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He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 3

Thun takes Med shopping, they stop by the electronics section. Thun waves in front of the camera and watches himself waving on the big screen tv. Med thinks it’s pretty cool but of course he can’t be captured by the camera. Thun then takes Med for a dessert treat called Bingsu (similar to an ice cream sundae but with shaved

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He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 2

The next morning Med keeps trying to grab the chocolate cereal box but his hand keeps going through it. Thun comes out of his room wondering what Med is up to. Med says nothing then watches as Thun grabs a bowl and pours himself some cereal. Thun asks if Med wants some, but Med says no. Med asks Thun if

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He’s Coming To Me: Episode 2 Part 1

Med and Thun are walking down the street. Thun is carrying a couple of bags, Med apologizes for bothering him with it but Thun doesn’t seemed concerned about it. Med wonders how Thun knew which traditional desserts to bring for the offering, so Thun tells him that he just Googled it. Med died before Google so he has no clue

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