Psych Hunter: Episode 1

Psych Hunter Official Trailer

If One is not guilty, how could a ghost haunt him?

What troubles the spirit is born from the heart.

To diagnose from the mind and treat at the soul.

To Delve into a patient’s subconscious and root out the evil within.

Those skilled in this aspect are known as Psych Hunters.

The show begins in a creepy foggy graveyard complete with cawing crows where our hero Jiang Shuo (Hou Ming Hao) is lying barely conscious in a open grave.

An old man Bu Yan (Qu Gang) finds him and brings home. However once he wakes up in the old man’s place surrounded by a group of people, the old man starts to ask him about where he’s from and his family.

Unfortunately all the guy can do is shake his head because he doesn’t know the answers. The old man then pulls out a read pouch that he found near him with the name Jiang Shuo on it and ask if that’s his name.. (sure, ask the guy with no memory) The boy says the name out loud.

The camera than changes to a really creepy dining room

Creepy Dining Room

We see a few people sitting around the table, mixed with some flashes to newspaper articles about these people being missing. Apparently they disappeared overnight on October 14th.

Missing People Board

Then we flash back to the dining room where someone is grabbing a knife in a way that suggests murderous intent. We also see some letter envelopes with a weird logo on it.

Mysterious Letter

The we flash again to someone wearing a mask and when he takes it off it looks like Jiang Shuo

Then we flash to another guy staring at the board of missing people

Then it’s time for opening credits!

The Spotify Link to the opening theme song of Psych Hunter. …Opening OST

After the opening credits we see a man running in the rain from what appears to be your average slasher movie villain in a raincoat complete with a knife.

Serial Killer in a raincoat

Xiang runs into the front yard of the house asking for Liu Xin to save him. The owner of the house opens the door, see the serial killer looking person and promptly shuts the door on our poor victim’s face.

The owner of the house than sits on the other side of the door and listens to the guy begging to be saved that is until he’s been stabbed multiple times. After the guys is dead the coward hiding behind the door opens it to peek out only to see that no one is there!

That’s because the murder victim’s ghost is now inside the house and asking why his friend didn’t save him, (what a shitty friend) Is it any wonder that the ghost is now trying to kill him? Liu Xin then asks for someone to save him..

Jiang Shuo in the middle of eating chicken

A red string with bells ties up the ghost and Jiang Shuo pops out from nowhere eating a chicken drumstick and asks Liu Xin about the ghost. After confirming the ghost is “him” Jiang Shuo tosses the piece of chicken and leaves.

They run out into the courtyard where knives start coming out of the walls. Jiang Shuo asks coward guy why the ghost is so angry… Liu Xin says “karma”.

Jiang Shuo does some complicated hand gestures which makes a door appear out of nowhere..on the other side of the door is the serial killer looking person. After closing the door I the killer’s face, Liu Xin tells Jiang Shuo that person is the murderer. Jiang Shuo confusedly asks if raincoat person is the murderer than why did Xiang come to see him? The answer once again is Karma (That’s not exactly an answer).

A creepy voice comes out of nowhere telling Liu Xin he can’t run. Jiang Shuo tells the ghost of poor Xiang that his friend wasn’t the one that killed him, it was the guy chasing him instead. Jiang Shuo than negotiates with the ghost for it to let Liu Xin go. The ghost accepts the deal then Jiang Shuo says it’s time to leave.

Magic Coins

We hear the sound of something jingling and then Liu Xin wakes up to having Jiang Shuo jingling the coins in his face.

Apparently Jiang Shuo was using his mind reading skills to help cure Liu Xin’s nightmares. However he found the dream to be a bit strange and asks again about the Karma. Liu Xin tells him it’s none of his business and to focus on his job.

Jian Shuo tells him his nightmares must be a result of the house he’s living in being bad fengshui. Luckily it just so happens that Jiang Shuo is selling the house they are currently in which of course has good Fengshui. Liu Xin realizes that the whole point to meeting in that house was so that Jiang Shuo could sell it to him. At first he says no because he’s poor, but Jiang Shuo eventually persuaded him to buy.

Jiang Shuo’s smile

Meanwhile in a gambling house Dr. Qin Yi Heng ( Liu Dong Qin) makes a bet with a guy that if he wins the other guy must stop gambling. Of course he wins. Then in manner very much like Sherlock he tells the guy how he used psychology to win.

Dr. Qin Yi Heng

Elsewhere in the city there has been another murder and it’s all over the news. It’s the third murder in a month and the police have put up a wanted poster that looks very familiar…

Jiang Shuo’s wanted poster

Our unsuspecting hero walks up a to a crowd of people surrounding bulletin board to see what’s going on… and find out there’s a reward for bringing in the “murderer” to the police. The guy next to him seems to think Jiang Shuo looks a lot like the poster (ya think?) which of course he denies.

However that doesn’t stop others from recognizing him as he tries to sneak away. This leads to a chase scene with a stolen horse. He also rides past Dr. Qin having tea on his balcony. He also rides past a clothing store where the woman shopping came out to see what’s going on. Whe she was told they were chasing a serial killer she joins the chase in her car.

Jiang Shuo rides the horse straight to the army barracks where he tells the soldiers that are pointing gums at him that it’s all a misunderstanding. (He’s innocent, he swears!) He then claims to have brought in a criminal (the girl in the car). However once the soldiers see her, they immediately put down their weapons. She approaches Jiang Shou only to give him a resounding slap. He has no clue why she did this (he’s not Jack Sparrow) she goes to slap him again but he dodges it. Only to be knocked unconscious by one of the soldiers.. poor guy!

Meanwhile over at a clinic a bunch of rich ladies with nothing better to do, pretend to be ill, just to see the very hot Dr. Qin. These ladies are impatient to see the doctor but the nurse just tells them to wait for their turn. A moment later the nurse brings Dr. Qin some documents for tomorrow’s patients. Hidden among these however is a death certificate for one Jiang Shuo! Not only that but it has the same logo as the weird envelope from earlier.

Dr. Qin noticing the symbol quickly asks the nurse how the death certificate came into that pile of documents. The nurse doesn’t know how it got there after all it was pretty busy with all the patients. Dr. Qin tells her to check the hospital for a patient with that name. The date on the certificate is October 15th.

Now over at the police station the Sergeant Bai has just arrived and inquires about the girl from the car. Turns out that she is General Yuan’s daughter and she secretly works with the police. No wonder those soldiers were respectful!

While she is supposed to be secretly a police officer, she felt that she should look the part and had a uniform made for herself. Chief Bai Kai on the other hand is wondering how he will ever be able to explain this to General Yuan.

Our boy Jiang Shuo is alive! And handcuffed in a cell about to be interrogated by Sergeant Bai and Ms. Yuan about the murders. Jiang Shuo has no idea about any murders, he just sold the guys a house. It’s just bad luck that all three people are now dead and he’s the connection. It doesn’t help that two people that witnessed someone in a serial killer raincoat and knife sneak into the house. The witnesses claim it was Jian Shuo but he says he was celebrating his birthday that night with friends . If they don’t believe him they can go ask them.

Just then another cop comes in and tells the Chief that the three murder victims were close friends.

Back at the Hospital Dr. Qin and the nurse are looking at case files only to find a severed thumb in with the documents.

The ring on the thumb belongs to Dr. Qin’s Dad who went missing (he was sitting at the creepy dining table) a creepy note found with it asks if the Doctor likes his “gift”. It says that he has Dr. Qin’s dad and that if he wants to see him again alive he has to find the author of the letter by October 15th which is when Jiang Shou will die and then his dad will be killed. The author says that the only clue he will give him is Jiang Shuo. The letter is signed Liu Zhi.

Jiang Shuo of course is being thrown into jail still proclaiming his innocence. Ms. Yuan tells him that he looks sly. He calls her a madwoman because of course he’s innocent and handsome.

Sometime later while trying to persuade a guard that he’s innocent, the guard lets out another person from the cell beside him.

That person drops this little wicker ball that Jiang Shuo picks up. Inside is a note that says he’s next after Liu Xin.Poor Jiang Shuo realizes the other person must be the murderer and tried to get the guard to go after him. Of course the guard doesn’t believe him.

Meanwhile Ms.Yuan is looking at the case files trying to find evidence of Jiang Shuo’s guilt. Dr.Qin on the other hand has approached the police chief in hopes of getting to interrogate Jiang Shuo himself. Since the Chief and him are friends plus the fact that Dr.Qin is Psychologist, he allows it. (Seriously?)

Back in the cell Jiang Shou gets the guard’s attention and hypnotizes him to fall asleep. Dr. Qin runs into Ms. Yuan who calls him by name and asks what he’s doing there. Qin Yi Heng then asks about the prisoner. Ms.Yuan tells him all about the dangerous criminal and shows him the documents from the sold houses. Dr. Qin realizes that Liu Zhi is the original owner of all three houses. Ms. Yuan says she doesn’t know the connection between Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi.

Together they go to the cell to check on our prisoner only to find that he’s escaped and the poor guard is asleep on the floor. They manage to wake the guard only to find him pretty much useless about what happened.

The police go to check out Jiang Shuo’s home where Bu Yan (the man that found him a year ago) told them he couldn’t kill anyone because they were celebrating his birthday when the latest murder took place. Jiang Shuo himself is hiding with two other members of the group behind a fence lamenting on the fact that he can’t even go home now.

Remember that wicker ball that had the death threat in it? Well apparently it also has a special kind of a bug that comes in mated pairs. When separated the male bug will lead the way to the female one. So instead of following a yellow brick road follow the bug!

Dr. Qin and Ms. Yuan arrive at the scene and it turns out that Dr.Qin also knows the Bu Yan. They met a year ago when Dr. Qin’s father and Bu Yan’s daughter went missing the same day. The police capture a friend of Jiang Shuo’s because the little guy made noise so the big guy went out to cover their escape. Dr. Qin quickly figures it out though.

Jiang Shuo and the little guy are following the bug which leads them to a famous haunted house that looks it has been on fire at some point. This scares the little guy. Jiang Shuo notices that the house had bad mojo (fengshui) so of course there had been a fire there. Little guy just wants to leave but our hero is determined to find Liu Zhi since that guy framed him for murder. However he told the little guy that he can wait outside.

Jiang Shuo explores the creepy haunted house by himself, the bug leads him to a room with memorial tablets on a little altar with candles. The names on the tablets correspond to the murder victims and it includes the day of their death on it. If that’s not creepy enough Jiang Shuo finds a tablet with his name on it, date of death October 15th.

Exploring a haunted house just wouldn’t be complete without our favourite raincoat killer making an appearance and heading towards our hero. This time the villain is dragging an axe.. (where’s the knife?)

And roll the ending credits because that is the end of the first episode!

This is my first time doing a recap so I hope you enjoy it! I love this show there are 36 episodes in the series and only the first episode in currently free on the iQIYI site. Luckily I have a membership so I get watch then recap them all. Recapping takes time ( about 3 hours without editing) so please be patient .