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The Shipper: Episode 1 Part 1

A group of bullies are attacking a boy named Somkit because he didn’t allow Off to see his answers this time. Somkit swears that he tried but the teacher Miss Angkana was staring at him the whole time. Off of course doesn’t care saying that if Somkit wants to study in school peacefully then Somkit had better do as he’s

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Under The Power: Episode 1

During the years of Emperor Jia Jing, Yan Song framed Grand Secretary Xia Ran. Xia Ran was beheaded under false charges. After that Yan Song removed Qiu Cheng, Shen Liang, Yang Qi Zheng and other political enemies. Since then Yan Song and his son have held enormous power in the court. In the 37th year of Emperor Jia Jing the

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Psych Hunter: Episode 1

Psych Hunter Official Trailer If One is not guilty, how could a ghost haunt him? What troubles the spirit is born from the heart. To diagnose from the mind and treat at the soul. To Delve into a patient’s subconscious and root out the evil within. Those skilled in this aspect are known as Psych Hunters. The show begins in

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