He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 1

The episode starts off with Thun saying in voiceover that he never thought his story with P’Med would end up this way. When they had first met, Thun had hated his special gift. Thun says that it’s no fun to be the kid that sees ghosts, or at least it wasn’t until he met P’Med.

P’Med was a poor ghost that didn’t even know how he died and that showed Thun that he wasn’t the most unluckiest person in the world. Thun says that thinking about it, it was such a sad story to be stuck like that for who knows how long.

Thun says that if his gift could help P’Med, then that’s what makes his gift special. Thun knows that might make him sound like a superhero but it hasn’t been easy. One of the reasons Thun went to study law, even though he isn’t academically inclined.. was so that he could help P’Med.

Thun isn’t sure when it started but his feelings for P’Med grew stronger and P’Med is the only person that Thun has had these feelings for. Thun says that for now, he just wants to do what feels right.

Now that the two have been able to hold hands, Thun leans in and gives P’Med a kiss! (SMOOCHES!!) After the kiss, Thun smiles looking pretty happy with himself. Thun tells P’Med that he won’t let P’Med go anywhere. P’Med just pushes Thun back down on the bed, telling him that he should get some sleep.

The next morning, Thun wakes up thinking about his kiss with P’Med. He leaves his bedroom but doesn’t find P’Med.. instead Thun finds his mother cooking. Thun wonders why his mother didn’t call first before coming over. His mom says that if she called, then he would have time to prepare. Thun claims he wouldn’t since he has no secrets (P’Med!).

His mom is worried about him since Thun got sick. Thun tells her that he was only a little bit sick and it was nothing that the medication couldn’t fix. Thun tells his mother that she shouldn’t worry about him. His Mom promptly tells him that having a son, makes her worry. Thun says that he doesn’t want to worry her as it’s such a long way for to travel.

His mom doesn’t believe him because no one in their right mind would sleep on the roof. She asks Thun if he might be upset about something. It turns out that Golf called his Mom on him, (instead of calling Prince like I previously thought.) She asks Thun if he got his heart broken but Thun says no. His Mom asks if he wants to come home for a bit but Thun says no to that too.

Thun says that he has a group project and that he has already made plans with his friends. His mom says that if he doesn’t want to come home, then she will stay there to take care of him while he’s sick. His Mom tells him to eat some porridge, asks if he’s taken his meds then leaves. Thun goes out onto the balcony wondering where P’Med could be. He doesn’t realize that the incense stick has been turned off.

At basketball practice, Thun’s mind clearly isn’t on practice. He sits down on the bleachers, soon his friends come to check on him. They say that if he is still feeling sick they can tell the coach so Thun doesn’t have to be there. Thun tells them to fuck off, especially Golf because he called Thun’s Mom. Golf doesn’t understand why his friend is so angry with him, since he was concerned about Thun.

Golf says that honestly they can’t handle whatever Thun is going through. When Thun says that he was fine, Golf doesn’t believe him because he saw Thun shouting on the rooftop.. so he asks Thun who was he shouting at? Prince tells Thun to calm down and that if he doesn’t want to talk to them.. there’s a hotline 1165 that can help him get off drugs.

Thun can’t believe that both his friends believe that he’s doing drugs. He tells them that if they want to stay his friends, they better realize that he’s not doing drugs. Thun walks away from his friends, then Prince says that maybe he isn’t on drugs and that they may have been too harsh on Thun.

Golf brings up the guy in his neighbourhood again and the similarity but Prince just tells him to shut up.

Thun goes back to his apartment complex, while in the hallway he hears loud music coming from his apartment. Thun is super excited thinking P’Med is there.. but it turns out to be just his mother.. again. Thun’s Mom asks him if he’s changed his taste in music since a lot of the songs on his laptop are from her era. She tells him about how music wasn’t readily available and how she used to have to make mix tapes, and call to request songs on the radio (I remember that time too..)

Thun’s Mom points out that he used to make fun of her for listening to Oldies music. Thun says that a friend recommended the songs and that they sound kind of nice. Thun’s Mom says that the 90s seem to be popular among kids these days but that she’s a real 90s girl.

Thun asks his Mom if she misses his dad. She says that of course she misses him, but he’s probably already been reincarnated for awhile now. Thun asks her what made his Dad “the one”. Thun’s mom said that after she broke up with her first boyfriend, his dad got promoted to “the one” status. She says that she feels her hubby is always with her. That whatever she did or wherever she went, he was there taking care of her.

Then one day she was looking for him because he was gone, and she realized that she was in love with him. After that, Thun’s dad had been with her throughout her life. She says that’s what love is, then wonders why Thun is asking her these kinds of questions all of a sudden. Thun smiles saying there’s no reason.

Thun tells his mother that he’s going to go take a shower. He ends up just grabbing the jar of stars that P’Med gave him for his birthday then sitting on the bed thinking about P’Med. Thun starts to cry wondering if P’Med is truly gone.

Later that night, Thun looks at P’Med’s Facebook page remembering how he helped P’Med set up. Thun sends a message to P’Med on Facebook just in case P’Med is out there somewhere with access to Facebook, to let Thun know that he’s okay.

Thun then looks at the video of P’Med moving the plastic bag (P’Med being invisible of course). Thun reads something that is like a fortune cookie promising good things and he remembers his kiss with P’Med.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 1!