The Lovely Writer: Episode 1 Part 1

Gene is typing his story into the laptop. The words that appear on the screen are: At the moment his hands slid and held both of my wrists, locking in on the white bedroom walls. The typing stops and then hands hover over the keyboard before deleting bedroom walls in the text and replacing the words with bathroom walls. The author then continues to type: his face slowly moved so close that I had to turn my head and shut my eyes. Oh no I thought, I knew I had the strength to push the person in front of me away, but why wouldn’t my body move?

The author continues to type: One of his hands moved from locking my wrists to feeling me under my shirt. It made my emotions run wild before he crushed his lips onto my lips!! Making it hard to breathe. My mind went blank. I felt a tingle when his warm hands fondled me. Slowly moving down to the edge of my pants pulling them down before revealing my cute ‘thing’ and using his hands to swipe it, making my knees go weak. The author then deletes the whole thing and writes in big letters: This is Sexual Harassment!!!

The author wonders how anyone could find that romantic and just what is he going to do with such a script. He leans his head back down defeated by the computer. He then gets up to go crouch in corner of the room but he rocks a little too far and falls on his butt. So he gets up to drink some water, then lays down a big bean bag chair, jumps up and down on his bed and plays on a scooter (all in his room). Before he returns to the computer.

His hands hover over the keyboard and he takes a big gulp before he attempts to start. So just when he is about to type a car horn goes off and a bunch of other noises start to annoy him. When the noise stops, he can’t remember what he was going to write! He racks his brain while messing up his hair before fidgeting with his pen. He’s about to type once more when the door buzzer goes off multiple times in rapid succession (once is enough.. jeez).

Gene (the author) quickly types something really quickly on the computer before cursing at the person at the door ringing the bell. He finally slams down his computer, kicks a chair and answers the door. The person on the other side not knowing his mood is entirely too cheerful as he greets Gene. However when he answers the door he finds out that it’s just Hin and is even more frustrated as he attempts to close the door in Hin’s face.

Hin catches the door before it fully closes as Gene has walked away and he notes that even though it’s still early morning Gene is already quite worked up. Hin closes and locks the gate behind him, telling Gene to calm down. Gene reminds Hin that he told him not to come at all this week. Gene says that he came all the way out there just so he could work on the plot.

Hin tells Gene that he has something really important to tell him though then he wonders why Gene doesn’t have a plot for the story yet. Gene asks Hin what could be more important than his work since Hin was under orders from Bua that Gene only has 5 months. Hin says that it’s really urgent though so he begs Gene not to be mad at him. Gene tells him that if it turns out not to be urgent then Gene will fight him.

Hin tells Gene that’s fine he can get his knife ready, while Hin waits then they both head inside. Gene goes back to his computer while Hin looks at all the novels and stuff scattered all over the floor. Hin tells Gene that it’s a good thing that he knows that Gene writes Boy Love novels otherwise he would think Gene was a pervert. (There is nothing perverted about BL novels!)

Gene says “Pervert, my ass! Watch your mouth!” Hin just smiles and laughs while saying that Gene is getting pretty mouthy these days. Gene looks down at his coffee mug, realizing it’s empty he orders Hin to go make him some coffee. Hin teases him by saying that he just got there and already Gene is giving him orders. Gene demands to know if he’s going to go get him coffee or not. Hin isn’t surprised by the aggressive attitude and tells Gene again to calm down. He asks if Gene wants a latte, when Gene assents then Hin leaves to go get his cranky author his coffee.

Gene gets up from behind the computer to look at a book cover art of a BL novel. He’s still sore that Hin called him a pervert as he moves that book cover art, underneath is a draft of a novel he was writing. We then get a flashback to him submitting it to his editor only to have Bua say that she met with the shareholders and they agree that Gene is really good at what he does. What he writes is so fun that it’s been decided his previous work Bad Engineer has been chosen to be made into a series by a big channel.

Bua says that because of this the shareholders had have decided.. but she takes so long to say it that Gene yells at her to just say it already. Bua says that the shareholders want him to write another BL novel. Poor Gene mumbles that’s what he thought they would say. Bua didn’t quite hear him though so she asks what he said but Gene knows better then to tell her so he says it was nothing. He then reminds Bua that she said that he could go back to writing Horror Fantasy novels (his passion).

Gene tells her that he’s not that good at writing BL novels then shows her all the other plots he has instead. She brushes them aside as if they are nothing and begs him to write a BL novel. He insists that he’s not good at it and that he doesn’t know where to start. Gene says that there are many college/student BL novels now (true and most of them about engineers!) and that he doesn’t want to write something similar anymore.

Bua tells him that he’s getting so famous now though, does he know how much their sales went up? Gene says that he doesn’t care but Bua gets mean and yells that the company does care. Realizing she has scared the rabbit known as Gene she puts on her fake nice face again saying that if he writes one more BL novel then he can write a horror fantasy novel next time. Gene tries to argue with her but it doesn’t work. She says that she already knew that he would turn her down but truthfully, it’s because of him that the company has come so far.

Bua says that he’s such a good author that his first BL novel became a series. She tells him to think about it, if he writes another BL novel then those that like the series will buy his books. Bua also tells him that if he writes another BL novel after that it can become a series, she tells him it’s a win-win situation. Bua goes one step further by guilting him into it by saying that it would really help out her and the company (that’s scummy to do by the way.) She then bribes him afterwards saying that after this novel he can write anything he wants. Gene reluctantly agrees but asks for time to come up with a plot.

Gene tells Bua that he’s only doing because she is the one asking. He goes to leave but Bua stops him to tell Gene that she wants NC (non-consent) scenes to be extra hot & steamy as in not suitable for children. We return to the present where it’s clear Gene doesn’t approve and finds it depressing. In fact he’s so lost in that memory that he doesn’t notice when Hin comes with his coffee until Hin speaks loudly in his ear.

Gene asks what Hin wants before blaming him for being the reason that he can’t concentrate and think of the plot. Hin apologizes then tells Gene that he’s puffing out his cheeks again before he reminds him about his coffee. Gene snarks back “puffing my cheeks, my ass” (is that his saying of the day?) Gene asks Hin what’s so important. Hin tells him that they are going to have a casting for “Bad Engineer”. Hin then goes on to remind him that Bad Engineer is the first BL novel that he wrote.

Gene tells Hin that he knows that “Bad Engineer” is his novel, so why does Hin keep saying the name over and over? Gene wonders what the casting even has to do with him anyways. Hin says that at the Editor’s meeting, they said that they wanted Gene to join. Gene says no, but Hin tells him that he has to go. Gene tells Hin to have the team deal with it, it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

Hin much like Bua tries a different tactic. He asks Gene to go for him because then he can comment on stuff. Hin says that because Gene is the author he knows the characters the best. Gene tells him matter of factly that anyone can do the casting, even people that have read the novel can do the casting. The face that Hin makes while Gene isn’t looking is priceless with it’s frustration.

Gene says that all the novels are the same nowadays anyways. Hin asks how can the reader possibly know more then the author. Gene fires back that he should know why. Hin says that it’s just that Bua wanted him to go in case the team needs more information, then Gene can give it to them. Gene wonders why they are making it harder then it should be. Gene says that he’s busy with the manuscript and he doesn’t want to write another novel like that one.

Gene says that it feels so forced but Hin points out that Bua gave him a deadline. Gene insists on letting the team handle it since he’s already sold the rights, so the rights belong to the person that bought it. Hin resorts to shameless begging for Gene to go. Gene asks if Hin wants something but Hin tells him he doesn’t it’s just that Bua ordered him to get Gene to go. Finally Hin says that he will give the location to Gene since Gene knows that he doesn’t actually have a choice in the matter.

Hin goes to leave but quickly runs back to put a stack of papers on Gene’s desk. He tells Gene that these are the profiles of the people that are being cast and it’s very important. After Hin leaves Gene stares at his computer for a bit before going back to his sleeping pose. He knocks a few of the files over and we get a look at a certain person’s profile..

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits Hin is on the phone with Bua telling her that Gene hasn’t arrived yet. Bua tells him to make sure that he gets pictures of Gene in the casting room as well as with the series team so that she can use it to promote “Bad Engineer” and buy their novels. Hin promises that when Gene arrives he will take the best photos. She also tells him to take care of Gene and that she’s not rushing the manuscript but the quicker the better (sounds like rushing to me). Hin promises and they end the call. Hin complains that Bua is very good at giving orders.

Hin then tries to get ahold of Gene but he’s not answering the phone because he’s right behind him but Hin doesn’t know that when he complains about him not answering. Gene waits until Hin wonders where he is to say that he’s right here. Hin wonders if Gene overheard anything but then wonders why Gene is wearing glasses. Gene tells him that it’s because he was rushed that he didn’t have time to put in his contact lenses.

Hin can’t believe that Gene is blaming him for that. Gene says it’s fine he can just leave then. Hin remembers his orders and tells Gene that since he’s already there then they shouldn’t waste any time and head to the casting room.

In the casting area where the candidates are waiting a media group is going around to interview some of the candidates when a popular CP (two actors that act as lovers in a drama) shows up. Just as in real life the interviewer asks them if they are a ship couple (fake) or a real one. *Interviewers ask all kinds of intrusive and personal questions about BL actors, it’s pretty gross* Most BL actors know to avoid the question while maintaining the Ship. The interviewer then asks if they are applying for the roles together and what they think their chances are.

Hin is very excited to see the popular couple as they are extremely popular in Twitter making news where ever they go. Hin is very excited to finally meet them. Hin asks Gene if he’s excited since his characters are finally going to come to life. However Gene looks like he would rather be anyplace but there. Gene points out that he shouldn’t feel excited since no one does this for the novels he writes.

Gene goes to walk away from the room of men that are pure eye candy when Hin asks where he’s going. Gene was going to head to the casting room but Hin says that he’s going the wrong way, so Hin leads him. Hin introduces Gene to Mai the director. Mai is surprised that Gene is a guy since it’s usually women that write BL novels. Mai says that even when he heard the name Gene he didn’t think it would be a guy.

Mai then introduces Gene to all the staff by yelling out that he’s the writer and is joining them today. Mai then gets a staff member to give Gene two copies of the casting document of all the actors today. Some have previous experience and some are new so they want Gene to help them pick the best actor for the character. Gene tells Mai not to worry about it as he is just there to observe like the publishing company wants him to.

Gene tells Mai that the main decision is up the director (Mai) and crew. Mai is relieved and wonders why Gene didn’t say so at the beginning that he’s so easy to talk to unlike the other writers that they have had to deal with. Hin then asks if he can get a photo of Mai with Gene. Mai agrees and Gene is being pushed by Hin. Mai wonders if Gene really wants a photo with him but Hin insists that he does.

Hin actually takes two pictures then sends one to Bua, she texts back that he did great work. Hin texts her back asking if she has read the plot that he sent over..only to be asked if he sent one in. Hin texts back that he did, so Bua replies that she will take a look at it.

The auditions start and there are a lot of toads before we see our prince Nubsib enter the room

That ends Episode 1 Part 1!