The Shipper: Episode 1 Part 4

P’Kim is giving Pan a ride home on his motorbike when he asks her why she is writing Yaoi fiction. Pan stumbles over an answer so P’Kim asks if she’s worried that Phingphing might go after her for shipping him with P’Way. Pan admits that she is but says that she likes it better if he’s with P’Way.

P’Kim asks her if she likes P’Way and she lets go of him. He yells startled telling her to watch out before moving her arms around his abdomen for safety. He asks if he’s right and Pan smiles wondering how he knew. P’Kim says that he took a guess. Pan tells him that it’s not like she wants P’Way for herself, she just wants him to be with someone good and she thinks that it’s P’Kim.

She tells P’Kim that he is gentle, smart and protective of others. P’Kim wonders what about her then. Pan doesn’t know what he means by that though so she asks him to clarify. P’Kim says that she wants someone she loves to be with someone good. Doesn’t she have a love of her own. Pan tells him that she doesn’t think that she is good enough to love anyone. P’Kim tells her that he’s only known her for a few seconds and thinks that she is a lovely girl.

P’Kim asks Pan if she wants to try. Pan again wonders what he means. P’Kim asks her if she wants to try to have her own love. After that Pan hugs him closer, smiles and closes her eyes. There’s a flashing white light then we see P’Kim standing in front of her while the words he just spoke play again as he holds out his hand to her. They walk through this white fog and some white pillars until they encounter a woman floating down on a swing surrounded by butterflies.

Pan thinks that it’s Cupid and while the woman admits to having an angel’s body, idol moves that is good both inside and out is actually the angel of the death come to reap their souls. Pan and P’Kim had enjoyed watching her little self introduction until the last part that is where the death scythe appeared in her hands.

Pan and P’Kim are both more than a little confused by this. So The Angel of Death gets on her cool teaching glasses and a black board to show them how they died. She says that they were riding the motorbike when a dog cut them off, everyone died including the dog. (No dog actually died) The Angel of death then asks them to raise their hands if they have any questions. Pan’s hand shoots up in the air. (Reminds me of Hermione when she knows the answer and just like Snape, The angel of death ignores her).

Despite having raised her hand and waving it in the air, the Angel of Death says that no one has any questions then. However when P’Kim raises his hand, the Angel asks if he has a question to ask, she also calls him handsome. The Angel even goes so far as to tell him to ask as many questions as he would like because she has all day, then corrects herself to say all night.

P’Kim asks if they are really dead then. The Angel then confirms it to be true but also mocks him a little bit by telling him to come get his reward and holding out a little trophy before making it and the blackboard disappear. The Angel admits that it’s a lot to digest and that it’s normal for new souls to be confused.

She tells them that being born and dying are natural but sometimes come unexpectedly. She says that she will give them a few moments to come to terms with it before they get on the boat to go to a different world. The Angel then goes on to tell them that they may end up in either heaven or hell depending on their actions in life. Neither one of them move however so the Angel says that they must still be in shock so she sends the dog on the first boat.

P’Kim starts to go first and the Angel flirts a bit with him for being a gentleman and offers to give him a kiss as a reward. Seeing his shocked expression she decides to stop teasing him. Pan however grabs his arm and tells the Angel that she just can’t take P’Kim like this. Pan says that the Angel can’t separate P’Kim from P’Way.

The Angel can’t believe that Pan is fighting her on this and tells Pan that stubborn and resistant souls like hers really get on the Angel’s nerves. Pan says that she will do anything as long as the Angel of death doesn’t take P’Kim away. When the Angel asks anything, Pan confirms it so the Angel asks her to act like a dog, then a cat both of which Pan does. The Angel then asks her to get on the boat. Pan says that’s really easy only for the Angel to tell her that she can go first then.

Pan realizes that she has been tricked (it was pretty obvious). The Angel and her fight a little bit but the boat doesn’t move. The Angel tells Pan to open her eyes as the boat isn’t even moving so she can stop screaming. The Angel of Death wonders if Pan is protesting her but Pan replies that she isn’t doing anything. The Angel of Death wonders why the boat won’t move then.

P’Kim suggests maybe it’s because they aren’t dead yet. The Angel of Death asks him if he thinks that she made a mistake. She tells P’Kim that she is a professional and never makes mistakes. She tells them that they can see for themselves as she opens up the book of souls that she needs to reap. The Angel of Death flips to a page and show them that the dog is there. Pan grabs the book from her and stands next to P’Kim so they can check it out together.

Pan turns the book around to show the Angel of Death that after the dog’s page there is only blank space. The Angel of Death takes a few moments to process this before happily saying that means her job is done for the day and she can go home early. She goes on to rave how excellent she is and that she might get a promotion and bonus this year.

The Angel of Death then asks them who they are. She tells them not to worry as she reaped their souls by mistake so she will just send them back. Pan asks her how she will do that, so the Angel of death tells them to come closer. When they are standing directly in front of her, she pushes them both backwards into the clouds.

Pan wakes up back in the hospital back in the human world and asks the Doctor how P’Kim is doing. The doctor asks if she means Mr. Kimhan which she confirms. The doctor then tells Pan that she IS P’Kim. (Yes she is now in his body)

That’s the end of Episode 1 Part 4!