The Lovely Writer: Episode 1 Part 2

Nubsib enters the room and everyone at the table is appreciating his good looks except for Gene because he has his head down looking at papers ignoring everything else. Hin says that Nubsib is like a god and he could die if Nubsib plays Kin in the drama. Hin had also grabbed Gene’s arm to get his attention so Gene looks up and isn’t impressed. He tells Hin that this person looks to posh to play Kin.

Hin can’t believe that Gene doesn’t like the actor and says that it’s too bad. That’s when Nubsib introduces himself to everyone at the table. After the introduction, Director Mai says that it’s Nubsib has made it to the second round of casting for this part so they gave him a scene and told him to prepare for this time. Mai says that Nubsib can start when he’s ready but Gene quickly asks Mai where the washroom is and gets up to leave.

As Gene goes to leave Nubsib begins his scene using Gene asking him where he’s going. Nubsib then grabs him by the arm and demands to know why he didn’t tell him that he was getting up this morning. Nubsib then tells Gene that he can’t escape him because the mark that he left on his body is a reminder that Gene belongs to him (this is all the scene).

Nubsib tells Gene that he knows how much Nubsib misses him. He then pulls on Gene’s arm and tells him to come here and get back in the room. The scene gets really uncomfortable for Gene and he’s about to say so when Mai and the others at the table say that it was wonderful. Mai even stands up to give his applause. Mai loves Nubsib’s acting and feels that the strong and harsh attitude really got him.

Mai says that Nubsib is going to become famous and asks him to stay for awhile longer and that they will talk a little later. Nubsib then apologizes to Gene for doing that, he guesses that he must have startled Gene. Gene is confused so Nubsib thanks him for being his acting partner. Gene nods his head quickly and walks quickly out of the room. Nubsib smiles like a cat that just ate the canary.

A little while later the crew is going over the actors deciding which ones they will cast. They pick one actor because they like both his looks, his acting plus his height is good. The next actor, Mai dismisses another actor because his looks are only “ok” he also happens to be gay which would should be okay since they are filming a boy love story and it would be progressive too. One of the media team says that it may be a progressive casting choice they can’t sell it, so the actor doesn’t get the role.

The next actor is cute, a good actor and not too feminine says one of the crew. Mai says that Aey is too feminine but it’s just enough for the role that they are casting. The person that brought up the previous actor as a good choice and got turned down wonders why Aey a person that is also gay isn’t getting the same treatment as the other one. The media person says that while he is gay, he’s just the right amount of gay and she can sell him as promoting LGBTQIA+ so that they can sell the idea that they are being progressive.

Hin asks about the standards then. The media person says that acting or looks alone won’t get you the part. Mai agrees that they have been in the BL industry for a long time and the wrong casting will create a lot of drama (very true in real life). After that they come to Nubsib’s profile and they all agree that he’s perfect to play Kin. Mai says that he will fight anyone that disagrees on it. One of the crew asks if Nubsib is gay because when he ran his lines with Gene, she totally shipped them together.

Mai asks Gene if he felt anything from Nubsib and everyone stares at him. Gene eventually says that what he felt was probably just because of Nubsib’s acting. Mai tells the person that they were just sticking their nose everywhere and it’s none of their business whether or not Nubsib is gay what matters is his acting (so many double standards with casting..) Mai asks if Hin and Gene have anything to do later, if not they can talk more. Gene says that he has to go home and work on his manuscript.

Mai says that they will have another meeting in two weeks and if they are free they can join. Hin responds before Gene gets the chance to ruin it for him again by saying that they are both free. Gene thanks everyone and then tells Hin that they should leave. Hin asks if they are going to the Condo or the suburbs. Gene says that he will go to the condo because the suburbs are too far and they will never make it in traffic. Hin says that he has to go poo first and Gene says that he will meet him out front then.

Gene is out front drinking a bottle of water when a crew member bumps into him making him drop it. The bottle rolls a little, before stopping at Nubsib’s feet. Nubsib picks up the water bottle and brings it back to Gene. Gene thanks him for returning the water bottle, but Nubsib also thanks him for helping out in the scene earlier. Nubsib says that he just learned Gene was the writer of “Bad Engineer”. He found out from Director Mai, so he tells Gene that he’s going to be needing his help. Gene tells him not to overthink it and that his questions would be better answered by the crew as Gene is just the writer and won’t be close by.

Hin comes out of the bathroom telling Gene that his butt is all wet and that it itches. Then Hin notices Nubsib, he asks if Nubsib is done talking with the director but Nubsib says that he hasn’t finished yet as Mai had to take an important call, so he came down to the bathroom. Hin introudces himself as Gene’s assistant and says that they will see a lot more of each other now. Gene drags Hin away while he complains that he just got there and hasn’t been able to talk to Nubsib. Nubsib smiles.

At home Gene starts typing random stuff into his laptop but it’s clear he still has writer’s block. He gets a call from Hin reminding him that he has to go to the series meeting tomorrow. Hin reminds Gene that he doesn’t have a choice in going, he also sent Gene the location of the meeting. Gene tells Hin that he knows then hangs up. Gene’s mind wanders back to when Nubsib used him to help perform his scene and finally comes up with a theme for his new book. The book’s title is “Love Actor” and then he begins to type the story.

The next day, Hin is in the house and yells to Gene that he had better hurry or they are going to be late. Gene wonders why Hin dragged him out since he only went to bed in the morning. Hin reminds Gene that they had already told the crew that they were going. Gene asks why they are having a meeting today anyway. Hin says that the meeting is to go over the shooting rundown and letting the actors know which part they all play.

Gene tells Hin that he knows more than him so why doesn’t he just go and say that he’s the writer. Then Hin can come back and tell him about it. Hin says that it’s Gene’s novel, so he has to go and listen. Hin wonders how Gene can be the writer but not have the spirit. Gene then refuses to go but Hin says that he can’t do that and that together they will go far.

They both arrive at the meeting and everyone else is already sitting down. Nubsib looks pretty happy at seeing Gene sit right across the table from him. Mai introduces himself to everyone then introduces Gene as the writer of the story, his pen name is Wizard. Mai then goes on to introduce the actors starting with Nubsib who will be playing Kin.

Sitting next to Nubsib is Aey who will be playing the character Namcha. The person sitting next to him and beside Mai is Mhok who plays Tawan. The woman on the other side of Mai is Fah and she’s the producer of the series. Fah says that right now they will go over the timeline and starts with when they will begin the shooting the series. Aey isn’t paying attention as he is checking his phone to see information on “Bad Engineer” to see that the author pen name’s Wizard.

Meanwhile Gene isn’t paying attention either as he’s doodling over some paper and smiling at his little drawings. Nubsib is watching Gene and has a smile of his very own. Hin of course notices that Gene is drawing and wants to see it. The two of them fight over the paper, until the paper flies over to Nubsib. Nubsib is enjoying it a little too much as he then looks at the paper. Gene looks like he wants to melt into his chair in embarrassment.

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 2!