The Shipper: Episode 1 Part 1

A group of bullies are attacking a boy named Somkit because he didn’t allow Off to see his answers this time. Somkit swears that he tried but the teacher Miss Angkana was staring at him the whole time. Off of course doesn’t care saying that if Somkit wants to study in school peacefully then Somkit had better do as he’s told. He wonders what’s so hard about stealing exam papers.

Off then goes to punch Somkit but Kimhan (Kim) grabs his arm saying that Somkit did the right thing. Off pushes Kim wondering if he’s trying to be a hero. Off then tells his little henchmen to give Kim a round of applause, Kim tells Off to stop but Off tells him to stop sticking his nose into other people’s business then punches him in the face. Kim tells Somkit to leave and the kid doesn’t have to be told twice!

Off says that Kim’s boss trained him well. Kim says boss, my ass! I have no boss. Off smirks then goes for another punch which Kim dodges. A fight ensues of course and it’s three against one until Watit (Way) shows up to kick Off straight in the chest. He tells Kim that admitting he’s Kim’s boss won’t hurt.

Way had forced the other three back with some well placed kicks then asks why Kim has to fight when he knows that Way is on school probation. Kim says that he had no choice as it was going on right in front of his eyes. Way wonders why he just couldn’t walk past it then. Kim tells Way that he couldn’t do that and that he could handle them just fine on his own. Way doesn’t believe him though, one of Off’s henchmen seems to have recovered as he comes after them only to be kicked by both. (Like Sherlock and Watson telling Mycroft to shut up at the same time).

Behind some crates a little distance away to Fujoshi (girls that like BL a little too much) prop open their MacBooks to start writing their BL fan fiction on based on Kim and Way. Panithita (Pan) and her best friend Sarocha (Soda) begin type super quick about how Way won’t let anyone lay a finger on his Kim. They quickly type that Kim says the same thing about people not touching his Way.

Kim and Way finally finish fighting and Way asks if Kim is hurt, brushing his hair back a bit to check on him. Pan and Soda fan girl scream behind their computers. They say that the werewolf is taking care of his vampier. Way says if it hurts, then smacks Kim on the back of the head as he finishes telling Kim not show off again. Kim can’t believe that Way just smacked him. Kim wonders if Way knows how much his brain is worth to the school.

Kim then gives Way a play kick in the butt and the two continue to kick each other as the leave the scene where Off and his henchmen are still on the ground. Pan and Soda both exclaim that Way and Kim are so in love and then as it’s too much for fan girls they get the tell tale nosebleeds.

Roll those opening Credits!

In class, Pan isn’t paying to the teacher at all, instead she’s drawing a boy on a boat, which she then labels P’Kim. (Roughly means older brother Kim from my understanding). Pan then says that P’Kim is the brains of the school as the hall of academic awards belongs just to him. We get a brief flash of Kim helping out the teachers on a difficult problem on a blackboard before showing him walking past the hall of academic rewards.

Pan then draws a second boy on the boat and labels him as P’Way. She says that he is the strength and the coolest man on earth. We get a flash of him beating up gang members telling them to quit asking him to come back to the gang. A gang member begs him to go back as they can’t beat anyone without him. Way tells them that if they are that crappy then they should just quit now.

Pan thinks to herself that if the world is going to end then the important thing for a Shipper like her is to see them together forever. That’s when Pan and Soda get the idea of having them on a boat in their latest fan fiction where they get incredibly close being trapped there for days on end.

They start to write a more steamy scene when someone sends them a message that interrupts the flow of where they were going with the story, and completely ruins the mood of it. Pan knows it’s the guy in the next seat Khemachat (Khett). She asks him why he’s interrupting. He claims that he didn’t do anything though. Pan tells him that he can go ahead and play dumb, then she goes back to writing her fan fiction.

She then blocks the account that was interrupting the story and goes back to writing that steamy scene about P’Way and P’Kim grabbing each other’s shirts just to have a new account pop up and inserting that P’Kim found out that P’Way had flat nipples too. She looks at the boy next to her, but it doesn’t appear that he’s doing anything so she blocks the new account and starts to type again.

She starts writing about how P’Kim grabs P’Way’s chest when a new account pops up saying that P’Way has boobs so big they are a C cup. She looks over to the boy sitting next to her to see that he’s smiling over his phone. She blocks the new account then continues to write about P’Way grabbing P’Kim’s chest when a new account pops up saying his chest is even bigger- it’s an F cup.

This annoys her so much that she stands up and yells “Hey” at him. Of course she is in the middle of class and the teacher wonders if the student has an issue. Khett is laughing pretty hard at her now. She then tells the students to thank the teacher and thankfully for her the bells rings. Khett is still pretty happy and asks if she is now the head of the class. Pan says that if she was then she would report him to the teachers everyday.

Khett tells her that she wouldn’t do that because she loves him too much. Pan sarcastically agrees with him before giving him a good shake. She asks when he will stop messing with her fictions as she keeps blocking all his accounts. She wonders if he owns Gmail but Khett says that he owns Outlook instead.

She tells him to stop bugging her but he claims that he’s not bugging her, he just wants to her to stop day dreaming. He says that P’Way and P’Kim might seem very close but P’Way already has a girlfriend. Soda says that anyone can tell P’Way and Phingphing aren’t serious.

Just then Phingphing enters the classroom to sit in her seat with her friends. One of her friends asks about the ring she is blatantly showing off and Phingphing says that P’Way insists that she wear it. Pan overhears this of course and the poor milk box suffers from her anger as she squeezes it way too hard. Khett notices this though and it wipes the smile off his face.

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 1! I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do!