He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 2

Praifah reads a scenario that says if Golf invited Prince to go on a hike, then Prince dies from asthma attack and died. In the scenario, after Golf got home, Prince’s family wanted to sue him, can he be convicted? Prince interrupts to ask if he can be alive instead. Golf says that he wouldn’t be convicted because he didn’t intend to kill Prince. Prince counters by saying that Golf could have invited him to go on a hike, knowing about the asthma and intending to kill him.

Thun comes over to the table and the group asks his opinion on the case. Thun says that in the Death in the Forest case, Golf wouldn’t be guilty because he couldn’t predict that there would be an incident. Prince disagrees and says that he would tell his family to sue Golf’s ass and if that failed, he would come back as a ghost to haunt Golf. Praifah gets a call from her Grandpa so she has to leave. She forgot to take some papers with her though, so Thun goes tot take the papers to her. Prince looks after her longingly.

Thun manages to catch up to Praifah at her car and hands over the papers. Thun notices her Grandpa and greets him before leaving. A little while later in the car her Grandpa asks about Thun but Praifah says that he’s not her type. Praifah’s Grandpa teases her that she shouldn’t be too picky or she’ll end up with a guy she definitely doesn’t like. Praifah laughs saying that if something is bad then she simply won’t take it. Praifah gets a text on her phone telling her to get home safe but she refuses to let your Grandpa see it.

Later at Thun’s apartment, Thun enters looking for Med. However Med appears behind him, startling Thun. When Thun complains that Med scared him, Med teases him about being scared by a ghost. Thun asks Med not to do it again which is when Med reaches out and touches Thun’s shirt. Thun is surprised because he felt the touch so Med tries to do it again, but his hand goes right through Thun. Thun assumes that it must have been his imagination then mentions that it would be scary. Med teases Thun about it by making funny faces at him.

Apparently the face Med made was supposed to be scary but as Thun says.. Med is too cute to be scary. Med then asks why Thun was sneaking into the apartment anyway. Thun admits that he was being sneaky because he was curious what Med does when he’s not around. Med says that he does the same things as any other normal person. Thun leers and and asks again if Med does everything that a normal person does.. Med quickly tells Thun not to get any ideas.

Thun then changes the subject by bringing out a big bag of chocolate for Med. Thun reminds Med to let him know if he gets tired of eating chocolate. Thun then says that Med should eat more to gain some weight.. then he can be a chubby ghost. This earns Thun a glare from Med. Thun quickly says that he was just teasing, then Med asks about Thun’s basketball practice.

At the basketball practice (that Thun is skipping) Golf shows Prince a list of symptoms of weed use as he thinks that’s what is going on with Thun. However, Prince doesn’t think that Thun uses weed as he’s not that type. Golf asks if Prince has noticed that Thun has been acting strange lately. Golf says that there is another guy in the neighbourhood that acts the same way, and he smokes pot. Prince still doesn’t think Thun is but says that IF it’s true, their coach would freak. Golf says that’s why they have to catch Thun first.

Prince reminds Golf that he actually needs proof first that Thun is smoking pot. Golf refers to that other guy in his neighbourhood and claims that he’s sure. The coach tells them both to quit sitting there chatting. The two quickly get back to practicing their basketball skills.

Later that night at the apartment, Med is grading Thun’s work saying that he misspelled 8 words. Med hands the paper back to Thun but doesn’t let go right away. Thun asks if Med is still thinking about that touch earlier. Med says that to be able to touch others again would make it feel like he’s still alive. Med smiles wistfully as he admits that it’s just wishful thinking. Thun tells him that by being able to see and talk to Med, it feels like they are in the same world.

A moment later Prince and Golf burst into the apartment annoying both Thun and Med. Thun says that they should at least knock first before coming in, then threatens to take his key back. Golf sniffs around for Pot (it smells like skunk.) while Prince demands to know what Thun was up to. Thun says that he was working on his essay which leads Prince to asking why Thun skipped practice. Thun claims he had a stomachache but they don’t believe him.

Prince tries a different tactic asking who Thun was talking to. Thun claims that he wasn’t talking to anyone but Prince claims that they could hear him through the apartment door. Thun reminds them that just because they heard something doesn’t mean that he was talking to someone. Thun claims that he was just reading a section of the text out loud to himself. Thun then points out that them coming over to disturb him is trespassing but the other two argue that they were given permission since he gave them a key (weak argument). Thun says if they don’t have much to do, then they should spend their time memorizing the work.

When Thun goes to use the bathroom, his friends start searching his apartment. Golf finds a ton of chocolate in the fridge so in his mind it confirms that Thun is using Pot. Golf tells Prince that they should have a serious chat with Thun but Prince says that they don’t have enough evidence yet. Golf points out that it’s weird for Thun to have electronic incense sticks all over the place, then turns off the one on top of the fridge. When Golf goes to look elsewhere, he notices that the incense stick has turned back on. Golf points it out to Prince but Prince tries to explain it by saying it might be a glitch with the switch but he doesn’t sound convinced of it himself.

Prince switches the electronic incense stick off, then tells Golf they should continue searching. Golf turns around for a moment before looking back at the stick, to find that it’s on again. Golf worriedly asks Prince if he just turned it off.. which of course Prince did. Now Golf tells Prince that he can keeps searching as Golf now claims his stomach hurts.. and runs out the door. Prince grabs his backpack and runs after him as he’s also too creeped out to stay in the apartment. After they leave, the audience sees Med smiling by the fridge.

Later that night, Med asks Thun if his friends are studying to be lawyers or detectives. Thun says that’s just how his friends are though. Poor Thun is getting tired from all his studying as he says that the words are starting to get all blurry. Thun says that he’s never been more focused on studying but if he gets another F, his mother will kill him. Thun is also concerned about losing his athletic scholarship. Med asks Thun why he chose to study law. Thun says that being a lawyer is cool because no one will be able to play tricks on him.

Med says that Thun would be the one playing tricks on people since that’s what he said earlier. Thun says that he was just joking earlier and didn’t actually mean it. Thun wants to know why Med wants to know though. Med says it’s because Thun doesn’t seem like the lawyer type. Thun asks what type does he look like then? But Med says he’s not sure but he will tell Thun when he figures it out. Thun then tells Med that he’s going to bed as he can’t study anymore tonight. Med shyly wishes him “sweet dreams”. After Thun closes the door to his room, he smiles.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 4 Part 2!