missed Gene. Gene teases Nubsib saying that if he didn’t miss Gene, then doesn’t that mean that Gene can’t be hugged? Nubsib promptly admits that he would still hug Gene, then points out that Gene just agreed to it. Gene says no, because he doesn’t want it to cause a problem again. Nubsib tells Gene not to worry because he ended his contract with them so it’s over.

Nubsib says that from now on it’s just a contract between him and Gene. Gene says that if Nubsib doesn’t stop talking like that, then he’ll throw up. Nubsib pulls Gene close and grabs his hand. Nubsib asks Gene to promise that from now on that they’ll never let go of each other’s hands. Gene sulkily says no, so Nubsib quickly kisses him on the cheek, then asks again. Gene says no again but this time the two are teasing each other, so Nubsib kisses him on the other cheek and will clearly keep kissing him until Gene says yes. Gene ends up covering Nubsib’s mouth saying that’s enough and he promises. Then Nubsib gives him a proper kiss but Gene complains that he already gave in, so why is Nubsib still kissing him? Nubsib says that he just wants to kiss Gene, can’t he do that?

Gene twitches a little but tells Nubsib that it’s fine and that Nubsib can kiss him until he’s satisfied. Nubsib starts by kissing both of Gene’s hands and then he just gets a bit handsy in a sensual way for a little bit because they haven’t been able to see/touch each other for 4 months. A little while later they walk up to a piano in the house and Nubsib sits down on the bench. Gene reminds Nubsib about how he used to skip piano lessons so that he could play with Gene. Apparently when Nubsib’s mom found out, she had Gene come over to play there instead. Nubsib remembers and even mentions how Gene liked to sit in the one chair. Gene brings the chair over and asks if Nubsib remembers where he liked to sit. Nubsib points to the spot then asks Gene why if he remembers why he liked sitting there. Gene admits he used to sit there because he could see Nubsib’s face more clearly there.

Gene tells Nubsib that he’s glad that Nubsib came back and that he loves him. Gene says that he loves Nubsib even more each day, and he loves more than Nubsib loves him. Gene leaves the chair and tells Nubsib to move over so that he can sit beside him. Gene then gets all cutesy asking Nubsib to play the piano for him. Nubsib begins to play and the two look at each other all lovey dovey.

Sometime later, Nubsib is signing a contract with Tum & Tiffy. He’s in a bit of a hurry so he doesn’t even read it. Tum asks him why and Nubsib says that he’s in a hurry to go meet Gene. Tum teases Nubsib asking if the couple went too hard last night, Nubsib replies that they went too hard just now.. Tiffy tells him that was an overshare. Nubsib admits that he was just kidding though. Tum tells Nubsib to take good care of his friend to make up for all the hurt that he had caused Gene.

Nubsib tells Tum not to worry as he’s going to pay all it off. Tiffy and Tum share a look. Nubsib is in a hurry to go, so he tells the two that he won’t see them off, they can find their way own out. After Nubsib leaves the room, Tum asks Tiffy if they should go at it. Tiffy calls him a cheeky bastard. Tum starts teasing her and she warns him that she’ll kick his ass.

Gene is busy typing away on his laptop when Nubsib brings him toast covered in jam. Nubsib asks Gene what he’s up to, so Gene says that he’s working on the ending to his novel but he doesn’t think that it’s good enough. Nubsib takes a quick look and says that bit about the piano seems familiar. Nubsib comes up and whispers a suggested ending for the novel then pushes the camera away. Which leads to a Snow White fairy tale type ending with Nubsib being the prince and Gene being Snow White. However Gene says that he doesn’t think that ending will work so Prince Nubsib shoves the camera away again.

So we get a Cinderella story ending next with Nubsib being the prince and Gene being Cinderella complete with a dance sequence. Instead of leaving a glass slipper behind though, when Gene leaves the prince.. he leaves a pair of glasses behind. However that ending isn’t working for Gene either so he tells Nubsib to quit playing around. This time it’s Gene that covers the camera.

This time we get more of a Romeo + Juliet version. (This one hurts a lot because it reminds fans of the opening of Until We Meet Again where Kao’s character committed suicide) Gene however says that ending is too sad, Nubsib agrees with him then shoves the camera away so they can try a different ending. (Seriously it reminds me of Wayne’s World alternate endings…)

Gene accuses Nubsib of trying to be funny with his ideas for an ending. Gene admits that he really can’t cope with an ending and Nubsib admits that he was just kidding. Nubsib says that there’s still one ending they can try, then he kisses Gene. Gene asks if that’s truly his idea of an ending. Gene tells Nubsib to help him think of an ending but Nubsib whines that he doesn’t want the novel to end. Gene reaches over and starts kissing Nubsib, then they both look at the camera raise their eyebrows suggestively.. and go back to kissing.

That’s the final episode of The Lovely Writer!!

**There is a bonus episode/movie but I won’t be recapping it. You can however rent it from WeTV if you VPN over to Thailand. I forget how much it costs but I recommend watching it (I have and enjoyed it!)