The Shipper: Episode 1 Part 2

Phingphing tells her friends that she had told P’Way that she didn’t like to wear rings but he insisted she wear it so that others knew she was taken. One of her friends notices that she has a hickey and Phingphing admits that she was going to talk to them about it. She wonders if there is a way to ask him to stop kissing so aggressively.

Pan is squeezing that poor juice box very hard every time there’s a new detail. Phingphing says that P’Way didn’t just kiss her on her neck but then points to her chest and then points a little lower. It’s clear her friends are getting overstimulated by the steamy talk, as they say they can’t take it anymore. I’m pretty sure Pan’s milk box can’t take it anymore either.

Phingphing then goes onto say that she’s exhausted because P’Way wants to have sex with her everyday. Phingphing asks her friends how she should talk to him. Her friends say that it’s difficult and that they don’t know either. Pan slams down that poor abused milk box and says if they don’t know the words then she does. She goes back to MacBook and begins to type a new story entry with Soda. Khett peers over from his seat to see what she’s typing.

They start with Phingphing asking P’Way to stop with his aggressive kissing because she doesn’t like it. They then type that P’Way doesn’t actually like it either and just does it out of duty. Pan types in that P’Way only does it Phingphing as an experiment, as he actually loves P’Kim. Soda then types about Phingphing asking P’Way what she means to him then. Pan types out that P’Way tells her that she is just a replacement.

Khett gets behind Pan and shakes her head saying that Phingphing is the real deal. He even makes her watch the two sitting together in real life but Pan and Soda go back to their typing. Pan types that P’Way tells Phingphing that he’s done with her. Pan types out that P’Way says that he’s found out the truth about her. Soda types back that Phingphing wonders if it’s because she poops every morning. Pan types back that P’Way says that he hates someone with a good excretory system. Pan types out that P’Way wants to break up with Phingphing.

Khett tells her that they are not breaking up and gives her head another shake. However even after he rubs her nose in the fact that the two are together, it doesn’t stop her from typing that P’Way tells Phingphing that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Soda writes that Phingphing says that she’s changed, she doesn’t poop in the morning anymore. Pan writes that P’Way says that he hates people that poop in the middle of the day too!

Soda types that Phingphing says that she will poop at night then, but Pan types that P’Way says that he hates people that poop and loves people with constipation (hahaha!) Khett tells her to stop playing around and hold her head once more to make her see the happy couple.

Pan pushes his hands off of her while telling him to get off of her. She goes back to furiously typing when Khett grabs her laptop from her asking why is she so serious about her fiction. She asks why is he so nosy, and that it’s her business. Pan says that it doesn’t hurt anyone and then grabs her laptop back from Khett. She tells Soda that they are going to write the best fiction, then wonders where the locations will be for the setting.

They decide to make the setting behind the school and have Phingphing tied up by Off and his henchmen to a pole. P’Kim comes to the rescue instead and Off asks him why he’s there. P’Kim says it’s because Phingphing is important to P’Way. P’Kim is about to fight Off and his henchmen when P’Way drops out of nowhere in a super hero pose. Everyone looks up trying to figure out where P’Way came from. Off even asks him about it but P’Way says that it’s none of his business.

P’Way tells P’Kim that he doesn’t have to do this and Phingphing thinks it’s because P’Way will do it himself. P’Way quickly says that it’s because Phingphing has no value for him to care. Off and his henchmen look from P’Way to Phingphing to see her reaction to that before looking at P’Way again. P’Way says that he came to stop P’Kim so that he doesn’t get hurt.

P’Kim and P’Way call each other’s names in a very dramatic fashion worthy of a soap opera as they get closer (smooches?) However Phingphing ruins any possible smooches by yelling that she won’t tolerate this then orders P’Off to kill them. P’Off yell back asking if he’s her sidekick now. Phingphing repeats her command.

P’Off calls way a dickhead then tries to punch him only to end up being punched himself. (It reminds me of a scene from Doctor Strange..) A

moment later P’Kim is holding a blue lightsaber and small shield (are we making fun of Disney? Since they own both Star Wars and Marvel?) They stand together and taunt the bullies into a fight. P’Kim uses his lightsaber against them knocking them back a bit. P’Off calls him a bastard and then P’Way hits him with lightning that comes out of his fingers.

After the bullies are taken care of, P’Kim throws down his shield and lightsaber to ask P’Way if Phingphing is still important to him. We return to the soap opera overly dramatic name thing just before they start ripping each other’s shirts off. There are smooches but it doesn’t count if all I can see is the back of P’Kim’s head…

Of course this kind of steamy scene is enough to make any fan girl’s nose bleed so it’s no surprise that it happens to Pan. Some blood hits her cheek and shirt, she blames Soda for having a big nose bleed. Soda says it isn’t her blood but theirs, pointing to the boys having a classical all out brawl. Pan feels cheated by reality.

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 2!