The Shipper: Episode 1 Part 3

Pan and Soda are spying through the door trying to figure out what’s going on in the room inside. Soda says that even if they can’t figure out what’s going on, the looks P’Kim and P’Way are giving each other shows that they care a lot about each other. Pan says that it’s not concern that they are showing for each other but love.

Apparently they aren’t the only ones trying to figure out what’s going on as quite a few people are lined up by the door. Inside the room we see that they are likely being scolded by the teacher for fighting. A little while later Pan and Soda are walking down the hall when Pan asks why the boys were fighting to begin with. Soda admits that she doesn’t know as she was too focused on the fanfic when they started fighting.

Pan says that she’s pretty sure that P’Off started it as the other two had helped someone that was being bullied by P’Off before. Soda says that P’Off is a terrible person that always creates problems for P’Way and P’Kim. Pan suggests that they write a fiction about P’Off and get revenge for them. Soda agrees that writing fiction is the only way to make peace for the world.

Pan and Soda make it to the doorway of their classroom when they overhear Phingphing and her friends mention that the fight was over the boy love fiction. Phingphing’s friend says that she heard that P’Off found about the WayKim fiction P’Kim/P’Way fiction then mocked them because of it. Phingphing and the other friend want to know what P’Off said so the friend tells them that he asked the boys “are you having fun with anal sex?”. P’Way and P’Kim just lost it after that. Phingphing says that was disgusting.

Her friend asks if she means P’Off but Phingphing slams her hand on the desk saying that it’s the fiction writer that is disgusting. Phingphing says that writing a nonsense story is one thing, but causing problems for P’Way is another. Phingphing tells her friends that she can’t let this go and they agree with her.

Pan wonders if the fight was really because of them but Soda tells her not to think about it too much, the boys just fought and it’s nothing new. A moment later Phingphing’s phone notification goes off as she receives a text. Her friends ask about it, so she tells them that P’Way just texted her that he got expelled.

Pan and Soda run over to P’Way and P’Kim’s classroom where there is already a crowd outside. They ask if P’Way has truly been expelled and a girl confirms this to be true. They wonder why he’s be expelled now when he’s been in many troubles before. Apparently the other times weren’t this bad and he was already on probation.

People in the crowd wonder if P’Way will go to a different school then but someone in the crowd says that he’s already on every school’s blacklist and no one will take him in. Which leads people to speculate that his education will just end here then. P’Way asks P’Kim if he’s going to walk him out.

P’Kim doesn’t respond and then P’Way tries to hand him the basketball saying that he should take it as a gift from him. P’Kim doesn’t move so P’Way just puts it in the cubby for now. It looks like P’Kim is trying to hold himself together and process what’s happening when P’Way grips his shoulder to offer a bit of comfort before walking out of the classroom.

Soda says that she will talk to her Mother as she’s on the parent council and should be able to help. Pan tells her to hurry before P’Way signs his resignation paper. However the phone call doesn’t seem to be going very well, even when Soda speaks with her uncle.

Pan leaves Soda in the bathroom to her phone calls only to find Khett outside, He tells her that he had warned her about her fiction. Pan asks if he’s just coming to add insult to injury. Khett wonders why she would think that.

In a flashback to the classroom, Phingphing tells her friends to find the fiction author and bring the person to her. Khett over hears this while pretending to be asleep at his desk..

We return to the present moment where Pan asks if he’s not adding insult to injury than what is he doing? Khett tells her to believe what she wants (just tell her that you came to protect her!) Pan says that she is trying to make it right. Khett asks her what she can do. Soda comes out of the bathroom to tell them both that there was nothing she could do about the expulsion.

Soda says that P’Way has been given many warnings already so no one can help him now. The three of them watch as P’Way walks past them. P’Way continues walking when he gets a text notification on his phone, it’s Phingphing saying that she will meet at him home. While Pan and Soda are trying to figure out what to do P’Kim shows up, grabs P’Way by the arm and drags him to the teacher’s room.

The teacher says nothing can be done as P’Way’s punishment has already been finalized by the board. The teacher says that rules are rules. P’Kim says that he didn’t come there to make them change the penalty, but to make the an offer. P’Kim says that if they insist on expelling P’Way then P’Kim will quit too.

This of course shocks everyone. P’Kim says that if they abolish the expulsion then he will stay and join the academic competitions to bring fame to the school. However if they insist on expelling him then they will have to take P’Kim’s resignation paper as well. P’Way is about to argue with him by the looks of it but the teacher beats him to it by telling Kim that he can’t do this. Kim says he guesses he’s out then, he grabs P’Way and drags him out of the room.

A little bit later, Pan and Soda are walking feeling a bit depressed over what had happened. Pan says that things have really escalated with the two of them. Soda says that she is going to rush home and try talking to her Mother again. Soda tells Pan not to feel too stressed out and to go home before she herself leaves.

A lot later that night, Pan is waiting near a motorcycle. She gets bored waiting so she starts to play with the bike a little bit. P’Kim comes up behind her telling her that she is not old enough to ride it yet.

Pan struggles a bit but eventually shows P’Kim her phone and admits that she wrote the fiction. She also apologizes for any trouble that she has caused. She starts to cry that she never thought her actions would lead to this and that he can yell at her all he wants. Pan also tells him that she can explain it to Miss Angkana (the teacher) and that she’s willing to do anything.

While she’s doing all that P’Kim is just calmly getting on his bike then offers her a helmet, offering to take her home. He smiles as he offers the helmet proving that he’s a good guy.

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 3!