He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 4

Thun in his basketball uniform sits at a stone table thinking when P’Med shows up. Thun asks where Med was, so Med tells Thun that he took a walk around the campus, hoping that it would job his memory. Med apologizes for not telling Thun before he left, but Thun was with his friends. Thun says that he understands then goes silent. P’Med concerned asks what’s wrong but Thun claims it’s nothing.

P’Med admits that he saw everything that happened and that’s just how those guys are and that Thun shouldn’t be mad. Thun replies that he understands that’s how they are but he doesn’t like it. Thun also confides to Med that he doesn’t know whether he should play along with the teasing or just leave. Thun says that it feels like he’s being watched all the time. Thun says that it makes him feel awkward when the other boys talk about dating and girls all the time. They always ask when is he going to date someone.

P’Med says gently that Thun can always talk with him but Thun says that he still feels awkward. Thun tells P’Med that whenever the boys are talking about nude girl pictures, and he doesn’t join in, that’s when they start teasing him. Some of the boys keep claiming that Thun must be gay but Thun says that he’s not and pisses him off that they think so.

Thun also feels a shame that he can’t fight back, P’Med says that he understands. Thun then apologizes for venting out all his thoughts to P’Med but P’Med says not to worry and that it’s good for Thun to let it out.

The two head back to the apartment where Thun promptly lies down on his bed still upset. P’Med looks on unable to comfort his friend so he leaves the bedroom and heads over to the laptop. After a few minutes music plays from the laptop. The two listen to the music, Thun on his bed and P’Med standing outside his door.

The next day Thun seems to be in a much better mood, he even says so when P’Med asks if he’s feeling better. Thun is about to head off to school but he pauses to let P’Med know that the song P’Med put on last night was great. Thun smiles, then leaves.

Thun and golf are sitting at a table as Golf complains that on top of basketball practice they have to help Prince with student boy activities. Thun jokes that Prince can’t get any more awesome, Prince overhears him and comes over. Prince says that he doesn’t really like this either but he’s thinking long-term and needs something to put into his CV. Golf says that Prince makes him look he’s stupid. Thun then asks after Praifah since he doesn’t see her much after class anymore, is she back with P’Chin?

Prince inquires if Thun is jealous and of course Thun answers no. Prince doesn’t believe him, so he asks again seriously how Thun feels about Praifah but Golf interrupts. Golf just noticed that their professor posted their grades on Facebook and tagged the students. (Not using LINE? Weird). The friends all got a D but Thun on the other hand thanks to help from P’Med got a 78.. a top score which surprises both Golf and Prince.

Golf is convinced that Thun used black magic to be able to score so well on the test. Neither of his friends believe his lie that he studied more and read all the materials for the class. Golf says that he knows that Thun keeps a ghost as his apartment as he’s seen the incense sticks and demands to know the ghosts name. Thun tells Golf that he must be delusional and that he should get back to work. Prince leaves the table, Golf teases Thun a bit more before Thun asks after the patient list.

Golf admits that he was able to get the patient list that Thun had asked for but refuses to hand it over until Thun tells him what he will do with it. Thun claims that he’s a private detective that’s been working for years and that a client has asked him to find information about a person. Thun then says that the reason he hasn’t told his friends about it, is because he didn’t want to put their lives at risk. Thun says it so seriously that Golf isn’t sure whether or not Thun is messing with him. Thun says that he needs to go, so he snatches the paper from Golf and leaves Golf still trying to figure out if Thun was lying.

Later in Thun’s car, P’Med asks Thun how he got the patient list. Thun says that it’s best if P’Med doesn’t know, he has his ways. P’Med then asks how Thun knows which name belongs to him. Thun says that a male patient with a congenital heart condition that died between 1996-1997 and had multiple visits to the hospital. Thun says that it wasn’t that hard. (Thai names are complicated so Med is more like a preferred name. It would be like looking for Bill when his Name is William Clark)

P’Med looks at the list to see the circled name Mr. Wongsakorn Thanarungsiri. After P’Med says the name out loud, Thun asks him if he recognizes the name as his own. P’Med then has a flash of memory. In the memory Med is telling a girl in the library that Wongsakorn means forefather. P’Med repeats that sentence out loud before happily telling Thun that it is indeed his name. The two are both happy to being closer to finding the truth about P’Med.

They drive up to a residence and P’Med is overcome with emotion. They stand outside for a moment when Thun asks if P’Med is okay. P’Med than starts to fade! They both are scared at what is happening.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4!